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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 35: Volume 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 3, Chapter 5: I Turned Eight Years Old, Part 3

The Hero had dark hair and eyes, he was a man of medium build that looked like he was in his early twenties.

That’s the [Hero-sama], huh……

Although he’s a bit charming right now, it’s too bad… You should come back again in ten years, youngster.

You either fancy adult men, or fancy school boys. There is no middle ground.

Well, it doesn’t matter.

“What a pleasure meeting you, oh beautiful princess. I am named Alfio, and while I am very boastfully called a hero by other people, Princess-sama, I would prefer for you to call me Al.”

This is the Hero? Alfio knelt in front of me, and was about to kiss my hand… right before that happened, Noel cut in and stopped him.



A threatening atmosphere almost engulfed us immediately, as Alfio stood up instantly, and looked down upon Noel from above with a bright smile on his face.

“Princess-sama seems to have an excellent knight.”

Although he had a bright smile on his face, after hearing Aunt-sama’s words, it clearly seemed somewhat off.

For now, even as I gave Noel a thumbs-up in my heart, I should return his greeting as if nothing had happened.

“I- I am, Yu-Yurushia-la-Verusenia…”

C-Crap, my cheeks cramped up.

Apparently, after Noel’s act of courage, I couldn’t bring forth the mental strength for that situation.

Hero Alfio looked puzzled at the state I was in, but I was able to convince him to ignore it by smiling right away.

“Hahaha, Yurushia-sama. Although I’m called a hero, but you need not be so nervous. I merely wanted to introduce you to my party.”

Wrong. That’s completely different.

“First off, the person taking the role of healer, Antique.”


At that point, I hit the limits of my self-control, and couldn’t help but leak a chuckle.

“……Wh-what is it…”

As I was there trembling and holding my stomach, she … the Elf Antique-san, frowned and muttered.

“Deepest apologies… I’m Yurushia-la-Verusenia…”

I never would I have thought that I would experience the surprise of an Elf at this occasion.

Although I greeted her with my cheeks still cramping, Antei-Kowa-san seemed to be making light of me as a child, and introduced herself arrogantly.

“Apology accepted… I am Antique. If you would call Alfio ‘Al,’ then you should call me ‘Anko.’” (TL: There’s a joke here: red bean paste (anko) is commonly found as filling for small glutinous rice cake (daifuku) and shiodaifuku is this world’s word for elf)


Once again, I couldn’t hold my breath in. This Shiodaifuku (Elf)… how terrible to name her that.

While I was still mysteriously suffering from the cramp, Anko-san’s face became stiff, and she forced a smile at me with a condescending attitude.

“Should I heal you? Although I may look like this, in the north, I’m called the [Saint of the Elves], you know. Isn’t it terrible to be called a [Saint] when you’re so young? It’s tough to be alone as a saint, don’t you agree?”

For this elf girl to not only have long ears, just like I imagined, but to be a beautiful woman with slender curves, this is no good…… I started laughing the moment I saw her face.

“Yurushia, stop that at once!”

From behind Anko-san came a voice scolding me, as I kept laughing. It can’t be helped that they’d get angry.

But, this turn of events is really good.

“Elder sister-sama, I wanted to meet you again.”

As soon as my view shifted away from Anko-san, my laughter finally abated. My Elder Sister-sama seemed to be surprised to see me, and had a smile on her face.

She finally arrived, my half-sister, Athena-sama, and hidden behind her, staring pointedly at me, was Ophelia-sama.

“Yurushia-sama’s sisters have also become my companions.”

Under Hero Alfio’s guidance, my Elder Sister-samas seem to be part of Hero-sama’s entourage as their resident [Mages].

Aaah, I finally managed to meet them again. My delightful Elder-sister-samas.

Especially Sister Athena-sama, who is clearly [Ripening] quite well, I plan to greatly enjoy the harvest.

“Hah, an idiot child like you, after hearing Alf-sama’s words, still think of being allowed to display such disregard towards Anko-sama!?”

Because I was smiling too much, it seems that Sister Athena-sama has been drawn in, somehow.

…Please don’t speak again, Anko. I’ll start laughing again.

“That’s right, towards the Hero Alfio-sama’s companions, you dare…”

At Sister Ophelia-sama, who began to spout things like some petty toady, I gave her a silent look and applied some light [Intimidation], she immediately quieted down.

“As Father’s daughter, you’re quite shameless, Elder Sister-sama.”


Sister Athena-sama came forward, sheltering Ophelia-oneesama behind her.

The grand sister showdown…… didn’t happen. Even though Athena-oneesama glared at me, I only smiled normally at her.

