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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 226 Bahasa Indonesia

Have I Become Engaged? 2

Axel declared me his fiancée.

What was he thinking to say such a thing in the presence of such a man? Silver Church has approached us, but the Holy Kingdom has not given any response, you know?

For now, I decided to have the dinner tomorrow and get away from the place where this person’s eyes could be seen.

But sure enough, by that evening, the story of my engagement to Axel had spread through the academy as a rumor.

“Yuru-sama, I heard a strange rumor, is it true that Yuru-sama is engaged to the prince of Silver Church and will become the next queen of Silver Church?”

“…Sherry, where did you hear that?”

For some reason, I was supposed to be the next Queen of Silver Church. I don’t know who started the rumor, but could they really say that? Isn’t this like asking for a fight on Silver Church’s part?

Maybe there were some forces left that wanted to make peace with Silver Church, but what they were doing was counterproductive. Only those who claimed that they were doing great things were out of control.

Well, that was fine.


“I’ve been approached about an engagement, but nothing’s set in stone yet, you know?”

Noel, who had been working with Sherry in one set recently, looked at me with a complicated expression on his face. It seems that Sherry used to be involved in Noel’s search for the missing me, but as she was doing so, Noel couldn’t leave the out-of-control Sherry alone anymore.

For Noel, I was the person who saved his life and was the saint he longed for, so it would be complicated if he heard a rumor that I might be going to another country.

Rick also came to see me, but he didn’t say anything and went back without saying anything, looking troubled.

That guy was pretty busy right now as well. There was a move to make Rick the new duke in place of the disgraced Duke of Bellrose, but apparently the nobles of the faction that wants Rick as King were not amused, and they were interfering with the move in various ways.

It would be easier to decide if there was one more decisive factor, but in my position, I couldn’t just side with either prince, could I?

Then came the dinner with Axel. One of my goals would be to agitate him, but as expected, it would be troublesome if he dies within the Holy King’s kingdom, so this time I would take the twins Noah and Nia.

Compared to Onza-kun, who was mostly good at defending, the two could read the atmosphere and be able to react reliably depending on the situation.

Although I would be dining with a man, there was no problem with not having to get into the mood because the other party was Axel.

The dilemma arose when everyone wants to get into the spirit of dressing me up, but it would be tricky if I get dressed up and the other party gets the wrong impression of me.

Then, I think that my usual black-and-silver dress or white-and-silver dress might be fine, but the white-and-silver dress was seemingly proper, but the back was all semi-transparent lace, which might also bring misunderstandings the most, so I end up choosing the black-and-silver dress for any occasion.

Recently, I became accustomed to wearing all-black dresses, but when I work as a “saint,” I imagine people would whisper about my black dress behind my back every time I wear it.

“Yurushia-sama, would you like to make a new dress?”


There were only three hours left until the dinner. Under such circumstances, Noah’s sudden comment made me – not me, but Nia, who had the same clumsy skills – back away with a horrified look on her face.

In the first place, I have no intention of doing anything about it because they knew what I was.

“Rest assured, Nia. I have the material, I just need you to embroider it for me.”


Nia was relieved to hear her brother’s words, but I backed away in surprise. This girl could do embroidery? I thought she was one of us!

Apparently, the [material] Noah was talking about was a tribute directly from the Demon King’s domain, famous for its high-quality materials in the north.

Come to think of it, I asked Noah to send a gothic-lolita dress that even the Dwarf, Fran, could wear, and he returned with the materials, which was a thank you for that. The Demon Lord had a well-disciplined nature, didn’t he?

An hour later, the dress was easily finished.

“How do you like it, Yurushia-sama?”

“I did my best.”

“…hmmm… well, it looks alright…”

The finished product was more like a Chinese dress than a Western-style dress.

The shape was a slender line with no hem spread, high neck and long sleeves, but with delicate lace at the neck, shoulders and arms.

And the color was red. Bright red. What kind of bright red material would be a gift from the Demon King himself…?

Well, it couldn’t be helped. We have no time to waste, so we’re off with this.

The designated place was not the mansion in the Royal Capital rented by Silver Church, but a private room in a famous restaurant in the Royal Capital.


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