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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 222 Bahasa Indonesia

She instructed Axel to take away all abilities from the Saint even if he had to release the restrictions on him within the Holy Kingdoms, and the Queen also ordered Axel to take the Saint as [the next Queen] and cage her if he liked her.

And in the Holy Kingdom, where Axel studied abroad, he met his first “woman” whom he considered his equal.

“Now, then, the Devil’s Council will now convene.”

The lively demons clapped their hands. Rinne, the only one who wasn’t in a good mood, was relieved to be released from babysitting Cyril for the first time in a long while and let loose, a legendary demonic beast feared by all mortals.

“I’m sure you all know that the second prince Axel and the first princess Ester (lol) have arrived from Silver Church.”

“Is that so?”

“Onza-kun, don’t tell me that you forgot about that country?”

“I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know, but in short, it’s the Church that provided the rebel army with the technology to create that demon and spirit chimera.”

“I don’t remember such a thing.”

“Onza-kun, you’re a pain in the neck.”

“I’m sorry, my lady.”

“That alone is a religious country that seems to be fighting with demons and spirits at the same time, but now we have found out an extraordinary fact from Axel.”

“Fanny, please explain.”

“He probably has an [Ability Steal] type of skill!”

“Thanks. We’ll start the meeting to see what we can do with him. Please give me your opinion.”


“…It’s unanimous.”

I knew it, but this simply didn’t turn into a meeting. Even Onza-kun, who was so sloppy that it was hard to believe he was a demon, said it without hesitation, not to mention Guise, whose soul was pitch black even though he was a former human being.

It was understandable because that Axel had committed [Taboo], which one should never commit.

The chimera production by the Church itself was another case of “taboo,” but both demons and spirits are responsible for their own actions, or rather, they have a dry, “it’s their own fault for being weak” mentality, so those of us who were not directly involved in the production of the chimera have remained silent on the matter.

Firstly, there are five “deadly sins” that “people” or rather, “living things” with life must not commit.

These were not the “sins” created by some religion to warn people, but the “sins” that the world itself considers taboo.

First Taboo: [No one shall revive a lost life.]

Second Taboo: [No one shall be allowed to violate the soul.]

Third Taboo: [No one shall create a living being from nothing.]

Fourth Taboo: [No one shall alter the world.]

Fifth Taboo: [No one may alter time.]

This was not said by anyone, but it was a clear statement of what demons and spirits would understand in some way. I do feel like I’m perpetrating something sinister, but I’m also an actual demon, so it’s not a problem.

In essence, this should not be meddled with by people because this was the domain of the demons and spirits that kept the world in cycle in motion and maintained it.

If a living creature were to do this, the demons and spirits would cease to exist and disappear from that world. And since a creature with a life span would be so vulnerable, if those beings were to perish, the world itself would collapse.

Axel’s [Ability Steal] would fall under the second Taboo.

“…So, how strong is that guy’s [Ability Steal]?”

“That’s what We know but haven’t fully verified yet.”

I sigh with a troubled look on my face at Rinne’s words, who had finally recovered from her state of lethargy.

I felt angry, but I was hesitant to do my best to destroy him.

There were stages in the [Ability Steal] system, and if it was in the early stages, it wasn’t a big sin.

The stages of [Ability Steal] go like this.

The first stage is to take in some of the power by killing another living creature and feeding on its flesh and blood.

This was not a problem because this was a normal life activity performed by eating other living creatures. It was about to be bad, though, because it touches the fourth Taboo of intentionally exterminating a number of organisms.


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