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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 206: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge


The roar of a fierce beast echoed in the darkness.

In the woods to the south of the Saint Country. The sorcerers belonging to the Chimera Institute activated their escort Chimera soldiers, the [Black Knight], in response to the sudden attack.

Although the stability varied from one individual to the next, the Black Knight was studied for use against the Hero. It’s a useful weapon with high attribute resistance from the spirits and the demons, a practical blade whose ego has collapsed and cannot feel pain.

The overall number was still small. There were only twenty black knights deployed in this institute, but one of them was a captain-type with his ego remaining and having the ability to quickly subdue a surprise attack of a few dozen or so people.

That group was extraordinary. Dressed in white and silver armor like a holy knight and dark circles under his eyes. He raised a red spear that emitted a strange magical power and laughed as he charged in, looking like a fanatic who had dedicated himself to an evil god.

The black knights, who have been strengthened by the momentum of the group, were unexpectedly struck down one by one. The black knight’s armor, which could not be scratched by an average magical sword, was actually easily penetrated by the red spear.

The moment the captain-type black knight sacrificed his soul and turned into a chimera, he lost his ego and tried to rampage. The chimera who was frenzying was trampled by a giant foot and thrown off, and the silver knights followed in to attack it. He had easily repelled the Chimera.

The hulking body that kicked the Chimera in the face walked out, his steps shaking the ground.

The head and front legs were covered with golden armor. As the magical power from the immense blessing flickered like flames burning from the giant chestnut-haired body, the giant beast roared excitedly at the Lord on its back.


Responding to her beloved mount by patting his back, the still young but beautiful angelic golden-haired girl looked back with a slight frown, as if pitying even her vanquished enemy.

“-No, that man is–”

“-But that is—”

“–But- if so—”

“But in fact—”

“–in that case–”

The golden-haired girl who was the【Saintess】with a face that looked like she had a headache called out to the【Hero】and the【Holy Warrior】who have been vaguely arguing among each other for a long time even after the battle has begun.

“You guys, get to work.”

What the hell happened to them. To know that, we have to go back a little bit.



“Big brother… No, Your Majesty. I have no excuse for my own misdeeds in this matter, sir.”

In the king’s office in the castle of the Saint Country of Taterudo, the former royal brother, who had entered the castle in secret, met the King. The King who saw his brother called out his name and immediately stood up, but then, the former royal brother immediately fell to his knees at the King’s sight and bowed deeply on the spot.

In this place, there was only the King, the former royal brother, and the son of the king that is the crown prince, and his brother, Folt, who is the duke.

Allowing the royal family to meet with Christopher, who was believed to be the ringleader of the rebellion, without an escort was seen as dangerous by the Prime Minister and the other retainers. However, since the Saintess who had brought the royal brother back said there was no problem and as a country who was extremely devout and honoring of God, being residents of the country, they could say nothing more.

In fact, it could be said that there was no need for further security since the [Hero] and the [Holy Warrior], including the Saintess, were waiting in the next room.

“I would very much like to atone for the sins of this turmoil with my life.”

“What did you say!?”

When the King raised his voice at his brother’s words, Christopher shook his head quietly.

“Your Majesty. You might have already heard this from the princess, but I beg you to listen to me.”

The rebellion of the southern army was caused by the support of the southern aristocracy, mainly the duke of Bellrose who wanted to raise Christopher to the throne.

The real mastermind behind all this is —

“It’s my foolish son, Clement.”

The Crown Prince and Folt quietly nodded to Christopher’s bloody remarks. To them, Clement was their older cousin and they have seen it many times in the past where his behaviour was not fitting of his position.

But for the Dukes of Bellrose, one of the five dukes that guarded the country, to also join in, it’s probably because they had long feared that power would be concentrated only in the Duke of Verusenia, who had a Saintess that’s also a Princess.

One day, the head family of the duke of Capel, who had been the standard-bearer of the anti royal faction, decided to join into the royal faction and their fears became a reality.

In a way, the source of all of this can be blamed on some loose saint.

“Uncle, it’s not a good idea to settle for death. I also heard from Yurushia that ‘his country’ was involved.”

“Yes, it may be to the benefit of ‘his country’ if uncle chooses to die.”

Christopher painfully distorted his mouth when the Crown Prince and Folt said so.


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