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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 194: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

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“Lady Yurushia, the mayor of the inn town has come to greet you.”

“Yes, send him in.”

We arrived in the inn town close to the Royal Capital and rented out the most exclusive inn in town for our stay.

No, well, I didn’t have to rent it out, but it’s just that there were no other nobles that stayed here and if I choose to stay at that inn, the merchants who were staying there would voluntarily move to another inn.

Listening to that alone makes me feel like I’m feared or hated, but that was definitely not true.

The mayor and some members of the Chamber of Commerce came together to greet us.

“We are all overjoyed to see you here today. All of us here at the ‘Society’ have been waiting for your return, Your Highness. From the bottom of our hearts, we welcome you back. It is our greatest pleasure to see you safe and sound. Congratulations on your return, Princess Yurushia!”


“Yes, thank you.”

“It is with great pleasure that we present to you our most cordial offering.”

“This is……?”

“This is our town’s famous ‘Hippopotamus Waffles’.

“Oh~……..it’s quite ‘heavy’­¹, isn’t it?”

“We put a lot of our ‘feelings’² to it.”

“I see. You guys must have put a lot of thought into the confectionery.”

“The inside is filled with shining ‘golden’ bean paste!”

“Fufu. You truly are a vicious businessman.”

“Hahaha, I am no match for the princess.”


“…What the hell are you guys doing?”

At our conversation, Rick, who was drinking tea in the same room as us, muttered the exact same lines he said when we met again.

By the way, the waffle was filled with golden custard cream.

When we arrived at the inn town in the giant carriage of the Verusenia family, we encountered the “Fake Heroes”.

Compared to the real thing, the fakes had more of a rowdy and ostentatious look on them and although their clothes look fancy at a glance but if you look closely their clothes are not well tailored, and although their hairs have the same colour as the real one but it’s also not as gorgeous as the real one.

Well, I don’t really care, but how dare you stop the Dukes of Verusenia’s carriage? Oh, did I mention that I had to take off my carriage insignia? That’s as far as the deceit went, but the moment I heard one of them tried to trick me using my own name, the carriage was instantly filled with killing intent.

Not mine, but the others. Even if Nia and Tina couldn’t help it, but the one who was actually giving off the strongest killing intent was Shelly. In fact, the animosity was somehow even stronger than the Saint Kingdom’s Hero.

For the time being, I don’t mind dealing with the frauds, even if they did make some insult or perjury. But since the other party did not put me in their eyes at all, I will have to thank them for volunteering as test subjects.

I was in another world called Tess then, researching a special technique for girls in distress, inspired from fake tits filled fully with dreams, hopes, and love.

To tell the truth, it was much easier than bringing darkness to a man’s brilliant scalp.

After all, to bring darkness to the scalp, you had to use multiple higher sacred magic to revive the dead hair follicles, but to ripen the unripe fruit, you only need to add special nutrients to it.

Still, I was a little disappointed since I haven’t got any chance to use it on humans, so their timing was just right.

“Bianca, Flora, please escort everyone home.”

“”Yes, Your Highness.””

At my words, the two girls in knight clothes who were waiting near the door guided the mayor and the merchants who had finished their greetings and brought them out. Direct donations to me are against the rules.

These two newcomers were the two girls who were in that ‘False Hero Group’.

The blond child is Bianca at the age of 16 and the brunette child is Flora at the age of 17.

We could have arrested them, but since they were my precious experimental subjects, we decided to put them to good use. Well, as it is, normally, they would have received a death sentence.

Although their looks are better-than-average, it seems like the two of them may have had a bit of a complex about their previous body shape. Therefore, when I altered their body shape, they gave me their eternal loyalty to me, and we ended up making a [contract] too.

Our escort knights also asked me to replenish the empty spots of the younger ones. Since they were ex-mercenaries, they can do rough stuff, they are loyal, and I can hire them legally at the lowest minimum wage! (This is the most important thing here!)

And in their next life, they will become demons and they will work for our company as full time employees. We will all have a wonderful future all thanks to the [contract].

Isn’t it fair to say that I’m a good manager, after all?….If we can get more employees like them, we might be able to cut costs down.

And to tell you the truth, they didn’t look very tasty. The two men who escaped tasted bland.

The person who defeated them was my cousin from the Royal Capital, His Royal Highness Ludrick, or just Rick for short. He is a Prince of the Saint Kingdom of Taterudo, and the [Holy Warrior] of the Saint Country Hero Party.

Apparently, rumors of my return have spread to Royal Capital and Rick was ordered by Uncle to search for me to appease grandfather and my father, both of whom had been trying to find me and leave their work behind. Rick told me the reason why he was alone in that place was because he was in a hurry to immediately go find me and he ended up leaving his guard knights behind.

“So… let’s hear the explanation? Hmm, Yurushia?”



{TL Note : 1 is “重い” = heavy and

2 is : “思い” = feeling both have the same pronunciation and that is “omoi”}


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