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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 230 Bahasa Indonesia

I Became a Godmother (2)

Ten days passed since the birth of Vio’s baby, Amelia.

It was the first time for me to be the godparent of a human, as well as the first time for me to be the godparent of a child born to someone close to me in this world.

Naming my followers was also moving in its own way as I felt the connection between our hearts, but naming a human was different in its own way.

I heard that sparkling “nice names” were becoming popular in this world as well, so I was relieved that I didn’t go out of my way to give him a funny name.

After all, a name like [King], [Kaiser], or [Queen], which sounded like you were trying to usurp the throne in a country ruled by a King, would never be accepted, would it?

On the contrary, the character you use at the end of a sentence could be ‘.’, ‘!’ or ‘?’. How could anyone simply accept such a thing? The government officials probably had a tough time out of that as well.

“Look, Amelia, it’s Yuru-sama.”


Vio, who has already returned to active duty and was already dressed in her uniform, shows me Amelia in her arms. She could use healing magic, so she could recover quickly, but was that really necessary?

But babies were cute.

Amelia had black hair, just like Vio’s. Her eyes were bright, just like her father’s. Her face is resembled Vio, so she was sure going to be a beautiful girl in the future.

Moreover, for some reason, I have not experienced getting affection from babies or animals, but when I approached Amelia, she would extend her hand with a big smile on her face. She was really adorable.

But… wasn’t she too cute?

She was only 10 days old…? A baby of this age should be in the state of Monkey-San where they would only start to look cute, right? She’s been like this for just a few days, you know?

“Yuru-sama was cute from the moment she was born, but now that Yuru-sama has given her healing and a name, she has also become so healthy.”

“…I see.”

Could it be because of that?

The umbilical cord got caught around her neck when she was born, and she was born in a state of suspended animation, so I applied a lot of healing magic, not just the special Last Elixir class, but a level that would be as if she consumed the leaves of the World Tree, and I had a feeling that her magic power had changed quite a bit.

I “named” her on top of it, and the altered magical power became completely fixed.

The quality of the magical power was not like that of a human, but more like that of a demon or a spirit.

But this, Amelia’s magical power… was somewhat familiar to me….

“Vio, let me say hello, Cyril, as well.”

“Yes, Lia-sama.”

As the mother approached with Cyril in her arms, Vio and I put Cyril and Amelia in the same crib fence.

Co-sleeping… wait, was that okay? Cyril may be a baby, but he’s a one-year-old and strong to a certain extent, right? What if he hits her accidentally?



Cyril was curious about the baby who was smaller than him.

Amelia, who was lying on her back, stared at Cyril with big eyes, and Cyril’s eyes, which were not afraid of Rinne, started to wander in the air as if he were slightly intimidated.



Suddenly, Cyril slumped to his knees, his body falling forward as if on his knees, and Amelia was tapping his head with her tiny hands.

It was like…I felt like I was witnessing the moment that determined their future relationship.

Stay strong, little brother.

“Oh my goodness, you two are such good friends.”

Was that all you could think of, as his biological mother?

“As for me, I would like Amelia to serve Cyril-sama as his attendant…”

That seems kind of nice.

“Oh, Amelia-chan is Vio’s daughter, but she is also a baroness. Since they are so close in age, I’d like them to be friends, not as master and servant.”

“Yes, but that would look like we want to be involved in this Ducal House as a family. The decision will be made by Amelia, though.”

That means, Cyril in the future will have a beautiful little girl, a childhood friend, who every morning will be…

[Cyril-sama, please wake up. You’re such a lazy sleeper.]

[I’ll wake up if you give me a kiss on the cheek]

[Oh, my, what are you saying, I can’t listen to that.]

So, you live a Lia-full life, like… I would ask them to explode, but having caught a glimpse of their relationship, though, from the looks of it, all I could say was good luck to my little brother, who would probably have a hard time in the future.


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