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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 217 Bahasa Indonesia

I Became a Villainess 3

“By the way, how is that second prince Axel-sama doing?”

“I don’t know…”

I left Ester-chan alone for now, who was annoying but currently harmless, and asked about Axel, who had moved into Rick’s class three classes above him.

“Rick, is something wrong?”

“No, it’s not that there’s nothing going on, it’s more like he’s probably up to something…”

Rick frowned a little and makes a complicated expression.

Axel came to study abroad, but he never took his classes seriously or made contact with the old southern nobility, and he seemed to be hanging out with the friends he brought with him, playing around here and there in the academy and the royal capital.

What did you really come here for, sightseeing?

I thought that since he asked me for an engagement proposal, he would be actively involved with me, but until now, we have had almost no contact.

I was invited by an old man who was a diplomat to have dinner when I had some spare time, but it was a social invitation, not from the prince, but from the diplomat himself.

I just didn’t get it… Ester-chan had a completely bad Otome-Game brain, and Axel acted as if he was talented, but I got the feeling that he was working as an individual, not as a country, and there was a hint of disappointment (my prejudice).

In short, I did not understand why the “Church” sent them here.

At first, we were all thinking that they were trying to seduce me and take over the Duke’s house, or to bring the saint of the Holy Kingdom into the Church, but I could not read the second prince’s purpose.

If they were doing something under the radar…

“For the meantime, let’s just try to properly fight them back, shall we?”

“…Really? Just make sure it doesn’t become an international problem.”

It was okay, I have had more opportunities to come in contact with humans since I returned, and my thoughts, which had become more demon-oriented in the other world, have now become much more human-oriented.

So, I have departed searching for the second prince with only Nia, Tina, and Fanny to accompany me. Incidentally, Noah, the butler demon, was on loan to take care of Rinne, so there was currently no one to stop us in case something really happened.

The new guard knight boys were more like subordinates than guards, different from Bri and the others.

This time, on my order, for some reason, they have been given the clerical and accounting duties for a newly established [association] for women in the Holy Kingdoms. The name of the group is–

[Association of Saints to make your hearts warm].

It was very straightforward.

No, it would be more like a slide. Or rather, what were they even thinking?

I thought about throwing it all to the Kapelle of Commerce, but Zesch-san said that he would rather prefer that I did not do so, since the association was a mess with only male members, and if more funds were collected, other noble members would accuse me of concentrating power.

How powerful was our association that Zesch-san, who had risen to the rank of Duke of Kapelle, was now afraid of our power…?

I had no choice but to buy a trading house in a prime location in the capital and set it up as Yuru Seafood, which sells marine products and local specialties. When I entrusted Mylene, the de facto manager of the company, with the management of that [association], she cried that she couldn’t manage the money.

…She’s a great vampire who’s over 200 years old, so she should toughen up.

So, I dispatched female members #00002 and #00003, Bianca and Flora, who loved small change, and managed to get them to run the place.

By the way, 00001 was said to have blonde vertically curly rolls, but I would rather not know.

I went off on a tangent, but I heard that Axel, the second prince of Silver Church, was observing the training of the holy knights.

The reason why I was concerned about Axel was that he was not in a hurry to get engaged, but he was wary of something like that [skill].


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