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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 208: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

“I was invited by a Holy Knight to go on a date. Now if I were to die, I will leave with no regrets.”

“No, you will live.”


The strongest and most elite fifty from the Holy Kingdom’s fifty raiders. And at the front of the pack was me riding my reinforced Hippo.

Doped up by [Divine Spirit Magic] to basically make us almost weightless, I was able to eradicate the chimera factory with an unusually high intensity. We were able to gallop in just two days to that place that my great-uncle had told me about, a journey that would normally take a week each way even with a military horse.

I’m glad there weren’t many finished products. However, if there were going to be more like that in the near future, I should start considering revamping our full time employees.

When I blurted out something like that, Onzada’s face turned pale.

Two days after the destruction of the factory, notice of my grandfather’s abdication and my uncle’s formal accession to the throne was given. Many of the nobles who learned that I had returned and became an official princess joined the royal family’s side, and many of the southern army soldiers surrendered. They yielded with their whole troop units and gradually, the rebellion fell apart.

It’s been two months since I returned. Just like that, the rebellion that had been stalled for six months was almost over. It’s amazing what the title of Saintess can do……

But in the end, several noble families, including Clement and the Duke of Bellrose, and some of the Southern troops were able to flee the country without surrendering. Maybe they went to the Church Nation.

“Rinne. So, what were you talking to my father about at that time?”

“…Well, there were a lot of grumbles and complaints.”

The turmoil in the Holy Kingdom had subsided on the surface. I, who had been held at the royal castle for my uncle’s coronation ceremony, came to see Rinne, who had been staying at the Duke of Verusenia’s residence in the royal capital.

I’m staying at the castle because my father told me with a black smile, “since you have become a Princess, you should have self-control”. Only today, I was finally able to meet Rinne whom I haven’t seen in a few days… Does he look a little tired? He should have looked the same as he did since he was only having tea parties with my mother every day?

Was my father also under a lot of stress at work? But, let’s not let Rinne hear it… Anyway, I’m glad my father and Rinne were getting along so well.

When I was enjoying my tea while looking at Rinne’s face, the old lady and the maids whom I was finally able to meet again after a long time were giving me some very intriguing looks.

Something was bothering me, but more importantly, I have something I need to discuss with Rinne.

“Hey… What do you think of the “phenomenon” that happened to me at that time?”


In the middle of my fight with the Chimera, I spoke a word that wasn’t “me”.

For some reason, I knew I couldn’t keep that thing going until the end. I stopped when Rinne ceased the chimera’s screams, but I wonder if Rinne would know what the thing was.

“Don’t worry about that for now. I’ll do something about it.”


There was something extraordinarily disturbing about it…..

But the only person who would know more than Rinne was his self-proclaimed “big brother”. That guy was fickle too, so I don’t know if he’ll give me an answer.

I, as a saint and a princess and a daughter of the duke’s family, was busy with greetings and stuff and then finally, the day of my uncle’s inauguration was tomorrow.

“Princess Yurushia. His Royal Highness the Crown Prince wants to see you.”

“My uncle?”

What happened to my uncle who was supposed to be the busiest man in the world right now? I’m also bustling around preparing for my unveiling as a princess and Rick was hectic helping Timothy for his coronation to become the new crown prince, so I’m not getting any fresh political information.

“I guess I’d better do it soon. I’m on my way.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

My uncle’s attendant bowed his head and guided me to my uncle’s office.

My father was already in my uncle’s new office and he seemed to be angry about something.

“Uncle, I’m here to see you.”

“Yurushia. Those guys have done it again…”

“…What is going on?”

When I asked, my father angrily handed something to Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. Prime Minister showed me the white letter with an indignant look on his face.

This emblem on the wax seal….. Don’t tell me it’s the church?

“A letter from the Queen by an official envoy. The content is a request for the second prince of the Sylber Church’s royal family to study at the Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry of the Saint Country.”

My uncle turned his gaze sideways, and my father who received the signal sighed and continued on his behalf.

“About the second prince who comes to study abroad. He is asking for a formal engagement between Yurushia and him.”



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