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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 196: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

“So, where did you meet my daughter? Well, I know I’m being impertinent, but my daughter’s retinue seems to have given you their complete trust and confidence. They’ve completely accepted you. By the way, how has she been during your travels? She was traveling with only a small retinue of squires without a large number of companions, so I’m sure there must have been some wonderful heart-to-heart talk.”

“I’m sure there were times on that journey the two of you were alone, but since the lady had just turned thirteen years old and her body is so pure and innocent, I’m sure she has nothing to offer and I believe that you have a proper relationship with the lady. Of course, a man of your stature knows well enough–”

“…I am aware”

Exposed to the uninterrupted torrent of words from the two women, a beautiful young man with light brown skin, Rinne – responded with a short, slightly dull voice.

The two women with whom he was dealing were Riastea, Yurushia’s mother, and Vio, the first maid of Yurushia, who had cared for Yurushia since she was born.

To ward off Yurushia’s worries over her family, Rinne took it upon himself to take on the responsibility to protect her family. But by the first day, Rinne had already regretted it.

It seems that the two people who were the birth parent and the caretaker to Yurushia care for him very much. Rinne had to come back from his travels in the other world to accept their calls. They invited him to tea parties and dinners every day, trying to get him to talk about her beloved daughter and what she and Rinne are usually talking about. Undoubtedly, they are trying to get the story out.

As a genuine demon and [Demon Beast], Rinne doesn’t need to understand human emotions or put up with one-sided demands.

There are demons like [Demon God] and [Demon Lord] who use sweet words to cultivate people’s souls and corrupt them with a distorted smile. However, [Demon Beast] only spreads fear and obtains pleasure from devouring them. But….

‘…It’s strange.’

From the moment he met that peculiar demon, Rinne’s fate changed.

A single flower that bloomed in the dark, cold, and desolate demon world… It has somehow turned into a sun in the dark that attracts demons like moths to a bonfire in the dark, and even the [Demon Lord]’s five pillars that have ruled the demon world for thousands of years are wary of her.

[Devil Princess], Yurushia. A new kind of demon that has the power of both the Demon God and the Demon Beast. Moreover, she has the mind of a person too.

Demons, even the creators and their creations, are always on the lookout for each other, and all believe given a chance, they will sharpen their fangs in the hope of devouring others.

That’s why the [Great Demon] and others who are genuine demons sincerely respect her and take supreme pleasure in working for her. The demons underneath her were even willing to give their lives for her, as if their souls were tainted.

‘I wonder if I was the same….’

It was strange to Rinne that he was working for her without any kind of hidden motivation.

And… although Rinne was troubled by the situation, he wasn’t uncomfortable with it.

Rinne, a demon that has existed for thousands of years, for the first time he was confused to feel a ‘deep affection’ toward a mere human being.

‘Did something change when she gave me the name ‘Rinne’ and when I had a ‘soul connection’ with her?’ If it was the Rinne before then, no matter how much he mimicked a human, any living creature would instinctively feel the pressure and be terrified at him.

It’s the same with all the other demons. For example, the maid demon Fani, she happily ate the sweets given to her by the humans and the way the human was happily stroking her head even made me feel a certain amount of dread.

But … it’s somehow not uncomfortable.


“Araa~ seems like Cyril is fond of Rinne-san very much.”

There’s a human baby on Rinne’s lap and before they knew it, he was already sitting cutely on Rinne’s lap. The baby, who was expected to start crying, was staring with interest at Rinne with shining eyes that looked very similar to those of his sister’s.

Cyril is not even scared of Rinne who now had a sour look on his face. Instead, Cyril smiled sweetly and looked at him with an affectionate gaze. So were the other two women. ‘I stopped using the human’s polite language like I did at first because it annoyed me so much, but now I am pleased with that decision.’

We decided to protect the people in this house to ward off Yurushia’s concerns, but right now we might as well protect them of our own free will.

Rinne thought that he will at the minimum give his [Blessings] to this baby named Cyril and the baby in the stomach of the maidservant.

What is this feeling I wonder……… I don’t get it. But … it’s really not uncomfortable.

“Oh, yes. We have a favour we want to ask to Rinne-san.”

“… A favour?”

“Yes, Vio. That thing.”

Riastea said so and Vio brought something to the table.


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