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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 218 Bahasa Indonesia

In this world, there was no easy-to-understand skill system like what Tess used.

But that did not mean that [skill]-like things did not exist normally in this world. For example, a demon’s “Dominance” on an inferior opponent could be said to be a passive skill effect of the Demon’s skills.

Even with normal skills, “Swordsmanship” improved by swinging a sword, but usually, if you skipped training for a few years, your ability would drop by a certain percentage.

The “burn-out” of skills was a byproduct of this process, and because skills don’t level down, they could easily recover over time.

According to Tess, it was automatically adapted to all human beings, so it required a large-scale device for confirming this, but if a being wanted to apply the skill to a human individually, they would need the cooperation of a [Great Spirit] class power to do so.

In short, if there was a way to learn it, it would even be possible for humans to give off the power of a sense of “Dominance” that only demons had.

It was getting a little weird, right?

If Axel really could use the skill, then there would be a “being” who granted it to him. So, Ester-chan might have some [skill] too.

Was the purpose of the Church to make them use their skills? I hope it would not become too much of a problem. If they were just “half-baked” with human skills, it would be fine, but if they were given non-human skills, it would be a big problem.

At the very least, they seem to have [appraisal] or [analysis] skills, but there seems to be some other hidden skills in their possession as well.

So, I head to the training place of the holy knights, where Axel, who had skipped the class that he should be taking. By the way, I was not skipping class. I was exempted from most of the classes.

In the first place, I was a “Saint” who saved the world, so the teacher of Divine Magic asked me to be excused from the class.

When I arrived at the training place of the holy knights, I found Axel and his group observing the training of the holy knights, guided by a civil official-like person.

They were accompanied by a group of good-looking girls brought from the Church, just like that heroic man (laughs) whom my sister had been getting to know so well.

“Fanny, do you know if he uses [skill]?”

“Let’s see…[not much][he doesn’t have a good one]. He only uses [analysis]-like stuff.”


“No, it’s just regular mind-reading!”

That was more surprising.

As I approached stealthily, the holy knight noticed me and tried to greet me, so I put my index finger to my lips as a sign to be silent.

“Ah, Yurushia-sama, that guy’s expression has changed, hasn’t it?”

Nia, who was standing next to me, informed me, so I looked over and saw a strong-looking holy knight who looked like a captain…hmm? Axel was leaking magic power?

I had a feeling he was going to do something, so I wanted to start harassing him as soon as possible.

“Oh, Axel-sama!”

When I called out to him with magic flowing through my words, Axel’s concentration broke and the magic that was oozing out of him fizzled out.


“What a coincidence to find you here, isn’t it?”

At the pleasant malice of Axel and the others glaring at me, I couldn’t help but return a radiant smile.

As I walked straight to him, the holy knights in training bowed their heads to me as they cleared the way.


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