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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 207: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

“Uncle, it’s not a good idea to settle for death. I also heard from Yurushia that ‘his country’ was involved.”

“Yes, it may be to the benefit of ‘his country’ if uncle chooses to die.”

Christopher painfully distorted his mouth when the Crown Prince and Folt said so.

Sylber Nation.

Several small countries away from the Saint Country, located south across the Great Plains, they have a “queen system”. The royal family there have announced that they were God descendants with the Church State and their religion worshipping the queen as “Goddess” for generations. There’s also a history of excluding other religions.

Taterudo, a religious kingdom but one that has allowed the freedom to freely worship numerous gods, has been pressured to convert to the goddess of Sylber many times in the past. The Saint Country and the Church Nation have even fought each other at times because Saint Country had rejected their demands on each occasion.

For the past hundred years or so, it had been limited to political interference in internal affairs. However, ever since the battle with the Demon King, it seemed that in the southern part of the Saint Country, some people have begun to go around preaching to the people that there will be peace if they only abandon all military force and believe in the Goddess of the Church Nation.

When Christopher found out that the Sylber Nation had been funding and engineering Clement and the others from behind the scenes, he tried to go to the capital to apologize to the King with his son and the Duke of Bellrose. On the contrary, he was instead captured and imprisoned. Luckily he managed to escape from his imprisonment with the help of a rational noble family.

“There were those who, at the instigation of the hand of the Church Nation, truly believed that if this rebellion was successful, there would be peace. Some were preaching in the streets that if the wealth of the royal family and the nobles who followed them were given to other countries, there would be no more sources of conflict.”

“This is ridiculous! They’re treating us as the enemy!”

“That’s the way of the Church Nation these days. We can’t let this horrible, evil thing happen to us.”

The creation of chimera made with spirits, demons and humans was provided by the Church Nation.

The spirits were seen as the angels of God and they believed that the only God is the goddess of the Church and yet, the Church Nation who claimed to be the descendants of God dabbled in such taboo and forbidden techniques.

Chimera, using brainwashed Saint Country citizens, were still being steadily produced, although the success and stability rate was still low.

The King, who had been listening to those matters in silence, exhaled slowly.

“I thought that I should wait until all my grandchildren had grown up, but I guess it’s about time.”


“From now on, I, the King, and Christopher, the Royal Brother, take responsibility for the disturbance and abdicate the throne to the Crown Prince.”

“Your Majesty!”


“Folt, from now on, you will be the Royal Brother to support your brother.”

The King of Taterudo still had no physical problems, but he was over sixty years old already.

The marriage of Timothy, the King’s grandchild, was near anyway and he was already a proper adult. The Crown Prince and Folt who had already expected it were on their knees in front of their father, and Christopher stepped quietly in front of his brother.

If a new king were to be crowned, the neutral aristocrats would be forced to choose and the morale of the already upset rebel army would suffer.


“This is good. From now on, we will just be another big brother and his little brother.”





In the next room, they were talking about grandfather’s abdication, uncle’s accession, father becoming the Royal Brother, and all sorts of serious stuff. However, in this room, there were three men still staring at each other in silence.

How did this happen? I could understand if it’s just Rick, but what’s going on with the sweet Noel?

Currently, I was still in the room next to my grandfather acting as a guard, so I can’t call Shelly or any other people. My stomach hurt, despite being a demon.

And finally, the meeting was over and my father came.

“Yurushia, I’m done talking—”

“I understand. I’m going to shut down the Chimera factory right away.”

Please forgive this frail demon for fleeing from this unbearable air.


And then we, the [Hero Party], left with an official request from the country to destroy and eradicate the [Chimera Institute].

Rinne will not be participating. He had brought a letter from my mother to my father. When my father read the letter, for some reason, he smiled a dodgy smirk and took him away to have a ‘man talk’ with Rinne.

… Mother. What did you write to Father?

I’m worried about Rinne’s absence in terms of strength, but I’m not neglecting my preparations either.

Firstly, chimeras had an outer skin that was resistant toward the light attribute and their traits derived from demons and spirits made them resistant against a certain degree of magic power.

At first, I had thought about improving the three [Golden Magic Sword]. However, once again, with the help of Geass and Onzada, I instead created a new weapon that converts pure magic power into a non-attributed destructive power.

“Young lady, Geass says it will take about this much.”


I needed 50 magical jewels that were filled with pure soul magic to make this… I will have to reduce my snacks consumption yet again.

The reason why I required 50 pieces was because it’s not just for the Hero and the Holy Warrior. It’s also for the elites of the Holy Knights who will work together with us and also for Bri and the others who didn’t listen to me last time because they had to.

Apparently, the arrangement went well and he wanted to stay with her until the day he can retire.

“I was invited by a Holy Knight to go on a date. Now I’m going to be left with no regrets.”

“No, you will live.”


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