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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 195: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

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“So… let’s hear the explanation? Hmm, Yurushia?”


I can’t help but wince at the anger in Rick’s eyes.

Rick was definitely angry that I went away without having any sorts of contact with him for two years and causing a lot of people to worry.

Rick had become sixteen years old, with a height of over 180 cm tall and growing. Apparently, he was getting pretty decent. Well. after all, he’s not a boy anymore, he’s a young man now.

Rick’s mother, Elea-sama, said when we were still small that ‘Rick will be like my husband when he grows up’. Though that being said, he has certainly grown big, although not as big as uncle and grandfather.

I think he is about somewhere between uncle and father? It seems that grandmother and his mother Elea-sama’s genes did a great job. Rick became a beautiful and strong man, making those children from our escort knight squealing.

I was wondering while the outer appearance has indeed grown up into a young man, but did the inside also develop as well? Hoh, he didn’t clench his fists forcefully like he used to do when his emotions were running high anymore.

That little brat Rick is actually all grown up! That Rick!

“Why are you looking at me like that…”

“Nothing~? More importantly, how is your father doing? What about grandmother and Lady Elea?

“Did you just change the topic….. Oh well, whatever.”

With a loud deliberate sigh, Rick leaned back against the couch at the fancy inn – it’s a gaudy-looking couch and it creaked- and sat back down again to face me.

“You are also a royal family member. Let’s talk about the details.”

“Wait, Ludrick. If you’re going to talk about that, then Miss Sherlind and I will go out of the room.”

Rick was about to speak up when Noel, who was present, called out to him in a bit of a panic.

Oh, Noel just called him Ludrick when it used to be “His Highness”…

The relationship between the two was still the same, but I can feel a slight difference from what they had before. After all, it’s been two years of sensitive times, so I’m sure things have changed a lot. More fundamentally – how should I put it – the piercing heat I used to feel between the two of them seemed to have subsided a lot.

While the air between them did decrease, I somehow felt that the “heat” from Rinne was getting stronger by that amount. I didn’t really understand what it was though.

“No. Noel, listen to me. We’re going to need your help, too. Countess Allen…..”

Rick looked at me for some reason without looking at Shelly.

“Shelly is … Well, she’ll be fine.”

“Of course, I’ve heard everything there is about Yuru-sama”

“… That’s right.”


I don’t understand why, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw Noel holding his head up like he had a headache.

Rick’s story wasn’t much different from the stories I’ve heard so far. I mean, I was already getting tired of hearing about it, but at least this time, I got some new information.

“As a matter of fact, we have information that Lord Christopher is in the vicinity of Royal Capital.”


“………Our great uncle, ‘The Royal Brother’.”

“Oh, I see… Wait, why?!”

What’s going on, of all times, why was there the enemy head coming this way all of a sudden? Could it be that the southern forces are attacking us?

“No, it’s not what you are thinking. I hear he came here alone, or to be exact, he comes with only a few men under their command..”

“Why are they doing such a dangerous thing? Is it some kind of trap?”

“That’s not entirely unlikely, but the information came to us from the man himself – as a request for a meeting with His Majesty the King from Prince Christopher.”

“A meeting after a rebellion? All we have to do is hold him there and the rebellion will be over, isn’t it?”

“It’s not so easy politically though because if you just detain them thoughtlessly, the Southern Army could attempt something reckless like marching here.”

“I see… So they are willing to stop the rebellion in exchange with favorable conditions, is it?

“But still, he doesn’t have to come by himself….”

Even if I think a lot about it, none of them are definite, and conversely, I also can’t read their intent.

“That’s why Yurushia must enter Royal Capital at once. Because with your presence alone, you could give the Royal side a tremendous advantage.”

It’s so annoying. Why do you want to involve me in politics and all that?

“I originally came to see my father, so it’s okay since it is as I planned.”

“It’s possible that things may not go as well as planned. It would be advantageous if the Hero and the Saintess of this country, Yurushia, can be in the Royal Capital especially since Yurushia has the right to succeed to the throne. However, if Yurushia is bound somewhere and unable to enter the royal capital in time, we won’t be able to make a move at all.”

“That’s right. Rushia’s influence is much greater than me as the【Hero】and Rudrick as a royal and the【Holy Warrior】.

“We will protect Yuru-sama!”

Just by restraining me or holding me back, my grandfather and father as aristocrats will have no choice but to abandon me. And I don’t mean to be egotistical, but there may be a backlash from the public for abandoning me.

But the principal concern of my three friends who were in front of me right now was the possibility that I could get assassinated.

It would be best for my grand uncle to capture me and use me to his advantage. However, if that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, it would be better for him to just kill me than to leave me alive and cause some unforeseeable effects on their plans.

That plan may or may not be viable.

“I understand. Well then, let’s head to the royal capital.”

“Yes, Yuru-sama.”

“I will protect Rushia and everyone.”

“We’ll have to be as fast as we can…….But”

With everyone high with excitement (except me), Rick turned to the window with a frown. I wondered if there was some concern he was thinking about.

“That…Can we leave that thing behind?”


Even now, I could still hear what sounded like a prayer by several women from outside.

In short, it seemed that a certain segment of women who have somehow heard about the others’ increased thickness of the chest armor were now holding some kind of collective meeting or prayer.

“…It can’t be…. Is it that strange ‘society’ again?”

More importantly, I heard a particular voice coming from the outside. I’d like to think that it was just my imagination that I heard Tina’s voice.

What are you doing…


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