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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 22: Volume 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 2, Chapter 9: Heading out For Tea, Part 1

After I lured over those [Beasts] as my stress release toys and finished playing with them, Bree-chan and Noel came running quite fast.

But, since I’ve approximately figured out that [Beast’s] identity, I guess it was good timing.

It also served as a final [Experiment], the Noah seems to have been stimulated by that blessing of [Light], awakening an [Intermediate Spirit of Light] which lent a hand to him.

Although it was a little dangerous, but I was able to gather a little bit of proof for my theory.

The source of spirit magic seems to be little willing [Spirits of Light], in most cases, there are willing [Lesser Spirits of Light], but it seems that [Intermediate Spirits of Light] sleep soundly.

Does that personality fit me? I suppose that it will lend power even to a Demon like me, I wonder if there are any light elemental [Greater Spirits]? First I should confirm that there are [Greater] spirits for the other elements.

Noel-kun was suddenly awakened to strong holy power, will he be alright? There won’t be things like side-effects, right…?

After that happened, his face became red like he had a fever.

But, something so strong, will it be alright to not call for help? That final pronunciation of the [Spirit Language], I wonder where it came from?

Oh well, I’ll have to be wary of being subjugated by Noah.

Well then, after that visit, six months have passed.

Since there were so many things to do, we only could visit one place every two months or so.

I’m going to enter the magic academy when I become seven, so until then it’s all going to be touring around the territories?

Enrollment begins the first month of the year, not even three months into me being seven years old, since I was born under the [Autumn Moon].

I was seriously busy, you know? With [Various Things].

“ … What’s this?”

As I turned off my [Fortifications] on the door and entered my room, a sealed letter fell to my feet.

… Mumu, the scent of rose? I may be biased, but a letter like this is never from anyone decent.

But, I opened it anyway. I’m worried about the motives of this desperate pervert who sent the letter, given that my room has many [Greater Defense Magics] cast on it, which can’t even be broken by a Lesser Demon.

By the way, my door is [Fortified] to ensure that those four people can’t get into my room without permission.

And the contents are… an invitation? To a Tea Party, huh…

I walked out of my room and down the hall, handing the [Invitation] to the child I saw.

“Christina, this, should we send it back to the Oberu house’s daughter?”

“ … Eh…?”

When Christina saw the invitation, the mythic [Rumored] invitation, her face solidified, as if she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Yeah, that’s the first time I’ve seen Christina with that kind of face.

“So anyways, let’s make sure to send it back.”

During these several months, I haven’t talked to these four servant candidates.

I stopped them from coming with me for the tour. I had no problems since Bree-chan and Sarah-chan were with me.

I also stopped all the purchase orders made in my name, changed the keys to the dress room and library, and pushed off their management to a high ranking butler and maid.

My [Name] has many uses, especially if I choose to use it personally.

Since I’m a very good child, I hadn’t indulged myself much so far, but this is going too far.

But, since I’m being spoiled so much, I hope that I don’t get sucked into a [Dream World]. I wouldn’t want to end up like my Elder Sisters, would I…? Dreadful Nobles.

Oops, I let myself get sidetracked.

I haven’t had conversations with those children since it exhausted me to speak with them.

Although those four kids are in my care, it’s become troublesome in all sorts of ways to ask them to do things for me.

Therefore, I get up without help in the morning, wash my own face, change clothes by myself, eat the absolute minimum since I don’t feel hunger, take my baths using the water without permission, I stopped eating tea and cake, since they’re troublesome, I wear some clothes a few days in a row, so as to not ask for laundry, and I pour through my favorite books alone in the reading room until midnight. I live a perfectly comfortable life, until Granny finds me and carries me off to be taken care of by Vio.

Mother and Granny were crying.

What about this is so terrible…?


In the meantime… you know the [Various] things that have kept me so busy?

I have a lot of [Backdoor Saint] work to do.

Well, I have a list of work to do, I don’t really want a reward, and all the participants kept it a secret, but a stream of rumors was flowing through the royal capital. I was set up as the center of a newly-founded [Association] by nobles.

The camaraderie of the meetings’ participants was very strong, so being betrayed would be impossible. A large amount of money and goods were given to me to earn my favor.

The name of the association was: “The Saint Association: Turning Shining Light to Darkness.”

What the heck is with that title?

“Yurushia-sama. Today, I would like to introduce a friend of mine, the Duke Kapell’s brother, Zest.”


“Yurushia-jo, I am pleased to finally meet you. I can only be grateful that an unworthy person like me can meet you…”

Yeah… that’s darn right. Duke Kapell is from a house we don’t get along with.

He is still young, in his late thirties. After asking for my blessing in this [meeting], he’s hugging and crying into the shoulder of his friend, Viscount Rubon.

It’s depressing…

“S-so, Zest-sama, is it okay for you to be here?”

“Yes, … I left the Kapell family to become a noble merchant, my loyalty is no longer to my brother, even now, I am dedicated to His Majesty. I ask Princess to forgive me for the actions of my brother…”

“I know, I understand.”

I won’t say such a dangerous thing. I stared at him, half-amazed, and stopped forcing my smile.

“Then… Zest-sama, may [Darkness] cover your shine.”


Even their despair puts me in a good mood.

“ … [Let There be Light] … ”

Holy Magic needs to have a clear image, and a pure magic to realize it.

As a [Demon] with [Human Knowledge of Another World of Light], I was able to bring it out to a high level.

It’s difficult even for me. Other priests have found it impossible.

Holding the image of [Regeneration]. Carefully alternating between [Purification] and [Growth] at the same time.

