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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 212: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

This is a bonus Chapter Thank you To Asanaly and Malk! Enjoy!

“This… Your Highness, do you perhaps need a royal permission to get close to a woman?”

Uh, oh… What is this situation? At any rate, I smiled at the ladies who were nearby to take a step back and sent them away. No, I didn’t know what’s going on here. Anyway, I needed to find a solution….. Ah, I just needed to find someone who was strong.



When I called her name, the Countess Aubel who was creeping around with a single man– Mylene-chan looked at me with a tremendous frown and turned to me.

The two men who had been staring at each other couldn’t help but be silenced by the power of the great big beautiful woman who was still as awesome as ever.

“Oh, dear Lady Yurushia, I did not see you often enough, so I thought you had forgotten about me.”

“Oh, I would never forget a good friend of mine.”

“You’ve been busy, haven’t you? Do you even have time to spare for me?”

“Not as much as you do. Did you miss me that badly?”

Both Rick and Dante grew pale as we conversed with each other, smiling and spreading demonic energy, and almost instantly, Mylene’s cronies scattered away as well.

She has been entrusted with the backstage work of the Saint Country for two years and I haven’t been able to see her yet, so she must have felt a lot of resentment. But let’s talk about it later, I guess.

Despite the unreasonable request I made, she turned her gaze to my sister for a moment and then turned toward Rick and Dante.

“Oh, Your Highness and Count Monte, good to see you.”

“Aa, aah..”

“It’s my pleasure…”

There was a slight fright in Dante’s eyes as he looked at her.

“Oh my, isn’t that you, Miss Ataline?

“Ye- Yes!”

“This is the first time I’ve ever spoken to you in this manner. If you don’t mind, why don’t we have tea next time? Let’s talk about how to treat a man… as friends.”


As expected of Mylene. When it came to the “Silver Princess”, the flower of social circles, her words were taken as a matter of course.

Moreover, a woman who created her own “space” like Mylene was probably Dante’s natural enemy.

“That would be good, sister Ataline. That’s right, that’s right, you have been in a bad condition lately, haven’t you? Brother Rudrick, can you please take my sister away? Although he is also a male, it doesn’t matter since you two are cousins.”

“O- oh.”

“Now then, Count Monte. May I and Mylenne-sama have the pleasure of entertaining you, Count Monte?”

“……No, I have a stomach ache too, so I’m going to step back.”

Did we get a little too devilish? Rick and my sister were used to it in a way, but it would be tough for the average person.

We both smiled at Dante and gave one last little chuckle as he staggered away on his wobbly legs. Mylene turned to me with a smile on her face.

“Can you not use me as an outrider?”

“You also used me as an insect repellent, right?”

“Haa… fine then. I’m glad to see you haven’t changed.”

“You and me both.”

We both got a lot of attention when we’re together, but people didn’t come to approach us. Strange.

“What have you been doing for two years? Was it hard?”

“You have seriously been saved… The Church Nation men were messing with me in the shadow.”

“Oh, I wanted to hear about that as well… There must be a lot.”

“That’s fine. Various sources from merchants to beggars….to compile information?”

“Yeah, please. And next time you see one, you can get rid of it.”

“…Can I do it my way?”

“Of course.”

“Well then…”


“Yurushia, are you willing to invest in a store in the capital?”

“… Isn’t the management of the territory going well?”

“I mean, the specialty foods……”

Come to think of it, I still haven’t given her the ingredients for the specialty wakame bread for two years.

“I’m sure you still have some money from the underworld to settle that…”

“They are garbage even if they have lives.”


You really have a serious personality.

“I understand. I’ll have the Carpe Chamber of Commerce fund it anonymously. And also the materials.”

“I’m saved.”

Can you believe it? This was a conversation between a demon and a vampire, you know?

“Since we sell our own seafood, you will handle the staffing and management and we will consult with you on profits.”

“Roger that.”

After that the two women started to complain to each other for a long time.

I didn’t know what we were doing..…

Just as the song began to change for the last dance, a faint buzz arose from one corner of the hall, the sea of people started to split open to make way.

The men were staring and the women let out sighes as they watched one young man walking quietly.

Wearing an exotic aristocratic outfit.

His glossy black hair flowing down his back and his silver eyes like the moon.

The pale brown-skinned beauty, who didn’t seem to care about it while attracting the attention of the audience, quietly held out his hand as he walked up to me.

“Let’s dance.”

“Can’t you think of a more thoughtful way to entice me?”

I giggled as I took his hand and then we leaped into the center of the dance floor waltzing to the last song.

In a certain corner – on one of the terraces where no one is paying attention. Sister Ataline smiled a lovely smile. She was dancing with one young man.


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