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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 211: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

“Well, here you are, Sister Ataline.”


When I called out to my sister Ataline who was in the center of a group of men, she smiled back at ease.

My sister really had become a lovely lady (tears).…. I missed the lovely look she gave when she glanced at others, spreading her coldness.

She used to be a big sister who was a tsundere and an especially sore loser. Moreover, she hurt everyone she touched. It has been eight years since she rampaged in the Saint Country as a child and now due to her losing her memories, the atmosphere in the social circles had become quite sympathetic toward her.

Behind the scenes, mother was actively working hard to bring her to various tea parties and she finally was able to reconcile with Elea-sama who hated her so much.

Well, now my sister was really a small animal type that was harmless to human beings (tears).

“Yu, Yurushia-sama!”


As the mysterious aged men hurriedly opened the way at my appearance, Sister Ataline rushed over and snuggled up to me.

My sister, with her thorns gone, was so beautiful and lovely. The domineering attitude from before was completely gone. She only had about half a soul, so it can’t be helped, but because of that, the atmosphere became completely soft.

At the beginning, the strength of her soul was too strong. Now after she lost half of her soul, she became a normal girl.

But because of that, she ended up causing a new problem.

At present, my sister, Ataline, was a lovely and beautiful person with a fragile atmosphere. She was not assertive and she became more obedient. She was the daughter from a duke family whose father was a grand duke and the royal brother of the current King. She was also the sister of the Saintess of Salvation who didn’t have a fiancé from being out of the country for a long time due to some problems.

What a seller’s market. As a result of a combination of coincidences and factors, she was the ideal, dreamy, miraculous woman for single men who have never had a woman in their lives.

…..I really don’t know how this happened (tears).

“What are you guys doing to my sister?”

I smiled and the men backed off slightly as I smiled at them. I understood that it was because you guys didn’t like powerful, aristocratic, strong women, but this was just too obvious.

“I did not……”

“I wanted to talk to Lady Ataline…”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“I just wanted to ask her to dance……”

So that’s it. But I don’t think you guys would be able to take the lovely daughter who was finally back in her loving father’s arms away from him.

Although the bridge with the victims has been closed, there were still some people who still held grudges against my sister.

In order to vanquish their rivals by pretending as sorrowful victims.

She was a nobleman, so it’s only natural for her to have enemies and resentment. But I would be worried about it too if it was someone I can’t protect myself from.

“How is it, sister?”

“I’m afraid I must decline….”

“I couldn’t overlook how a pretty woman like Miss Ataline was only acting as a wallflower. Please forgive me.”

“…You are?”

“I’m sorry, beautiful young lady. I am the head of Count Monte, my name is Dante. I am pleased to meet you.”

Dante kneeled down gracefully and touched my fingertips as he kissed the back of my glove with his lips in an experienced gesture.

I knew there were some powerful people in the mix…… As I recalled, Count Monte was a great nobleman of the East and the current head of the family, Dante, although already in his late twenties, was still a bachelor and I heard that he was a young leader famous for his ability and undertakings.

My sister’s position was attractive enough for any nobleman who wanted to be connected to the dukes and the royal family.

He’s the perfect partner for a political marriage. As the daughter of a nobleman, we were prepared for a certain amount of loveless marriages but… I wonder why…?

I’m sure he’ll take good care of her if I entrusted him with my sister. However, since he was still single at this age but was used to women, I’m sure he’ll have a mistress.

I turned around to face my sister.

“Eh… Yurushia?”

“Sister, this gentleman has asked for a dance. So, what do you want to do?”

“I- I’m….um… this is my first time dancing so… that…”

Aaah, I see, I see. Since she lost her memories, her experience of dancing at parties seemed to be reset too. But it’s okay, because I kind of get it.

I turned around to Dante again.

“Sorry, Count Monte. Would you back off today, please?”

Dante blinked his eyes for a moment when I said this with a smirk and then he grinned.

“So, I guess that’s a passing grade…… Is it fine if I say it that way, princess?”

“Well, I wonder.”

I see, he was undeniably a nobleman.

“So, Miss Ataline. Will you accept my invitation the next time?”

“Eh, that…”

I see, still thinking about putting a little nail on the coffin, were you? That’s what I was thinking when suddenly a call came from a different direction.

“Yurushia, Ataline.”



Another confusing man was here. No, you can come, but you didn’t have to creep around and drag nobleman’s daughters along with you.

“Ataline, you were in this place all along?”

“Ye- Yes.”

Speaking of which, I heard that Rick came to visit my sister many times after she lost her memory. Rick called out to my sister and stared at Dante, who was holding her hand in his.

“And you are… Count Monte right. Do you have a business with Ataline?”

“This… Your Highness, do you perhaps need a royal permission to get close to a woman?”


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