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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 220 Bahasa Indonesia

“Emma, I told you to keep your hands off her!”

“I’m sorry.”

Axel stepped forward in a bad mood, making the frightened Emma back down.

“Hey, Yurushia…don’t get carried away, ah?”

The magic power spills out again from Axel, and he was intimidatingly awesome, but alas, the malice was too comfortable, and I was sure I would be smiling like a flower right now.

“These guys may be incompetent, but hey, this country will be full of incompetents too, right?”

Perhaps my attitude was bothering him. Axel released some kind of magical power from his “gaze” toward the captain, the holy knight, who was about to do something to him first.


I involuntarily swatted the magic power away with my hand as if I was trying to get rid of an insect.


A dumb mutter escaped from the mouth of Axel, who had been acting so relaxed.

“Axel? Some people can see magic… So, if you do anything too strange, it will be considered hostile action.”


Axel looks at me warily for the first time, as if he were very confident.

“You… damn, you guys, let’s go.”

“”””Ye, yes””””

Finally, Axel just stared at my face and ultimately said nothing, and left the place with his cronies.

At any rate, it seems that he recognized me as an equal or superior opponent.

After that, for some reason, I was able to avoid the red-faced young holy knights who were trying to offer their swords to me – another suspension bridge effect? When we also left the place, the squires, who had been silent for a long time, for some reason had very “demonic” smiles on their faces.

“Fanny, did you find out something?”

“Yeah, you see…”

When I heard the reason, I understood why the demons and I had disliked him for some reason.

Axel had committed an abominable deed that no human being should ever commit. It was…

“I think he was probably using an [Ability Steal] type of skill.”

The Silver Church operates under a Queen as a rule, but the Queen was not chosen from among the royal family.

In the Church, the queen is revered as a goddess, and the next queen is nominated from among all the people by the Oracle of the previous queen.

The royal family existed to be the “Husband” of the chosen Queen, and the royal family who became the Husband of the Queen would administer the affairs of state on behalf of the Queen.

The current Queen was chosen by the previous Queen more than 20 years ago, and became Queen by marrying a prince who was 20 years older than her and was most favored by the nobles at that time.

The prince was assassinated within two years of the marriage by a fanatic follower because the prince had begun to disparage the queen by launching new policies one after another.

The Royal family immediately tried to appoint the next prince to the Queen, but the Queen, who was already revered as the [Goddess] of the people, disliked it and decided to take the wives of the nobles and those of royal blood that accompanied her as her adopted children, especially those who were considered to have strong royal blood.

Two princes and two princesses were adopted.

In addition, the royal women who had the blood of the powerful Queen were often gifted with special talents, which made them convenient for marrying into other royal families and internally influencing those families.

All those who were chosen as Queens had special talents. The present Queen’s “special ability” was not flashy, but it was greatly welcomed by all the people, especially by the nobles.

The ability was to “awaken other people’s talents”.

According to the Queen, the human soul had the same capacity, but there was a “difference” in the “experience value” that each individual inherited from a previous life.

The Queen’s ability is to awaken the “experience” as a talent through effort, however, the Queen’s ability awakens this talent that reflects the personality of the individual without requiring any effort.


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