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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 216 Bahasa Indonesia

“Noel-sama! Please show Ester around the academy.”

The next time I saw Ester-chan was near the cafeteria. She didn’t come back at all during the morning class.

I thought she was heartbroken and hiding, but it seems that she was seeking out Noel, who was two grades ahead of her, and was following him around.

Really, she was literally clinging to him. I put my hand on Noel’s shoulder, who was frowning and backing away from Ester, who was rubbing her body against Noel as if marking him.

Sherry, who was next to him, was trying to admonish her mildly, but when did he manage to pacify her? The aristocratic-looking boys of the other grades were glaring at Sherry.

They couldn’t do anything because Noel was glaring at them, but even Noel couldn’t shrug off the girl who was a princess of another country and seemed to be in trouble.

“Hello, everyone, good day to you!”

When I called out to them, the boys all shook their bodies at once, looked at me, and then stiffened.


“Rushi…Yurushia-sama, this is…”

Yes, yes, I know. As I approached, Ester-chan’s guards gave me a threatening glare, so I smiled at them and ignored them.

“Eh, what, what’s wrong? Ah!”

Ester-chan finally notices me and glared at me.

“It’s you again, Yurushia-san. How dare you use your position to threaten everyone!”

“And, you’re telling me that you aren’t using your position, right now, to do the same thing?”

“Eh? What are you talking about?”

Ester-chan tilted her head cutely, as if she really didn’t understand.

“I don’t know, but how mean of you to harass me with false accusations.”

“You’re the one making accusations, aren’t you?”

“…I don’t know, but how mean of you to accuse me and torment me like that. Don’t worry, I’ll protect everyone.”

Saying this, Ester-chan turned her pretty smile on the noble boys, and they, frightened by me, which returned a twitchy smile to her, and she tilted her head again.

Did she just do something…? Well, more importantly, they didn’t have that kind of time because Sherry, Tina, and Fanny were in full force emanating their killing intent.

But well, in the midst of the killing intent that even Noel felt, only Ester-chan, who either ignored it or didn’t seem to notice, didn’t show any reaction.

“I knew it, you were scaring everyone, weren’t you?”

“I am simply telling you to be more modest. You’re a princess, you know?”

“Ester is not that bad!”

When she realized that she had no allies, she ran away crying, and I smiled and waved at her guards, who glared at me before following her.


“…Rushia, sorry.”

“Well, don’t mind it, let’s have a meal for now, shall we?”


“…Yurushia, that princess has been complaining to me, saying that you tormented her…”

After school, a somewhat tired-looking Rick showed up and said something like that.

Oh yeah, Ester-chan skipped her afternoon class too (lol).

I wondered where she went, but this time, so she went to look for Rick.

” Harassment?”

“That’s what she said?”

I see, so from her point of view, it looked like I was being mean and harassing her. I thought about it for a moment and slowly looked at Rick’s face.

“Should I harass her in earnest, as she had been accusing me?”

“…Just make sure it doesn’t become an international problem, okay?”

Oh my. But first, I would have to do something about the second prince.


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