But… I seem to have gained a little understanding of Athena-oneesama.

Even as I smiled at them, in my eyes they couldn’t even be seen as [Human] ………

“I’m sorry, Elder Sister-samas. I’m just so happy to be able to play with you again.”

It’s not good to be picking fruit before it ripens, I broke off the conversation gently with a full-faced smile, and Athena-oneesama gritted her teeth together with a *giri*.

“I’ll remember this……”

Taking in my meek, [Sarcastic] obeisance, Elder-sister-sama left behind a sharp and tasty parting shot, before walking away once again.

Of course I won’t let you forget. Although I only did it just a little, I wonder if I messed with her too much…

Hero-sama and Anko-san both followed behind my Elder-sister-samas and left, while Callisto-san blanked out in surprise at what happened, and, after giving me a panicked bow, turned away to follow them, saying.

“Yurushia-sama, the year after the next I will…… no, next year, the bishops of the Kostoru religion will be finalising our decision. On that occasion, I will come again to greet you without fail……”


The Hero of Shiguresu, Alfio Pet. 22 years old, has an unspeakable secret.

Born the second son to a large orchard owner in the north of Shiguresu, although he was not a noble, his family was plenty affluent.

His first change came when he was two years old.

During the magic inspection, although he had no affinity for spiritual magic, he was compatible with all of the normal magical elements like wind, water, earth and fire. Alfio’s surprised parents gave him a specialised education, and he grew up being praised by everyone.

The second major change in his life came when he was four years old.

His parents and siblings all had dark red hair and tea-coloured eyes, while he was the only one who had black hair and eyes. Although nobody in his family seemed to make much of it, Alfio still felt alien to his family, and, gradually, his thoughts changed until he finally thought of himself as [A Chosen One].

Then… at seven years of age, when he fell asleep from a high fever, he suddenly recalled memories of a [Previous Life].

His name in his previous life, his face, and even his family he couldn’t remember.

In Alfio’s previous life Magic didn’t exist, it was a world that overflowed with scientific knowledge. By recalling that otherworldly [Knowledge], he remembered that his previous self died of alcohol poisoning while still in university, and he became convinced that he had been reincarnated into this world.

After that, Alfio began to train in magic and swordplay as if he was a whole other person.

With the knowledge that he had gained in his previous life, he created new magics and trained himself in magic with an unnatural fervor. By processing the fruits that his family produced with the technology of his previous life, he greatly expanded his family’s business.

After defeating a monster that attacked a village near his family’s orchards and repelling the mass of elephants that had attacked the Elven lands after they cleared the forest for development together with a beautiful Elf lady, Alfio had been hailed as the [Hero] of Shiguresu before he knew it.

Alfio tenderly smiled at the elf girl and the daughter of a knight, who was both a warrior and his childhood friend as he thought how he could show her his favor.

{… Finally, it’s just the two of us.}

Although cases of polygamy were few in the neighbouring Holy Kingdom, in Shiguresu it wasn’t unusual.

In his previous life he longed for a beautiful Elf.

And a childhood friend that was the daughter of a knight.

It wasn’t enough. If he had been reborn to such a world, he seriously felt that at the very least he wanted to have six brides.

Why six people specifically? It was to have one to enjoy on each day, and on the last day enjoy all of them together.

One day, the high priest that sponsored Alfio invited him to attend His Highness the Second Prince’s wedding.

Although his strange personality made him keep his distance from the royal family no matter how famous he became, the moment he heard from the noble girls that he had made his [Bride (Harem)] candidates a few months ago, that their beautiful [Younger Sister] would be attending, he immediately decided to attend.

The day of the wedding. Although he was a little disappointed upon hearing that that [Younger Sister] was only eight years old, he reconsidered and thought that it would be [Acceptable], and attended the wedding reception anyway. He was stunned by the beauty of the girl that he met.

Faintly shimmering hair that seemed like it was made of gold thread.

Smooth white skin that resembled top-quality porcelain.

Features that were so beautiful that they were faultless, and even in his previous life, where he was used to seeing 2D girls and CGs, she was so beautiful that he felt that it couldn’t possibly have been natural, a girl that he couldn’t help but perceive as absolutely perfect.

{I must obtain this beautiful girl}

So Alfio swore to himself, as he accepted his mission from the high priest to attack the kidnappers and save the children.

Something strange, she had struggled to contain her laughter when she first met the existence of the Salt Daifuku (Elf), it gave him a strange sense of intimacy with the girl.

Author’s Notes: Thank you for the pointers on the errors. It was very helpful. I await your impressions.


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