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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 210: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

Betty’s struggles were self-inflicted. But It’s such a cute silly thing to do.

Well, aside from that unimportant story, we’re currently going to the party.

“Ludrick, please escort.”

“After two-year have passed you surprisingly…”

Hmm? Is he going to say that I become prettier?

“You got more gutsy.”

How rude. I just got used to it that’s all.

The truth is, if it was the usual I will enter with father and mother through the door for the noble, even though I have the right to inherit the throne, I am still only a daughter of the Duke after all. But this time I will enter through the door for the royal family.

Well, it’s for a variety of reasons, for one it’s to show the nobility that the Saintess of Salvation has sided with the crown, and because Rick hadn’t decided on a fiancée yet and I didn’t have a man to escort me because I didn’t have a fiancé either.

As for me, I’m fine with Rinne as an escort, but Rinne is not an aristocrat.

Of course, me and Rick wil both have men and women come up to us like piranhas flocking to raw meat at the drop of a hat, but I don’t want those status-grabbers.

Engagement is such a headache, but to keep me inside the country I have to get engaged with a domestic nobleman.

This is not a good thing, could the royals be thinking about engagement with Rick?

But if I hurriedly decides on a fiancé, I will be putting mud to the face of the Sylber nation, which has approached me with an official emissary for an engagement.

As someone who knows what’s going on behind the scenes, I don’t mind tripping over as much mud as I can, but if I do that, other countries will see us as that kind of country, and they might not like the idea of having me in their country, so I’ll have to wait until the second prince of the Church Nation politically studies abroad to see what happens.

What a troublesome country, the Church Nation is. ………Shall I destroy it?

“… Yurushia, your expression looks bad.”

“Oh my, oh my. Ufufufu.”

My grandfather escorts my grandmother. My uncle escorts Elea-sama. Timothy escorts Betty. And finally Rick escorts me and we enter last.

Rick’s hand gripped mine tightly. Is Rick nervous?

Oh, I see that Shelly is escorted by Noel. I know you’re there, so stop waving.

First up is a dance with us four groups. I’m a little skeptical too, but I wonder if Betty is alright? Ever since Betty came to the castle, we’ve been straining ourselves practicing our dance moves although our dance moves are still quite awkward.

Rick was surprisingly good at dancing and leading the way. He usually has a sour look on his face, but with a smile like that, he’s like a prince in a storybook.

When we finish, the nobles now begin to dance. Father and mother dancing together looks lovely.

Noel and Shelly also start dancing and I leave. I begin my work, dodging the many male aristocrats who try to ask me to dance.

There are some thick faced southern aristocrats who weren’t directly involved in that rebellion, but I’ll leave that stuff to Rick and Timothy to deal with. It’s a boy’s job.

First of all, I have to rescue Betty, who is away from her fiancé and surrounded by a group of noblewomen at a fast pace.

“Oh, it looks fun. Can I join in the fun too?”

When I called out, the women of mysterious age who surrounded Betty shuddered.

“Princess Yurushia.”

“We- We are not…”

The women who are aiming for Timothy-kun start to act up, to begin with if you’re only an intermediate aristocrat, there’s no problem. The problem is the sisters of the same Marquis family as Betty.


“Oh, Lady Yurushia, you’re really back.”

A flashy woman steps forward to interrupt Betty’s words with a gaudy face.

She seemed to be a meat lover in her late teens. The woman in the dress with her bright red lips boldly spread her chest while facing me in a straightforward manner.

“Did you eat some raw meat? Your lips are so red.”

“Wha! No matter who you are how could you be so rude— ”

With a snap, I close the fan, releasing a moment of intimidation.

“Identify yourself first. I don’t even know who you are.”

“Gh! Yo- You,”

She trembled with anger as she turns pale and red.

Oh my, she is surprisingly gutsy. ………I like it very much.

The moment I smiled lightly with some interest, I don’t know why, but her face turned pale and she lowered her head, shaking and mumbling, even though I didn’t use any intimidation.

“… it’s…I…solde…”

I put the fan on Isolde’s neck to gently stroke her without raising her head.

“Lady Isolde, state your family name. I will remember it.”

“………P- Please forgive me…”

This is bad! I’m starting to get the feeling the ladies around me are misunderstanding what I say. I was just trying to say that I was Betty’s backing.

It’s not like I’m going to take her family hostage.

Am I some kind of a villainous girl?



Nice timing!

“Oh Shelly. May I entrust Bertille to you? You guys look up. I’m going to need you to take care of these girls for me.”

“””Ye- Yes!”””

The ladies stretched their backs and answered me lively.

“Are you going somewhere, Yuru-sama?”

“Yuru is very busy, so you don’t have to interrupt her. Because Yuru is the hope of many women.”


No, I’m glad you’re feeling better, but what are you talking about all of a sudden, Betty?

At that moment, as if it was something that came to mind, certain women glanced at Betty’s chest with a stern look and bowed their heads at me at exactly 90 degrees.

“”Yurushia-sama, thank you for your hard work.””

“Eh, ah….. thank you.”

I wonder if they are okay but the way they looked at me started to look like those guys from the ‘Society’.

I’m not sure, but I’m glad they are on Betty’s side.

―――― Donation ―― At Carpe Company ――――


I heard a disturbing statement on the verge of leaving, but I feel like I’m losing if I worry.

“Lucia, will you have this dance with me?”

“Yes, Noel. Please.”

Next is the dance with Noel who was waiting for me. It’s difficult because my father doesn’t allow me to dance unless It’s with someone I know.

“Lucia is beautiful today”

“Th- Thank you….. Noel is also cool.”

It was hard to believe that Noel had become a nobleman two years ago, but he adjusted to it so well. It’s partly due to the fact that he is a Hero, but the ladies were following Noel’s appearance with pretty serious eyes when he praised me with a big smile on his face.

“And the dance with Shelly was lovely.”

“Uh, yeah. She’s … well … yeah.”

When the dance with Noel was over, I left the dance circle before anyone asked me to join them again and got to work on my next job.

“Oh, there it is.”

In the corner of the hall, this time a mass of noble men had formed.They seemed to surround one woman and she was surrounded in a group.

As my father said, it’s indeed happening…… Okay, let’s get back to work again.

“Well, here you are, Sister Ataline.”


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