It can’t be too strong or too weak. I need to have minute knowledge for the image.

In response to my holy magic, his skin was gently concealed with a faint seaweed-like substance and his shining scalp was lost.


“She did it… she did it, Zest!”

Zest-san and Viscount Rubon hugged each other, tears of joy in their eyes.

How annoying…

“Umm, from now on, you should abstain from fried foods. Please center your diet around vegetables, fish, and beans. Make sure to massage the scalp. It’s good to tap it gently with a soft brush~.”

Oops, I unintentionally gave him instructions like an infomercial.

“Thank you, Yurushia-jo, no, Princess Yurushia! From now on, I’ll be accommodating the Touru territory with my company’s goods.”

“Is that so…? At that time, I’ll be counting on you.”

I respond to Zest’s comment in full [Duke’s Daughter] mode.

“This comfortable feeling will have my wife and daughters stop calling me “Grandpa-chan” once more. Thank you very much.”

By the way, the money I receive is [Hush Money]

In this way, the [Shine] has been lost from this country.

The faction of men who worship me has quietly spread behind the kingdom’s back.

… The hell’s with that.


My monthly trips to the Royal Castle continue.

The inspections could have been faster without this… I shouldn’t say that aloud. I like to meet with Grandmother and Elea-sama, and today we’re having a tea party along with Shelly.

“Shellynn-sama, there’s no need to be scared…”


Shelly and I are walking down the corridors of the Royal Castle, Bree-chan and Sarah-chan on either side, your nervousness is obvious from your voice, Shelly.

… Why is it that when I’m with other children, they act like knights?

“It’s all right, Shelly. Grandmother and Elea-sama aren’t all that scary, you know?”

So as to not scare the cute Shelly, I used a gentle voice.

Well, this will be the first time only one person has been invited to a tea party in the Royal Castle, I’m with her, but it can’t be helped, since she’s a seven-year-old being invited by the queen and crown princess, right?

“ … Eh?”



“ … … … … Eh?”

By the way, that last one was me. By the way guys, what’s there to be surprised about? There must be a reason somewhere, right? It can’t be… are they trying to say they’re frightened of me…?

“B-because Princess-sama… when we’re in the Royal Castle, you sometimes put this blank expression on…”


Shelly and Bree-chan nodded at Sarah-chan’s remark. Well, Ah’ll be damned. (TL: Random dialect here, because who knows why)

Actually, I’m a little self-conscious about that.

Since my fifth birthday party, there have been more and more people visiting the Royal Castle.

Most people would smile and greet me, saying “good to see you” and head off, but sometimes they’d talk for 30 minutes or like an hour, yapping about Timothy-kun or Rick.

Yeah, such information is unneeded.

I’ll lightly smile and put out my [Intimidation] until they go away.

“ … Ah.”

Shelly and Sarah-chan show strange faces at Bree-chan’s murmurs.

From the other side, some sort of minister… umm… a noble. This detestable man had the tenacity to greet me for more than an hour the first time.

“ …”

“Good day.”

Perfectly concealed facial expressions, no emotion in the voice, aren’t I just one-sidedly giving way?

Being treated like this is much better. Some people show hostility from first sight.

‘It’s the Prince’s daughter that he made with the royal maid,’ they’d say.

Yeah, I can understand that. Since Uncle-sama and Elea-sama have been monogamous, there have been no concubine children.

As the Duke’s daughter and [Princess], my face is quite different.

But, my hands are filled with [Love] for [Humans]

Indeed, they’re not as appetizing as the beautiful woman with red hair.

To that person who called me a bastard, I summoned large amounts of cats-sized bugs into his mansion.

I’ve become quite good at drawing magic summoning formations, if I do say so myself.

Fufufu, it’s a bad idea to make an enemy of a Demon.

Next to the usual palace flower garden, Shelly and I continued through the door.



Hmm? What happened to “Rockerick-niisama,” you ask? Whatever, it’s fine, it’s just Rick.

When he saw me, he grabbed my arm rudely and started walking *Zukazuka*

“Mu~u… why do you people always grab the arm?”

“You… need to go somewhere immediately.”

What the heck is this, you shitty brat..

“Because, ‘Roderick-niisama’ is being too rough.”

I put on a tough attitude, and after glancing at the arm he was gripping, I tore my arm from Rick with a groan as he relaxed the power in his hand… why aren’t you letting go?

“But, Yurushia is wrong.”

“… What~?”

When I look at him, Rick diverts his eyes, as if somehow troubled, and speaks in a muttering tone.

“You, you didn’t come before…”

“I’ve met with Grandfather and Grandmother every time, though?”

“Not that… you, you went off for local inspections to help Uncle? Don’t you know it’s dangerous…?

“ …? You’re surprisingly informed. Yeah, well, it’s not that dangerous.”

It’s no problem to a Demon. Let go of my hand.

“I wonder… recently, strange things have been happening. Just recently, a massive outbreak of cat-sized bugs appeared in the mansion of a noble…”

“ … Tee-hee~”

“Apparently someone went missing as well. She was a noble child…”

“Oh…? I wonder if Shelly is alright…”

“ … Oi.”

*Don* … My carefree thoughts were pushed out as I was pinned against a wall with my arm in his grip… If rumors of this got out… no, it can’t be, since Rick will be 10 in a few months, his larger body is a bit scary…

“ … Rick?”

“I worry about you, you’re the [Princess] of this country, my mother worries about your well-being.”

“ … Yes…”

It’s not good to get angry… But really. The family seemed to be grieving around me.

“You have me… that, I’m there for you… like a sister would be.”


Putting myself into the family… how tsundere.


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