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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 229 Bahasa Indonesia

“Aside from those like me and Onza-dono who have left behind thoughts of their previous lives, why are Rinne-sama helping the humans?”

“I don’t care about the humans. I just don’t want to see Yurushia’s troubled face.”

“I see…”

Rinne answered simply, and Guise nodded quietly, wondering why she should care about a human baby.

Like Guise, Onza, and the four great demons raised by Yurushia, Rinne may have undergone some changes as a result of her involvement.

“Rinne-sama, this way is a shortcut for you.”

“This building? What’s in here?”

“Mylene-dono’s subordinates report that someone from Silver Church is hiding in here, disguised as a merchant.”

“Then we have no problem. Let’s go, Guise.”

“yes. let’s go.”


Guise, carrying a woman of about thirty with a red face, and Rinne returned surprisingly quickly.

“You didn’t force her to come with us, did you?”

“Of course not, My Lady. I approached her the moment she finished her work over there and asked her to come with me.”

“That’s right, Saint-sama, Guise-sama has done nothing wrong.”

“…Ah, ok.”

Guise was an old man, but for some reason he’s very popular with young women.

“Anyway, come here, Priestess. You seem to be in a lot of pain.”

“Yes, Saint-sama!”

I guess that was a relief for now. I was too awkward to help out, so I went out of the room.

“Is this enough, Yurushia?”

“Yes, thank you, Rinne, and thanks to Guise too.”

“Hohoho, no problem.”

A few minutes later. I think the baby should be born by now, but I couldn’t hear it. Then–

“Oh no, Yurushia-sama! According to the priest, the umbilical cord seems to be caught in her neck, and she’s not breathing properly!”


I rushed into the room after hearing the maid’s story, and the female priestess was trying her best to revive the baby.

“Saint-sama, please heal the baby, I can’t do it by myself…”

“Yes, I understand.”

Come to think of it, I was stillborn when I was born, and Vio had been doing healing magic on me the whole time.

Vio was like my godparent who raised me, and she was a significant human to me. I would save this child of Vio’s.

“–[Let there be healing light]–“

Golden wings spread from my back and golden feathers danced around the room.

If there was even the slightest shred of life left, I would heal it from whatever state it was in. I would do my best with fifty percent more effort!

“Yuru-sama, the baby has come back to life!”

“Oh, Saint-sama!”

“It’s a healthy baby girl!”

“Yuru-sama… thank you so much.”

I finally felt at ease… what? What was that? There was some kind of golden light that was clinging to the baby and wouldn’t let go.

I could feel a kind of magical power that I didn’t expect from a baby…did I do something wrong?

As I was wondering what was wrong, Vio, who was holding the baby on the bed, called out to me.

“Yuru-sama, please name this baby.”

“Eh…ah, leave it to me.”

Something was bothering me, but it must have been my imagination.

As promised before, I would give her the name I’ve been thinking about. Let’s see, it was a girl, and she would be a diligent and hard-working child of Vio.


As I “named” her, an invisible power overflowed from me and covered Amelia’s body, and the golden glow that had been clinging to her was absorbed into her.

“Amelia…that is a lovely name, Yuru-sama.”

“Umm, what…”

Ah… have I seriously messed up?


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