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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 201: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

Hi Everyone! This is a Bonus Chapter Thanks To FlashGlue!!! Enjoy everyone!

“Oh, the rampaging hippopotamus who couldn’t be ridden by anyone became so docile in front of the Princess. As expected of the Princess!”

The soldiers over there, shut up. I didn’t need such praise.

Wait a minute, don’t tell me grandfather who caught the Hippo himself also can’t ride it? I would like to ask for a little time to find out what purpose Grandfather brought the hippo home with him.


As Mr. Hippo strolled off at a snail’s pace with me on his back, the knights and soldiers shouted in admiration and looked at me with respect .

…. Respect? Are you serious? This damage was bigger than them laughing. The damage was also greater than when I fought the Hero.

We can’t let our guard down in this world after all. We must live conservatively…..

“Um…… Princess.”

“….What is it?”

When I answered the call, feeling a little moody and whimsical, Bri and Sara were all staring at me.

“We can’t come with you after all?”


This time I told them that only the five of us, me, Rick, Noel, Nia, and Tina will go. Because we were putting speed as the highest priority and it will be dangerous for ordinary humans to follow.

But it’s hard to tell this to the two women who were my escort knights, “because you’ll make my hands tied.” They couldn’t do their escort job for the past two years, so I can understand why the girls were so desperate.

My mother told me to make sure I do my job well and I’m mainly responsible for protecting the “pride” of my guards.

“…I’ve asked Master Eleanor to arrange an ‘introduction’ to the King’s Guard.”

“””Take care, Princess!”””

Their pride has been protected. For some reason, I heard the voices of all eight knights in the escort knight.

What is this…… I’m sure everything went well, but what is this hazy feeling I wonder.

I’m sure it’s just embarrassment, right? In the meantime, I’ll give each of the girls 10 gold coins to pay for their hairdressing and makeup and also for a new dress for their blind date.

…… I wonder if this will be fine?

“Yurushia … So … do you have any idea where Christopher is?”

As I was just finished preparing to leave, Rick came up to me on his white horse.

…with a subtle twitch at his mouth. Laugh if you want to. You’re riding a white horse and you think you’re the prince now? Come to think of it, he is a prince.

“We have a pretty good idea of the route, but……”

“I have a guess. I think it’s probably okay……Tina.”

“Yes, Lord.”

For some reason, Tina who was riding a black horse in her maid’s long skirt pulled up quickly and held out a letter.

“Oh, that’s good. You’re moving fast.”

“What is that…”

“It’s a report from my intelligence agency.”


Rick made a slight impression at my words.

It’s not uncommon for a certain level of nobility to have a family or an individual to work as an intelligence agency and the like for them. As I recalled, the royal family had an intelligence agency separate from the state, and I’m sure Rick got his information from that.

Rick probably thought I’m using the Dukes of Vercenia’s intelligence agency, but that’s not true. It is just “my” agency.

“… Wow”

When I opened the report, the first thing that jumped out at me was not a report, but a large amount of complaining and whining about me.

Those who ruled the underworld of this Saint Country Taterudo from the shadows.

It’s Mylene the great vampire, who was also my friend, and her subordinate vampire army.

I’ve instructed them not to create “badly made” ones so that they don’t stand out, so there weren’t that many of them. But they do look human and they can use [Charm], so the information is very accurate.

I ordered Tina to make contact with [Shadow]- the vampires that were hiding here and there.

In the letter, Mylene wrote about the hardships of the past two years and her concerns about me in a tsundere way, making up the whole five letters.

Ah, Mylene was still single and she was about 20 years old, so she was at the edge of the cliff as a senior noble woman.

……I wonder if I should find a husband for her too.


“Did you find anything?”

“Yes. It’s possible that they have deviated from the common road, but more importantly, I’ve heard that there’s a squad chasing your great-uncle’s carriage.”

“It wasn’t the intelligence unit?”

“Yeah… It’s the Southern army. It seems a bit fishy, so let’s hurry up a bit.”

“I understand…. Noel?”

I turned around to follow Rick’s gaze as he called out for the other companions. For some reason, I saw the hero desperately trying to convince Shelly to ride her donkey in preparation for the trip.

Those two, they got along so well with each other huh.


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