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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 223 Bahasa Indonesia

This was not a problem because this was a normal life activity performed by eating other living creatures. It was about to be bad, though, because it touches the fourth Taboo of intentionally exterminating a number of organisms.

The second stage involved taking a part of the soul from the flesh and blood of others and turning it into one’s own power.

Vampires would be a good example. It touches the second Taboo but was not severe enough because, even if it was soul-related, it only involves a small percentage of the soul, and as a result, the vampire was considered a [human] and and also a [demon].

The third step was to rewrite the information on the soul and take away its abilities.

Yes, if one reached this point, then they would be out. Doing so would forcibly strip the information imprinted on the soul, and if the soul is damaged by that, it will not circulate in the world until it is healed.

If Axel was really stealing abilities directly from the souls of others, it would be a terrible thing.

Some say it would be fine if it wasn’t discovered, but if that fact were known to a demon or spirit with a certain level of intelligence, it would turn all the demons and spirits in that world against them.

To be more specific, the highest-ranking demons of my class and Rinne’s class, and even the [spirit kings] that surpass even the great spirits, would attack Axel alone in order to destroy him.

There were various ranks of spirits, and the [Great Spirit], which was equivalent to the [Great Demon], that governed volcanic eruptions, typhoons and tornadoes. The [Spirit Kings] were on a different level.

The [Spirit King] of light and dark presides over day and night.

The [Spirit King] of fire, water, and wind governs the seasons of this world.

In other words, [Spirit Kings] could be called true “Gods” for the living beings in this world.

They existed from the beginning of life, so they would be in the same class with me and Rinne, a [Devil] and [Demon Beast].

Well, I wouldn’t have the time to pick a fight to those beings that I didn’t even know where they were.

In short, if such beings found out out, the Holy Kingdom where Axel was staying would also be dragged into the mess. Huh? There would be no reason to keep Axel alive, it seems.

But as the princess of the Holy Kingdom, it would be bad for diplomacy with other countries to kill him immediately.

In conclusion…I suppose it would be best to ask Axel and the others to return to their home country and inform the spirit side over there.

“And so, I have decided to continue harassing Axel and the others with all my might.”

“…Yurushia really has a difficult position, huh?”

You didn’t have to point it out, Rinne.

“Oh, right, my Lady. you have received a formal invitation to dine with people from the Church side.”


Tina, you forgot until this moment, didn’t you?

This time it was not a social call, but a serious invitation from Axel? What do you think of this timing?


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