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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 221 Bahasa Indonesia

The four Royals adopted this time were those who, according to the Queen, had [special previous lives] and had a particularly high level of soul experience.

The first Princess Ester was only four years old when she received the Queen’s power and developed her special talents.

Because of her abilities, Ester was loved by most men and received patronage at all ages.

Although her abilities were generally kept secret, the Queen said that her talent was [Charm].

He praised Ester for her ability to be useful both as a consolidator of territories and as a disruptor of other countries.

Seeing this, Axel, now the second prince, became jealous.

If Ester’s abilities were to be extended throughout the land, there was a possibility that Ester would be chosen as the next Queen, not as a child like his other siblings who had lost the love of their adoptive mother to their younger sister.

If that happens, he, as the older brother, could not be the Queen’s husband. Although it was legally possible, Axel’s pride would not allow him to have this selfish and foolish sister by his side as his Queen.

Therefore, Axel envied her.

Outwitted by his sister, Axel made up his mind to rob everything who tried to take something from him, and his abilities blossomed at the hands of the Queen, who sensed this.

Axel gained the [ability to steal] an ability that takes away from others. As a secondary ability to use it, he also received [ability appraisal].

Axel tried to use this power to take away Ester’s ability, but his power was limited by the Queen who awakened it.

First, he could not take away the ability unless it was a definite ability that he had detected.

Second, it avoids robbing those with soul power above a certain level.

Third, instead of robbing the target by touching it directly, rob it from a distance without being noticed by others by using magic in combination.

Axel was upset that this prevented him from robbing Ester of her abilities, but he was told that it was a consideration to ensure that his soul was not in danger by attempting to rob her forcefully, and he was relieved of his resentment toward his sister by being recognized by the Queen.

Ester had said since she was a child that she wanted to be loved.

According to the Queen, this was a [desire] from her previous life, and Axel also felt a [desire] that seemed to come from the depths of his heart.

As if pushed by the voice in his heart that whispered “I want to be strong” and “I wish to steal,” Axel stole abilities from others and grew stronger.

The other two siblings also seemed to have acquired some abilities late in life, but they were too docile to disclose their abilities out of embarrassment, and even though Axel could not see what the Queen had performed. Axel looked down on them and smiled affectionately, and as his power increased, he naturally started to look down on everyone.

One day, Axel was asked by the Queen to study abroad in the “Holy Kingdom,” the apple of the Church’s eye, and to get engaged to a “Saint” from the Holy Kingdom.

The Holy Kingdom, with which they have had diplomatic tension for some time, and with which they have fought several times in the past, had been involved in various schemes from behind the scenes, but this was the first time for them to make such a blatant move.

The Saint had apparently been missing for two years, but upon her safe return to the Holy Kingdoms, she had shown them that she could destroy the plans of the Church in the blink of an eye.

The presence of that Saintess alone considerably increased the difficulty level of the Church’s [missionary] work in the Holy Kingdom.

The Queen considered the saint to be a danger, but at the same time, she acknowledged her ability.

She instructed Axel to take away all abilities from the Saint even if he had to release the restrictions on him within the Holy Kingdoms, and the Queen also ordered Axel to take the Saint as [the next Queen] and cage her if he liked her.


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