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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 219 Bahasa Indonesia

There were four girls who looked like Axel’s cronies. They looked reasonably well brought up, but not aristocratic. They were wearing school uniforms, not dresses, but the same with Ester-chan, they were wearing mini skirts, exposing their bare legs, so the holy knights were having trouble keeping their eyes on them.

“I have no use for you right now. I’m busy. Don’t you understand? Aah?”

“Oh, my, who said I have any use for you? Aren’t you a little too self-indulgent?”

I replied to Axel, who seemed to be in a bad mood as I walked along, and the surrounding girls glared at me with a savage look in their eyes.

One of them, a tall, blue short-haired woman, grinned and tried to block Tina’s feet.



At that moment, the woman whose foot was kicked by Tina spun 360 degrees vertically.


The woman called Krista held her leg with her hand with a stunned look on her face as Axel and the others took a fighting stance toward us.

Among them, a flaxen-haired girl glared at me.

“Hey, you, what are you doing?”

“How dare you suddenly stick your foot out to a weak attendant?”

I could see that she was about to accuse me of something, so I took the initiative and accused her.

“Tina, is she hurt?”

“I think I might have broken her leg. I did kick her hard enough to make her spin around, so it should be painful. Sigh.”

Tina, standing there with a calm and composed expression on her face, complained about the damage.

…Was it too much trouble to cast her?

And the “assailant,” Krista, after being healed by the red-haired woman, stood up, her face blackened with anger.


“What you have done is unbecoming of a woman. I will formally protest this to the Silver Church.”



Maybe they were trying to do something, but it didn’t go well, and hearing my words, their complexion turned reddish-purple like a carp lacking oxygen, and their mouths were agape.


It was so bad that neither the civil servant who was guiding them nor the holy knight in training were also stunned, leaving their mouths open.

What one usually said and did was significant.

“However, it wouldn’t be good appearance for you guys to get [deported] soon after you came here, would it? Let’s just be nice to each other and call it even, shall we?”

I couldn’t help but smile, my cheeks tinted with their pleasant hatred and malice.

For some reason, the girls became even more agitated at me.


“You bi-!”

“Stop it!”


Surprisingly, it was Axel who stopped them.

“That person is the most troublesome character in the Holy Kingdoms. Don’t touch her for now. Well, she’ll be mine soon anyway.”

Axel said and smirked while looking at me from face to foot as if he were teasing me.

…He was really surprisingly calm, wasn’t he? I thought he and these girls were together as partners, but was it a one-way affection from the ladies?

If possible, I wanted to stir him up and find out what his [skills] were, but more than anything, I didn’t like the way these guys were looking down on the Holy Kingdom.

…Was I perhaps a little irritated? Ester-chan should be worse in terms of irritation, but come to think of it, my followers seem somewhat irritated as well.

Good, I should do my best to torment them for now.

“Axel, you are very kind. Your country should not be bringing incompetent people around…”

“Hey, you!”

The flaxen-haired girl lashed out again as I stroked her, but I simply covered up my smile with my fan.


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