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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 200: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

“Princess, we will soon arrive at the next horse’s stable.”

“I understand.”

Bri and Sarah, the escorting knights, led us to the stables in the castle.

His Royal Highness, the King’s former royal brother, who said ‘we are on our way there’ – are my and Rick’s great-uncle, and we will be coming out to receive him.

Everyone was exceedingly opposed to me going out as I was targeted by the former royal brother. My father and uncle told me that I should just wait for them because they will end up coming to me anyway, but then, I think they will just wind up talking about politics.

I made a point that when I talk to him, I will talk to him as a member of the royal family. But first, I want to talk to him personally as a relative and as a family, and I want to ask him why he did all this. My granduncle told us that he will be coming here privately, and that is why he came here so informally, and I thought he might want to talk about something personally, not just as a royal but as family. Hearing that, my grandfather had a face that bit a lot of grievances, but in the end, he let me go, not as His Majesty The King, but as a brother.

But well, the real reason why I want to go meet the former royal brother was because I just wanted to get this over with quickly and play with my brother as soon as possible.

And I can’t wait to see when Vio’s baby is born. Since I have to name the baby, I really don’t have the time to bother with “trivial” things like rebellion.

For that reason, my grandfather who was the most difficult person in the world gave me permission to depart. My father, my grandmother, and Elea-Sama told me to take some hundreds of the Holy Knights and the King’s Guard along. However, this time, I decided to refrain from bringing them along because speed was a priority.

Simply put, ‘normal humans’ were just a bother. As escorts, there were already Rick and Noel, so I was convinced that there would not be any problem unless the demon king himself and his army came out. I’m also worried about cutting down the castle’s strength…..

Anyway, let’s go back to the present time. This time, I’m riding on my own horse instead of a carriage because speed is my first concern.

Can I ride a horse…? To be honest, I’m a bit skeptical about it, but I’ve ridden my father’s horse before. Although the horse was really wary and scared of me….. But I have enough motivation. I will definitely find a suitable horse.

When I tried to change into riding clothes, I don’t know if I was imagining things but my platinum dress had changed to a blouse with frilly lace, and the black and silver dress had changed to pants and boots.

… What wasteful performance. When did you add such a function? It’s really a cursed piece of equipment, isn’t it? Tina and Nia had a proud look on their face so for the time being, I satisfied myself with just flicking their forehead.

And a problem occurred. I usually could just choose a horse to go out with, but right now I am not the only one that has to go out.

What if even those Tina and Nia can ride a horse normally? What if the only horse that stiffens up and doesn’t move is somehow the horse that I’m to ride? What if the horse stiffens up when I just get close to it? Or they get freaked out and turn into an undisciplined “doggie” rather than a horse.

That’s why I’ve been shown not only the stable of the King’s Guard, but also the other knight orders’ and then even the horses that were used for carriages because it can’t be helped, I need to find a suitable horse. But even after looking around, I still can’t find a normal horse to take me for the ride.

Kuh… Noel’s and Rick’s amazed half laugh gaze hurt me.

“Huh? I didn’t know you also had a stable there.”

“Ah, that…. there is…”

Hmm? Somehow Buri-chan looked pale. Haha~, this is that thing huh? There’s a stable in the middle of nowhere with a rampaging horse or something that can’t be put in the same stables with the other horses. When I got close to it, that huge horse suddenly became quiet and said something like, ‘Silly, I don’t need any of you knights!’

“Then, shall we go see it.”

“Pri- Princess!?”

Bri and the others tried to stop me as I headed for that stable, and the soldiers, noticing this, rushed over to me.

I pretended not to notice them, and when I looked into the stable, I saw that it was a huge chestnut-haired–


There was a “hippo”.

“Oh, Yurushia-sama, it seems like Mr. Hippo wants to give you a lift.”

The chestnut-haired hippopotamus strode out and lowered his body in front of me.

No, Nia. You don’t need to translate that. Wait, how do you understand the words of animals? Why isn’t my [divine spirit language] translating?

I mean, what’s with the hippopotamus having chestnut hair? It might not be strange because there were pink and yellow hippos in the wild, but it’s funny, right?

I wonder if this hippo is like a cowboy’s ride. It even has a saddle. But do they even sell saddles for hippos? Who was going to ride it?!

“Actually, His Majesty caught him in the woods last year. This is the Lord of the Forest.”

Grandfather again! The stableman who was taking care of Hippo-kun said that to me apologetically. …I’m really sorry on behalf of my grandfather.


Hippo turned his dull eyes to me and purred sadly as if to say, ‘Aren’t you going to ride? Aren’t you going to ride?’ ………Guh!

As soon as I got on, I gave in to my feelings and my body shook with excitement. I wasted no time before touching the smooth and comfortable chestnut hair while riding Mr. Hippo. The hippo rose proudly while opening its mouth seemingly to shout. But there is no sound.

“Oh, the rampaging hippopotamus who couldn’t be ridden by anyone became so docile in front of the Princess. As expected of the Princess!”



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