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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 203: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

This is a bonus chapter thank you to Anonymous!

“…Noel, did you take it easy on them?”

“No. I’ve hit them hard enough to make them barely alive…..”

The two of them definitely did enough damage to make them unable to fight. A high-level divine magic might be able to instantly heal them, but there was no way the two of them, who had been given blessings by the Spirit of Light, would not be able to notice it.

“Ludrick…..the armor.”

“Yeah, I have a weird feeling. And the inside too.”

The two men felt an unworldly presence from the armors the black knights wore and could not help but to regrip their swords tightly.



Two of them intercepted the black knights who were trying to rush past them. However, the golden sword that could cut even the demon race in half was unexpectedly unable to slice through the black armor. Even then, the black knights who were struck down by the impact, suddenly began rising again in silence.

“What the hell are these guys…”

“‘Hahaha, this is good! I bet you didn’t think this was possible right! Black Knights, keep them both–”

“Get out of the way please”


The moment they heard a girl-like voice from somewhere, the Hero and the Holy Warrior jumped back as if they were really in the way. Instantly after, a huge hippopotamus passed by with an earth shaking momentum, trampling the black knights.

As everyone froze in place at the majestic figure that was truly the lord of the forest, they heard a bell ringing-like voice from the golden girl still sitting on top of her mount.

“Oh my, I beg your pardon”

“You- You are…..”

The black knight’s captain peeled his eyes open in surprise under his helmet.

Golden hair that’s tied up in a fluffy bun. Golden eyes that can seemingly see through everything. In a black and white riding uniform, she straddled over the lord of the forest, impossible to be missed by anybody. The girl then turned to the captain and smiled.

“So you really came back, you Loli Saint!”

“Who said that?”


I was told something outrageous from the start. Ever since I come back after two years, my father and grandfather told me that I have become prettier, more mature, and more beautiful.



At the sound of my voice, Hippo-kun stomped around the fallen black knights.

……Hippo was a very smart, good boy. Even now, he could correctly read my intention and take appropriate actions. I can’t complain. Except for my shame.

“Ru, Rushia…?”


Noel and Rick look speechless at Mr. Hippo that are currently stomping around the black knight, but I’m doing this not as a way to get rid of the exasperation of being called a loli!

“Don’t worry about it. These people are not ‘human’.”


“And you guys, stop wrapping your golden sword in an aura of light! This armor seems to have a very strong light attribute resistance, so you won’t be able to cut it.”


“Maybe it’s just a piece of equipment to counter the Heroes party. Well, that’s not all, though, is it?”

Both Rick and Noel seemed to be unconsciously using the aura of light to strengthen their weapons and armor, but the weapons then turned into ‘magic swords’. So on the contrary, it weakened its power.

‘I can feel the power of the spirits from that armor, although it’s only a little. You’ve made quite a nasty one.’

The reason I stepped on it with Hippo-kun was to shatter the armor quickly. More importantly, the real purpose of this armor was to protect the things inside from the light attribute.

When I noticed it.

“… 『Let There Be light』…”

When I used the [Holy Light] sacred magic, something like black tentacles popped out of the black knight’s mouth and ears, it got burned by the light and disappeared.

“Why is the Southern Army using the [Lower Devil]?”


The last black knight stumbled back at my question and intimidation.

Those black knights were possessed by a low-grade demon. It’s already at the level where they are fused together.

Deliberate possession experiments on the person of a demon were taboo. To begin with, it’s not allowed in the Saint Country, and the reason it’s forbidden was because you have to destroy the person’s spirit and cripple them in order to possess them.

These black knights already had their souls eaten by demons, so the best mercy would be to defeat them instantly.

You don’t actually think you can get away from us, do you? I’m afraid you have a lot to tell me. Catching up to him, Nia and Tina turned to the side of the Black Knight to block his retreat.

“……It’s true that you are the biggest obstacle……”

“Who told you that?”

“We’re going to have to kill you here for him.”

“How are you going to do that?”

I sensed more than one presence.This guy– he’s been altered in some way.

“That… I’ll do it in exchange for my soul!”

As the black knight swallowed something jewel-like, his body began to expand grotesquely.

“Yurushia, go down!”

“Hmm. Tina, Nia, protect my great-uncle.”


Rick and Noel stepped forward to protect me and the squires evacuated my great-uncle.

In front of our eyes, the former black knight fused with the black armor and transformed into a fish-like object with black animal skin and scaled wings.

Oh, that’s not good. It’s more than taboo. It is forbidden.

“Get ready to get serious, both of you. Don’t let your guard down even a little bit.”


“… Do you know what this is?”


『ゞ〃∬∂āěゞ〃∞∬ā¬⊥⌅āě∞ヾ∬ーヽ⊿ゞ〃♭éāě∮¬⊥⌅āě! !! !! 』

The thing that ceased to be human let out a scream…… A scream that could not be of a creature of this world.

“…… Spirits and Demon Chimera…..”


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