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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 199: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

“But first, we need to do something. All of you, follow me. Prime Minister!”


Instead of in the meeting room, father and Rick stood side by side next to grandfather in the audience room. What should I do in this case?

As I was there wondering what to do with the unusual slightly tense atmosphere, Mr. Prime Minister took me to directly stand in front of my grandfather.

‘Oh, this person is…’

“(We will have a budget report for you to review later.)”

“(…I understand)”

He is a marquis and also a member. Anyway, budgets were……..scary to look at.

“Yurushia La Von Verusenia. Come forward.”

“Ye- Yes.”

Suddenly, grandfather called me by my full name and I rushed forward. Huh? This name is….. and just as I was thinking about the name, my father gently told me to kneel down and I humbly obeyed.

“You’ve turned thirteen years old and have proved yourself. You will now be given the name “Von” and named the fifth in line of succession to the throne. Do you swear to serve your country as a member of the royal family?”

“…I, Yurushia La Von Verusenia, promise I will serve my country with all my life.

‘Is this all right?’

“Hm. Then, I’ll give you the royal token.”

In response to what grandfather said, Mr. Prime Minister brought a ring on a velvet pillow.

Oh, this is that. That’s what my father pressed on his letters when he’s sealing them. My father had two, one for the duke family and the other for the royal family I think?

I took the ring, glanced at the others, and put it on the ring finger of my right hand.

“This officially made her a princess…. Gahahahahahaha!”

My grandfather suddenly started laughing out loud, and my uncle and my grandmother looked dumbfounded.

After I turned thirteen, I used to be only allowed to use the Von name when necessary, but now they were basically saying I can make a big deal out of it and declare myself royalty.

The highest rank in the Saint Kingdom is my grandfather, His Majesty the King.

The second rank is my grandmother who is the queen and then followed by Elea-Sama who is the princess. They are royals with rights to the throne.

The fourth rank is the Duke, followed by the Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron, Baronet, Honorary Baron, and Knight. All in all that’s what makes up the whole eleven ranks.

For the aristocrats starting from the Duke, his wife and children will be one rank lower. In other words, I was a daughter of the Duke, so I was in the same rank as the Marquis, the fifth. Actually, it’s a little bit higher than that.

Even though before, I was just a daughter of the Duke with rank fifth, however, since I have officially become a royalty this time and became a ‘princess’, I went up to rank third now.

Royalties other than His Majesty the King are considered to have the same rank regardless of the order of succession rights. However, the order in which they are greeted and lined up is in the order of the succession, so there is a slight difference, but this part doesn’t really matter.

“Now you won’t have to worry about it anymore right, Brother Rudrick?”

“……When has Yurushia ever worried me?”



“Grandfather, I was told before that I was the sixth in line of succession…..”

My uncle was first, Timothy was second and Rick was third. My father dropped down to fourth place, and the ‘royal brother’ was fifth, as I recall…….

“Christopher is an idiot!”

My grandfather suddenly yelled. I wouldn’t even be surprised if a crazy man was to attack with all his might. I don’t know why but this kind of thing freaked me out.



I turned around when I was approached by my uncle, and he nodded slightly to my father before opening his mouth.

“Christopher is already no longer royalty, having his royal brother’s position and claim to the throne annulled because of his daring to rebel against the royal family. …Well, they won’t admit it, but they’ve already been notified. So Yurushia will be the fifth in line of succession.”

“…So that’s how it is. I am convinced. ……. So, is there another problem?”

The color of the faces of my uncle and dad were not good. So I asked them again, and now my father continued the explanation.

“We didn’t know what to do after the notice, but as the royal family, we could not leave the fifth place blank and still make Yurushia the sixth…… Sorry.”

“…… What do you mean?”

“With Yurushia now fifth in line, it is possible that Christopher and his supporters who were originally fifth may have a grudge against Yurushia…..”


That was great~ I was so nervous thinking that there was a problem with my behavior.

“Why are you feeling relieved there…?”

“Eh? But there’s no problem, right?”

When I replied matter-of-factly, Rick poked me lightly in the forehead.

But the only people who weren’t shocked were Rick and Noel who knew me well. While my father, my uncle, and the knights in the guard were somewhat dumbfounded.

Ah… Depending on how you look at it, does it look like I don’t care for the Southern Army? But I felt like it’s really too late to try to be scared of them now.

“Now, Brother Rudrick, Count Barnabas, shall we go?”



“Wa- Wait a minute. Where are you going, Yurushia?”

I smiled and gracefully picked the hem of my skirt as my fathers called out to me a bit hurriedly.

“My great-uncle is close by, isn’t he? As a Princess and the fifth in line of succession, I’ll go talk to him in person.”


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