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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 20: Volume 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 2, Chapter 7: A Six-Year-Old’s Magnificent Daily Life, Part 1

I recently turned six-years-old.

I no longer ride in the laps of men other than Father. Ah… Grandfather is watching.

My sixth birthday was not especially unusual.

Held at the castle, Grandfather was sobbing in front of Elea-sama and Grandmother, how embarrassing.

During my debut in the Touru territory, a foolish noble tried to have me engaged to his idiot son, Otsu-san, Vio and Sarah-chan enclosed me and had an aura of [Intimidation] about them.

Timothy-kun was walking in step beside me.

Holding a bouquet of lilies under his arm, he watched Rick who was struggling with it with a lukewarm look.

Shelly was super soft and fluffy.

Sadly, my Elder Sisters never came back, it seems they were scared of me like I was a ghost that rattled their window in the middle of the night.

Honestly, it was a happy birthday party with no problems.


“Yuru… is it seriously okay if me and Vio don’t come…?”

“Yeah… I’ll do my best, Mother.”

Worrying until just before leaving, our departure is seen off by Mother and Granny.

“Bree-chan, at your leisure.”

“Yes, let’s go, Princess-sama.”

I was heading towards the inspection of the local provinces, as I promised Father I would.

Of course, I wasn’t alone, since Sarah-chan nominated another 15 escort knights to act as my guards.

Bree-chan, or Bridget, was my escort knight captain, who dedicated her sword along with Sarah-chan in the castle; it’s the nosebleed knight from back then.

Sarah-chan was assuming the [Female] role; Bree-chan was the [Male]. Sometimes, they’d suddenly break out into dance. Scary.

Mother is worried since I’ll be out of Vio and Auntie’s reach, so I had to take care. Nothing can be done about it. Not unless they abandon Mother.

So this is it, my role as the [Duke’s Daughter] at last, my [Subordinates], I’ll need to make sure to use them properly.

To say in another way, these four apprentice servants are my companions this time.

Why is a demon like me feeling stomach pains…?

“ “ “ “ … … … ” ” ” ”

There is no conversation.

In a large carriage, together with the other four, there’s no conversation since I didn’t speak up first.

“Look at the forest.”

Fontaine who can’t read the mood is looking out the window, while the others have no reaction, Christina is reading a book, Noah is fiddling around with a pocket watch, and Ninette is grinning at her sword.

Everyone is so free…

But, as a member of middle management, it’s not good for this to continue.

The guard in training Ninette…… might be the easiest to talk to.

“Ninette, is this sword your favorite?”

“ … Eh? Ah, ye-s. This sword is from the amazing weapons shop all the way in the Royal Capital, and even then I could only acquire it when I placed an order in the name of the duke.”

… Hmm? Father allowed that?

Looking with my [Eyes], I can tell that the sword is tinged with magic…

“That is…”

When I begin to speak, Noah the butler apprentice begins to speak over me, covering my voice.

“Princess, the sword of Ninette is an object purely for the protection of your highness. For this reason, considering it was necessary, I placed the order in your name, Yurushia-sama.”

“Princess, thank you vewy much.”

“ … … ”

Ah, these guys are hopeless.

Such a sword is something that only the Holy Kingdom’s knight captains and above would have, you know?? It costs more than ten of year of your salaries, you know?

It can’t be, Noah. That silver pocket watch you have… did that come from me, as well? Did you need it? The money for the watch was used yesterday?

Setting aside the brother-and-sister pair, I looked to the two apprentice maids who were doing their own things.

“Chris… what are you reading?”

“My name is Christina, and I borrowed a book from the library.”

Damn… still won’t accept her nickname… but, that book.

“That book, isn’t it Father’s…?”

“I do not know.”

Isn’t that book usually locked away on its own shelf? .

“Fontaine, are you having fun…?”

“Yes? It’s fun. Princess-sama should join me in looking.”


Seriously, this child is barely able to hold a full conversation. Perhaps if she gets used to her friends, she’ll open up… Aré~?

“You… those shoes.”

“Oh, these? I kept falling in the mansion, these are beautiful.”

“ … … ”

Well of course they’re pretty. Those are my shoes from the party.

I see… you kids were that type… I understand now.

I walked through the moving carriage, and open the doors.

“Sarah-chan, I want to ride on your horse.”

Middle management was impossible for me.

Those guys, I will absolutely not bring them on my next trip. I will go vigorously on my own.

“ … [Let there be Light] … ”

Such stress keeps building up, I activate the magic [Regeneration], the miner’s lost leg is growing back with a burst of shining light…

…… Please, no more, it’s gross.

