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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 202: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

“Damn it!”

The knight who had been the carriage driver whipped the carriage horse as he spouted filthy words. They have forced their horses to march on the road far and they are making it pretty hard for the horse. It had only been a few minutes since he started running as fast as he can and soon he will be at his limit.

But that didn’t stop them.

He was the only knight left to escort the attacked carriage through the forest. He had to send the Lord in the carriage to the royal capital, he can’t let his friends’ sacrifices go to waste. That’s why he can’t just stand still feeling sorry for his friends who took on the enemy and let him go ahead of them.

He needed to carry out his duties. Otherwise, a crisis will come to this beloved Saint Country.


Something like a killing intent loomed from behind.

‘Those knights in black who were attacking us must have been a recently deployed special forces unit. There are still a few of them following, but there is no way God would allow a being to be created by such evil means to continue existing.’

“…….God, save us!”


“There is no God that will help you.”


The knight managed to set the carriage upright just as it was about to fall over after one of the six horses that was pulling the carriage got hit. However, the carriage, still dragged by that one horse, veered off the road and came to a stop as it hit a large tree.

“Your Highness!”

A knight in black appeared in front of the knight who worried about the Lord, ignoring his own pain.

“What about the others?!”

“Don’t you know?”

The black knight muttered emotionlessly to the knight who drew his sword in a fury. Immediately after, several black knights with blood-soaked swords appeared from behind him.


All of his friends left on that spot must have been killed. The carriage door slowly opened behind the knight who still held his sword forward to at least try to bring one of them down.

“It’s not safe. I’ll take care of this.”

“……It’s fine.”

He had a slender body and grayish golden hair. The elderly nobleman got off the carriage, quietly looked around, and then stared intensely at the black knights.

“Who put you up to this?”

“You must be Lord Christopher. I’m here to pick you up.”

Instead of answering the man’s questions, one of the black knights responded and bowed his head reluctantly.

The King’s brother, Christopher. He was believed to be the mastermind of the Saint Country Southern Army Rebellion.

Yet, how could he be so close to the Royal Capital with so few guards? Who were these black knights who said they were coming for him?

The escort knight shouted in exasperation while glaring at the black knight who dared to say such words.

“How dare you act so brazenly!”

“It’s fine. Back off.”


“I said back off… So? Where are you taking me?”

He must have cut himself a little when the carriage bumped into the trees. When Christopher asked again, ignoring the blood flowing from his forehead, the black knight replied shortly without emotion.

“Your son is waiting.”

“……I see.”

Letting out a slight sigh at the answer, Christopher took a step forward.

“All you need is me. So, let this man go.”

“What are you talking about, Your Highness!”

However, Christopher and the Black Knight have different things in mind.

“No, your will is not required. Only thing we require is you being alive.”


It would be more convenient to drag someone unconscious and drugged. He didn’t need to be conscious. As long as he is still breathing, that’s enough. And those that followed Christopher were not going to make it out alive in this situation anyway.

Christopher didn’t think he could get away anymore in such circumstances. He gently touched the dagger at his waist with his hand, determined to commit suicide to prevent the worst from happening, having failed to achieve his goal.



At that moment, a voice rang out from the direction of the Royal Capital, and a rising pillar of light shoved away several black knights.


“This light… It’s the Heroes!”

A few horsemen came approaching from afar. One of them jumped down from his horse and came straight forward at several times the speed of the galloping horse.



A slash that flew in like an arrow straight into the air snapped the entire sword that was trying to block it instantly and sent the captain of the black knights flying.

Platinum armor standing solidly. The boy’s appearance glazed with dignity. The boy simply swung his golden sword sideways and froze everyone nearby.

Noel La Barnabas, the hero of the Saint Country.

“What are you doing? Get Christopher!!”

As the blasted away black knight captain raised his voice as he fell, his subordinate black knights rushed to Christopher and Noel at the same time.


Several black knights heading towards the king’s brother were knocked down with a golden sword that was different from the Hero’s

“Noel, don’t jump out alone! –Are you all right? Great Uncle?

“Oh, Ludrick!”

Ludrick La von Verusenia, the Holy Warrior of the Saint Kingdom.

He nodded lightly to Christopher and pointed his sword at the remaining black knights with a wry smile.

“Damn it, why are you here!”

The Hero was known to be moving around all over the place, but the Holy Warrior should have been stuck waiting in the royal capital. Since even just one of them alone can equal an army, their movements were constantly monitored, especially by the rebels.

Was it because there’s a rumor that the saint had returned, and you actually happened to run into her when you were working to confirm it? Against these two, even the Black Knights will be having a hard time to beat them.


“Black knights, hold the heroes back!!”

When the captain shouted that, the black knights, who should have been struck down by Noel and Ludrick, quietly stood up and held their swords.

“…Noel, did you take it easy on them?”

“No. I’ve hit them hard enough to make them barely alive…..”


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