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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 197: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

“… A favour?”

“Yes, Vio. That thing.”

Riastea said so and Vio brought something to the table.

Listen to your favour? Are you planning on using me like those pretentious humans in the past? Suddenly, a letter was placed in front of Rinne, who frowned slightly.

“I want you to deliver this to Yurushia. This is from that child to her father. She originally asked me to pass it to her father.”


They basically told Rinne to go be with Yurushia.

It wasn’t just the rebels that Rinne was trying to protect them from. It also acted as a check against the [Demon Lord] who should be paying attention to this place.

As expected, they weren’t aware of the danger from the [Demon Lord], but the possibility of the [Demon Lord] sending the [Great Demon] under his control on a whim is not zero.

Rinne couldn’t understand the idea of a human who didn’t understand the level of danger they are in. He stared at the rear seat, and Noa and Fani who stood beside Rinne quietly bowed.

“Rinne-sama, please grant our wish. The both of us will risk our ‘existence’ to protect the madams.

“Please protect Yurushia-sama…”

Perhaps the two great demons were also aware of the [Demon Lord]’s movement. Certainly, [Demon Lord] and the others would be more likely to directly target Yurushia than here.

But it was Yurushia’s ‘heart’ that Rinne was trying to protect. Besides, even if the [Demon Lord] attacked directly, I don’t think the current Yurushia would be easily defeated.

As he hesitated on what to do, Riastea and Vio also bowed their heads, and Cyril slapped Rinne’s chest in frustration.

“……I understand.”

Suddenly, a small smile appeared on Rinne for a moment as he let out a sigh.

‘At the very least, let’s give the babies maximum [Blessings].’


Aaa, somehow I felt like something or someone somewhere has really ‘screwed up’.

There were some faces over there that are likely to screw something up. The highest possibility is Fani I guess? No, Noa is there and he has lots of plans, but, hmm…. I can’t be too careful.

“My lady, is there a problem?”

“No, nothing.”

I shook my head lightly at Onzada who spoke to me in a caring manner.

“Hohohoho. We have almost arrived at the Royal Capital. In the meantime, how about some sweet treats for the ladies?”

“Oh my, I am happy.”

Shelly clapped her hands in delight as Geass in his butler form served her homemade muffins.

……It’s a really big carriage. We have a kitchen here so it’s actually not weird to have homemade muffins, but the problem is that the one cooking the muffins is a demon and it does make me wonder what the ingredients are…..

Well, I guess the feelings before were just my imagination. And with Rinne there, those kids won’t do anything weird.

We left the inn town and were on our way to the royal capital.

If all went well, we should be able to get there this evening. My initial plan was to make up for the damage caused by the false heroes in the neighboring towns and villages first, but Rick rather sent the knights he had brought with him to the villages instead, asking me to prioritize the royal capital.

The knights turned blue in the face when I gave them the compensation that was 150 large gold coins without batting an eye. I did not hesitate to put that amount of money out, although I would tighten the purse string when I want to tighten it.

The fixed pay is cheap. There is no overtime fee. But our management policy is to reward hard work with generous bonuses.

……I felt like the ‘Yuzu’ business has gotten stronger since I went to Earth.

Rick led the cavalry on a horse beside the carriage. Noel also borrowed a spare horse originally for the carriage to guard the area.

The【Hero】and【Holy Warrior】of the Saint Country were going to escort me, so it looked like I won’t have to worry about the dragons coming, let alone the rebels. There are no dragons in this world, though.

We encountered rebel scouts on the way, but they were subdued before the carriage could even stop. Outside, the captured soldiers were tied to the carriage and desperately marathoning trying to catch up to it.

Hang in there. There’s only 40km more to go.


Different from the usual road used to travel from the west to the capital, a luxurious six-headed horse-drawn carriage was advancing along one of the roads from the south.

Even with the decorations removed, one can tell by a look that it is a carriage for a noble, but for some reason, there were no carriages for servants that should have followed. There were only a few horsemen who seemed to be the guards, they were nervously watching the area with faces that could not hide their fatigue.

“Still huh….. Is there still no sign of the Royal Capital?”

“Don’t make noise, keep your vigilance.”

A dense green forest. There is a road, sure, but it is not the kind of road that a nobleman’s carriage would take. It wasn’t a main road like those in post town, but a narrow road connecting villages which wasn’t easy for a large carriage to pass through. The carriage couldn’t even keep its original speed on rough roads.



“Knights, forward!”

Suddenly, the leaves on the trees ahead swayed and the knights buzzed. A few seconds later, a long neck slowly emerged as the nervous-looking knights held up their spears.

“What? It’s just a stray giraffe huh.…….You scared the shit out of me.”

A pink polka dot giraffe slowly crossed a few meters in front of the carriage.

As expected, the knights had no choice but to stop the carriage and wait for the giraffe to pass by. It’s frustrating, but even if it’s a herbivore, that giant is dangerous.

It was not as big as a hippopotamus or a rhino, but even a knight could easily be incapacitated by a single blow if he were to be kicked with that huge body.



“Wha- what the hell was that!?”

There was an arrow lodged in the giraffe’s body. The giraffe began to flail in pain, and multiple arrows were showered from the surrounding forest as the knights hurriedly tried to keep their distance.

“Enemy attack! Stay-”

A few arrows pierced the screaming knight and he fell off his horse.

A group of people in light black armor suddenly emerged from the forest and attacked the knights and the carriage without identifying themselves.

“Don’t let them get close to the carriage!”

“Protect it! Defend the carriage!”

The black-armored knights outnumbered the cavalry several times over. In front of them, the giraffe was rampaging and the carriage was unlikely to be able to get past it safely.

“Get the carriage moving! I’ll do something about this!”

One of the larger knights struck the black knight with his shield as he thrusted his horse toward the giraffe.


The chariot passed through the empty space as the giraffe kicked the knight away, losing its stance after the rider hit it with his full body.

Only the carriage managed to advance among the sound of sword fights. A man in the carriage supported by the butler opened his trembling mouth.

“I can’t die yet…. Not until I met my brother.”


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