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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 225 Bahasa Indonesia

I smile quietly and quietly, and Ester’s eyes widen, and tears begin to fall from her eyes.

“You’re so cruel, what fun it is to torment me! I’ll never, ever forgive you!!”

With that shout, Ester-chan covers her face with her hands and runs out of the classroom, followed by her guards who are waiting in the hallway. What a déjà vu.

If you ask me whether it’s fun or not, it’s probably devilishly fun.

“Well, just in time, the teacher is here, so let’s start class.”

Also, as usual, Ester-chan did not return.

I said many things about how the Queen of Silver Church had agitated her, and apparently I had agitated her in a big way, too.

I was a little concerned too, so I went to class the next day and Ester was not there.

According to the vampire intelligence network, she’s not outside the academy, so it seems certain that she’s inside the academy, but what is she doing there?

“Yurushia-sama, that thing is here today.”

“Is that… that thing?

We are having tea in the salon, and Fanny’s abrupt and as usual sketchy report makes sense to me in the usual way.

Axel had invited me to dinner, but I had sent Tina, the most haughty and irreverent maid in the world, off to give her an appropriate… reply.

“So, Tina. What did you tell them?”

I asked, and Tina, who was standing right behind me, confidently reported with her modest chest out.

“It seems like a country bumpkin who doesn’t know his place to invite our noble Lord, a bastard who can’t even ask her out himself.”


I thought that might irritate the other side a little, but it seems that Tina has stirred things up big time. Who does she look like at all?

“That thing’s getting closer, huh?”

“Oh, my.”

“That thing”, Axel, was approaching me.

Maybe he’s paying his respects because he looks like a thug? He seems to have a lot of pride. If he is treated like a hick by someone who looks down on him, I’m certain that Axel would be furious.

“My Lady, he’s here.”


As usual, Axel was walking in, with only those four girls in tow, but they turned their angry faces to Tina, as if they were about to attack her at any moment–

“Tina, be honest with me.”

“Do you really think that they are equal to you as a servant?”

–They were aiming their bare murderous intent at me, but the expression on the face of Axel, their master, was hard to read.

As I sat on a chair on the terrace, smiling quietly, a few meters in front of me, at a distance that a swordsman normally would not be able to cut through with a single blow, Axel and the others stopped in their tracks.

“I’m here to ask you out in person. Then you’ll accept, right?”


This was a bit of a surprise. I doubted that the proud Axel, after hearing Tina’s outburst, would come to ask me out himself… a masochist?

“How about it?”

“…Well, I don’t have a choice, do I? I’ll take you up your offer.”

“What’s with that attitude? Axel-sama even went out of his way to,”

“Shut up, be quiet!”

The girls behind him started to complain about my attitude, but Axel silenced them with a single command.

Then, only Axel stepped toward me, and at that moment, the girls’ faces turned blue as a blast of killing intent was released from Fanny and Tina.

“Ha, are all your attendants monsters? There are no such attendants in Silver Church.”

Axel smirked at Tina and the others, even though they were ready to kill him.

Well, my attendants don’t always act like this, you know?

Maybe Axel also detected the intimidation of the attendants as a warning only. He might probably be thinking that he can deal with them.

“Yurushia, do you know why I came from Silver Church?”


The reason he came from Silver Church was not primarily to study abroad. It was–

“Yurushia, it’s not because someone told me to. I’m bringing you back to Silver Church as my fiancée, of my own volition.”


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