Aaaaaaah~, shouts are coming from the people gathered in front of the noble house.

But, I couldn’t care less about such things.

I’ve already grown back his leg, even his leg hair has come back, so it can’t be helped that it attracts attention.

“It can cure baldness…?”

A faint voice leaked out, a few men’s shoulders were slightly trembling.

“Th-th-th-th-thank you very much, Saint-sama~!”

Miner uncle, were you scared? I only blanked out for a moment because of stress, you know?

Why is Sarah-chan not with us? You’re my escort, so please stay by my side.

“Yu-yurushia-sama, thank you very much.”

The old lord says while coming closer little by little. This person seems to be a vassal of Father, less of a noble and more of a feudal lord.

“No, no. I’m glad to be of help.”

As I put on an awkward smile, I heard sighs of relief from here and there… I’m really sorry.

“Do you have anyone else who is injured…?”

“This was the last of the serious injuries. For the less injured, the local priest took care of them.”

Hmm… to relieve stress, I was going to use [Blessed Feast], I thought. Oh well.

Now that I’m done, I feel like watching the [Humans]

The angels of light flew down and danced in the city…

“Please make yourself at home in my house today. Folt-sama mentioned that I should tell you this.”

“Thank you very much. So, may I have a look around the city…?”

“Of course Yurushia-sama, I’ll get a guide right away.”

I will diligently relieve my stress.


“Yes, Princess-sama!”

Bridget comes running up to me at my call.

Just so you know, I call her “Bree-chan” because it’s same way I call her companion Sarah-chan, definitely not because it’s easy to remember that [Sara(Dish)] goes with [Donburi(Bowl)] (in JP).

Anyways, Bree-chan became sulky if I only called sarah-chan such.

I tell them my request.

“I-it’s no good, Princess-sama, it’s too dangerous.”

“I really ca~n’t?”

Since I was declined, I look up at them in a childish way, trying to look cute while [Begging] with my head tilted up.

“Princess-sa- a, fua-”

Bree-chan suddenly crouches while holding her face.

A six-year-old child is begging forcefully. Bree-chan has weak nose membranes.

Just because of my pleading you can’t put out your nosebleed…? Maybe she’s just very hot-blooded.

My request was simple and clear, I only want to walk around town without a companion. Since, if I go out at all, those four people come out. My nerves can’t take the full force any more.

Applying [Healing] to Bree-chan over and over, I think that it would be fine to go out with only one person escorting me.

“I’ve decided.”

The winner: Bridget-chan.

It’s a completely fair decision, though to go so far for me is a bit… After selecting from the knights who volunteered, they were chosen one after another; eventually culminating in the fist-fight between Sarah and Bridget that was resolved, and Bridget arrived.

… Though, thinking about it. Did you hit each-other more just so I would use [Healing] on you?

“ … W-what is this, Yurushia-sama.”

The lord-uncle was looking wide-eyed at the injured female knights with disheveled clothes.

A boy who looked like a page was next to him… Ah, he was speaking about getting a guide before.


That child… a boy who was a little taller than me, called me so with a bright red face.

Also with the ‘Saint-sama’… The rumor has even reached a child like that, huh.

“ … You…”

“Do you remember? This child was one of the children kidnapped with you during that [Incident].”


Yes, I remember now. That child.

During the second demon summoning incident, he was the dying child whose eyes said he [Wanted to Die].

“F-for that time… Thank you very much.”


His skinny cheeks had filled out, and his clothes have become better, and he looks happy..

That’s a relief… At that time, he had such a nice [Look] in his eyes.

Well, it can’t be helped. Since I couldn’t allow [That].

From his story, he was originally a child of refugees, but after his parents could not be found, Father entrusted him to the custody of a vassal who could afford him.

As expected, Father is wonderful.

“I am Noel. I’ve always… wanted to meet you, Saint-sama…”

Oh my, how cute. He’s fidgeting all around.

“This child will do fine, he has the potential to be a mage, and he has a variety of good futures ahead of him.”

Uncle, you’re in the way. Noel has brown mussed hair, and his beautiful tea-green colored pupils were avoiding my stare.

“Saint-sama, today I will guide you through the city.”

“Yup, thanks.”

Recently, I’ve become better at human interactions between children, due to all the healing.

Noel is obedient and cute, causing me to show a smile involuntarily. But, will he be calling me “Saint-sama” all day? That would be super embarrassing.

Author Notes:

A reunion. Noel-kun is separated from the mob.


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