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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 204: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

「『The Holy Guardian Light — Brilliant Holy Shield』」

I gave Rick and Noel the highest defense protection.

This was the first time I’m facing such enemies so I don’t know how strong it was. In the worst case scenario, I would have to evacuate the two of them and fight on my own. Anyway, what that black knight did is just foul play…..

Not even the demon would make this kind of demon look-like imitation.

A Chimera of spirits and demons, mediated by the human body and soul.

If this was “man’s malice”, this alone could be a reason for the “world” to destroy mankind.


The chimera, with a fish-like body and scaled wings, screamed and lurched around.

There was none of the hostility and fighting spirit left of the man who had been the Black Knight. The two people receiving spirit-type blessings were frowning at the screams of extreme grief and suffering.

“…This…What is this? It echoes in my head….”

“What is this… crying?”


Another scream from the chimera became a shockwave that gouged the earth and blew away the trees around it. I jumped down from my mount and stuck my hands out in front of the two of them to protect them.

「『Let There Be Light』!」

I chanted【Rampart】and【Barrier】. For the time being, I tried to use advanced nature magic and advanced physics magic. I bound the two magics together and it gained a burst of magical power.



My riding clothes have been replaced with a platinum dress. I see, does this mean that the attack just now on was more of a mental attack than a physical one?

“Rick, Noel, now while–”

I’d like you to run away if you can— but when I turned around a bit, they both looked away with red faces.

“What happened?”

“No, that…”

“Your back…”

Ah! Come to think of it, the back of this platinum dress was a transparent lace! Moreover, I still have my hair tied up for riding clothes.

“No- Now is not the time for that!”

I felt as if my face was getting hot. So I stepped back until I was behind the two of them, only then did I feel somewhat relieved. The two men moved to my left and right holding their weapons while standing ready.

Uh…. I wanted the both of you to evacuate, but it can’t be helped now. Just as I couldn’t overlook this, they too must have felt a subconscious sense of urgency when they saw the Chimera.


Noel, whose aura of light was in full bloom from the opening act, unleashed a slash of light.

But Noel’s swordsmanship, which was said to be able to break through the demon race’s hordes, was fended off with just a few shattering of the chimera’s scales.


When the Chimera was about to slam his wings into Noel, a crack ran through Rick’s shield as he interrupted its charge. He just barely withstood it with the golden sword he held up as quickly as possible.


「『Let There Be Light』!」

I immediately recovered Rick who fell down and I put a【Revitalization】on the two of them that gradually restored their strength.

“The attack isn’t working.”

“Don’t use the light attribute. Both of you, help me stall it for a little while.”


Maybe it’s because of that armor, but the light attribute was still not very effective. So I’m going to start chanting a series of【Night】chants for anti-god.

「…『The Light of Darkness and Fear』…」

The two of them looked surprised for a moment at the chanting they’ve never heard before, but it’s not a situation where they could be worried about either. The two of them quickly started to put their checks and balances in place, distracting the monster from me.

「『Pierce Through –The Spear of Night』」

A jet-black spear, about five meters long, was released and shot through one of the Chimera’s wings… Wait, what is that?

“Hey, Yurushia, did you slip?!”


Was it possible that magic just doesn’t work…? But, I’m not ready for a physical attack or anything like that, okay? I’ve never held anything heavier than cutlery after all.

The mental attack part of【The Spear of Night】seemed to be working, but does this guy even have a working mind?

“I understand.”

As if he could tell something from my expression, Noel picked up the sword the black knight left behind and slashed at the chimera with the bare blade, hacking scales and parts of its body off.


“Yes, it worked!”



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