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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 224 Bahasa Indonesia

Have I Become Engaged? 2

Now that we have received an invitation to dinner from Axel, the second prince of Silver Church, it would be a good opportunity to harass Axel.

I will have to respond as soon as possible, but before I do, let’s find out a little bit about what’s going on on Silver Church’s side.

“Tina, Fanny, I’m going to class, follow me.”



If it were true, Guise and Onza-kun would be more used to dealing with such people, but they are only slightly better than the senior demons, and Axel’s [Ability Steal] could take away their abilities. Well, if Onza-kun, who is 30 years old, is in the class, he will float around, so I have no choice but to take Fanny and the others with me.

Worst-case scenario, if they are re-trained, or I force them to re-set it with my magic, they will be back to normal, but it is more troublesome if they steal the demon’s ability and reveal their true identity.

Let them work behind the scenes with Nia and Noah; taking care of Rinne, who babysits Cyril, is also an important job.

When I said this, Rinne’s gaze became somewhat distant. You don’t want to babysit Cyril?

The number of employees is increasing, but there are not as many high demon-level executives as there are other demon lords. I wonder if there is something we can do about it.

I’ll think about that later, but when I went to class with two maids in tow, Ester-chan, the first princess of Silver Church, was there again today, cheerfully showing her bare legs to all the boys.

Usually, it gets quiet just as I enter the classroom, but today only a few female students away from Ester-chan hurriedly bowed their heads.

Well, this is normal. I was looking for a feeling like an ordinary student like this, but if it’s because of some unexplainable [skill], it’s a different story.

“[Good day, everyone].”

I’ve recently become able to suppress my presence, if not completely, but from now on, I’ll be “Releasing” it like I used to.

At my “greeting,” everyone stiffened and straightened their backs as before.

Ester-chan was staring at me, perhaps feeling intimidated or angry at being interrupted.

According to Fanny’s analysis, Ester’s skill is [Charm]-type.

To tell the truth, this is a surprisingly rare ability. Tree creatures and insectivorous plants can charm people by giving off an illusory scent, and vampires use charm magic, but this is the first time I’ve seen [charm] as a pure ability.

But according to Mylene, a great vampire who actually uses charm, people around me have a tolerance to charm because their mental constitution is trained a lot just by having a lot of contact with me.

Am I being disrespected?

I’m not quite convinced either, but because I’m being as if I used to be, my classmates remembered [awe] towards me and bowed their heads to me at once, ignoring Ester as if [charm] had been canceled.

Fanny said that the people in this class were much better from the beginning. I knew that their mental tolerance had gone up….

“Yurushia-san, you’re scaring everyone again!”

“Oh, yes. So?”

I can’t even make excuses.

“It’s okay, everyone! I’ll protect you even if she does something terrible!”

Ester-chan called out to her, but everyone who has been freed from her fascination knows which one of us is more frightening (cries).

“What’s wrong, everyone? I’m here with you, you know? If you are scared, you can come to my country. Because I will be the next queen!”


Is that what’s going on in Ester-chan’s head?

“Ester-sama…? Who told you that?”

Silver Church has a queen system, but as I recall, the next queen is supposed to be selected from among all the people and appointed by the queen herself, someone who is worthy of being called the goddess of Silver Church.

“That’s what Mother said! If I can use my power properly, I can be the next Queen!”


I see. If she has the power to charm the whole nation, she can manipulate other countries at will without relying on military force, just by going on diplomatic missions. Since charm power is rare, there may not be many royal families that have perfect measures in place.

The Queen of Silver Church is quite a nasty person, isn’t she?

A relationship formed through attraction is over when that person is gone, and after that, it’s likely to become nothing but enemies.

That’s why she encouraged this girl she adopted. I can cut her off at any time.

“That ‘power’ doesn’t seem to be working for me, though, does it?”



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