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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 198: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

“Princess, I could already see the Royal Capital.”

“Hmm, thank you Flora.”

When I threw a small silver coin at Flora after she came to report to me, she jumped at the small silver coin with ravenous eyes that looked like it could eat the coins.

I did hear from Bianca that she likes pennies, but somehow, it gave me a discordant feeling. Maybe it’s because of her brunette hair color and her name.

Less than half a second after that report, the blonde Bianca approached to report.

“The knights from the Royal Capital are here to welcome you!”

For some reason, the tension was high, but somehow when I gave them some leftover muffin, they shed tears and prostrated on the ground .

That’s bad……. The newcomer girls are very, very ‘strong’. I can’t help but wonder why all these dense people gather around me.

“Princess Yurushia, you’ve returned!!”

The explosive shouts of the gatekeepers were heard even at the center of the city. The people who heard it all cried frenziedly and those thundering cheers made the carriage tremble.

‘This again!’ is what I thought to myself, but with a gentle smile on my face, I waved my hand calmly from the carriage window. It’s nighttime, right? But why are there so many people here?

I will not do anything more than this. If another big feast or heart attack festival starts, it will be morning before we reach the King’s Castle.

Perhaps what I did worked, or perhaps it was a good thing that we arrived at night when the children were asleep. Whatever it was, it was definitely a good thing because we managed to arrive at the King’s Castle relatively quickly and particularly without producing a single heart failure.



He boisterously greeted me at the gates of the castle and then came running up to me cheerfully. I ran up to him with my arms outstretched to hug him too, and he lifted me up like a small child and spun me around and gave me a tight hug.

“Really, I’m glad you made it back in one piece….”


I feel a bit of a zing in my chest. I’m sure my father is in his forties by now, but he’s still as charming as ever.

However, now, he looked a little tired and I felt sorry for making him worried.

“Thank you, Ludrick and Young Lord Barnabas, for guarding my daughter.”

“”……No, it’s fine.””

Both Rick and Noel turned their lukewarm eyes with a wry smile to my father as he thanked them with a serious face while still holding me up.

No, I know you’re happy and I’m happy seeing you too, but I’m already thirteen years old. Why are you still holding me up like a kid? Even though I’m already as tall as some of the officer ladies.

“Father, it’s time for you to put me down.”

“What do you mean? Well, since we’ve come to this point, we’re going to go directly to His Majesty’s side.”



I turned at the loud voice calling my name, and a large old man appeared, dragging the civilian officers and knights of the Kingsguard who tried to stop him.


“Oh, Yurushia, you’ve become more beautiful again. As expected of my granddaughter! ”

He was very proud of his grandchildren. And definitely subtly proud of himself.

More importantly, why did His Majesty the King, who should be sitting and waiting on the throne, showed up at the gate? Though, if you look at it now, somehow you will understand.

“I’m going to hold her, too. Folt, give her to me.”

“I decline to do so. Father.”

“I am the King! I have the right to hold my granddaughter! Now, hand her over!”

“I refuse. Your Majesty”

“Eei! You stubborn man! Just who did you take after?”

‘You, grandfather.’

“Just hand her over, you idiot!”


My grandfather forcefully took me from my father, picking me up with a hug.

“Oh, oh, you are getting so much bigger.”


Grandfather stroked my cheek, his eyes blotting out a little bit. He swung me around in a giant circle a few times and then sat me on his shoulders.

“Then, shall we go! ……Ugh!?”


The grandfather, who had walked off in a high spirit while hugging me, suddenly moaned and fell to his knees.

“This….. My waist…”



In the meantime, I healed grandfather, who was hurt by my idiot father, with sacred magic. This time, I had to move in a way that both father and grandfather could both hold me.

What’s this? Where did I do wrong? Why was it such a fuss as soon as I arrived?

My grandmother was in tears, and Elea-sama was pleased because I was becoming more like my mother.

Elea-sama’s husband, in another word, my uncle the crown prince, and Timothy, Rick’s brother, arrived late but were still extremely happy to see us return nonetheless.

Apparently, my grandfather and father had been distracted from their work because of me, and my uncle and Timothy had to shoulder their work for them. Somehow, I felt like I had to apologize for it.

Grandmother and I scolded grandfather and father, and now they were both trying to schmooze up.

“You know, with Yurushia around, the atmosphere really became brighter after all.”

Timothy, my sweet gentle older brother, patted me on the head as he said that. Speaking of which, I was really surprised when Shelly told me that Betty had become Timothy’s fiancée, but unfortunately, she’s not here currently.

…That sorry looking dark-haired beauty is the future queen of this country….I’ll do everything in my power to back you up.

“So, Grandfather– no, Your Grace, about the Southern Rebellion.”

When I said it, His Majesty’s face became distorted. Was the war situation really that bad? I thought we could turn around the situation in an instant if I just came to the Royal Capital?

“If you don’t call me “Grandfather”, I won’t reply.”


What’s that? He was sulking over what I called him!

“But first, we need to do something. All of you, follow me. Prime Minister!”



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