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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 193: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

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At the sight of the lady, both the hero’s party and the residents who were watching cannot help but let out a scream. Glistening, golden hair. Cold beauty like a doll handcrafted by God…..

For the first time, the people there now knew that elegance at its peak could give such inhumane feeling and exude that much intimidation.

But when the girl smiled softly, the icy winter-like tension disappeared and some of the residents began to kneel and worship with tears in their eyes at the goddess’ smile.

“Are you one of the heroes?”

A delicate voice like the sound of a bell brought back the consciousness of the ‘Hero’s party’.

“Tha- that’s right! I am the Saintess Yurushia!”

The blonde girl stretched her flat chest and screamed out loud trying to intimidate the young lady.

While the two men were utterly stunned at the young lady’s sight, the blonde girl gnashed her teeth at the realization that there is a girl younger than her, obviously unmistakably younger than her, and was the spitting image of her, a thin-breasted blonde, but that girl was obviously prettier than her.

“Oh, is that so? I haven’t seen you before.”

The blonde girl’s intimidation was met with a smile by the similarly blonde young lady.

There was a cute looking boy swordsman and a maidservant behind the young lady, but he was emitting an oddly furious aura. Perhaps, he was the young lady’s bodyguard. Among them, the fluffy-haired lady who was of the same age stared at them with a hint of madness in her eyes. The Hero’s party felt as if their stomachs had been stuffed with lead.

‘But for some reason, the scariest impression I had from them was from the beautiful young lady who was just smiling softly in front of me.’

Anyway, it was a creepy party. As long as the two men were useless, she still thought she could quickly seize the carriage and leave the place.

“A- anyway, the carriage–”

“By the way, if you’re a saint, why don’t you heal the sick in the town? I’d love to see you do it.”

“You- you, what are you…”

“It’s no big deal if you’re the real thing, right?”

“You! How dare you show your disrespect to the Duke’s Daughter!”

Realizing that the young lady in front of them might be suspicious of them, the blonde girl hurriedly showed them the dagger insignia she received from her client.

In this Saint Kingdom, self-serving coinage and defrauding the royalty is a mortal sin.

Likewise, calling yourself a hero or saint of the Holy Kingdom without permission is considered an action so hateful that all religions within the Saint Country will mark you as a heretic without question.

Yurushia is a duchess, but at the age of thirteen, she is conferred as royalty in line for the throne. At this point, they would be wanted as criminals in all of Saint Kingdom. Just because they were asked and promised some money to act as the Hero’s Party doesn’t mean they could choose not to weigh on the consequences of doing such a thing. Even a child knows how grave the consequences would be if they do such a thing.

“Oh, wow. An authentic insignia of the Dukes of Verusenia.”

It is useful.

“No- Now, if you understand, quickly–”

During the same time that the young girl was frantically wielding the dagger in cold sweat, the lady just smiled softly and spread her hands wide.

“[Brilliant sacred wings, be the healing light]”

Golden wings fan out widely from the back of the young lady. Golden feathers scattered across the city, healing all the injured and sick as they rained down on the city.

“……… It’s the real saint”

A voice muttered faintly. As more and more of these voices echoed from all over the town, the blonde girl fell on her butt. Her eyes widened and she pointed at the young lady with trembling fingers.

“…Pri- Princess Yurushiaaaaaa!?”

At the cry of the blonde girl, the real Yurushia smiled smugly and gently pointed her fluttering fingertips at the blonde girl.

“Now, you’re going to be participating in an experiment that I’m going to specially make for you.”


At those words, the brunette girl somehow instantly knew to run away. A moment later, the blonde girl turned away in a hurry.

“It’s okay. It won’t hurt.”

‘When I was told such a thing, the feeling of relief ran even further. Does she mean that we are going to rise to heaven without suffering?’ The two girls who tried to escape were stopped in their tracks as multiple golden magic circles floated around Yurushia.


Is that really a “language”?

As a golden light emanated from Yurushia’s lips and enveloped them, some kind of change came over them.



The blonde and brunette girl wept at their change, stumbling to their knees. With their body now able to move, they heavily bowed their head to Yurushia as they rubbed their forehead against the earth.

“We pledge our undivided and undying allegiance to you, Princess Yurushia.”

As they were watching, women of a similarly thin build to them appeared in a dizzying array from all over the town and began to worship Yurushia deeply.

The supposedly thin breasts of the two girls who had pledged their allegiance grew a little thicker, and Yurushia’s smile as she stared at them was full of compassion, truly like a goddess.


It was then that the frivolous teen and the large man, who had finally come to their senses, swiftly abandoned the two women and began to flee at once.


The residents were frightened and confused by the frightened, sword-waving fakes. Just as Noel ran after them, the fake heroes were easily knocked down by a certain swordsman walking among the crowd before their swords could even reach him.

“……What the hell are you guys doing?”

“Your Highness!?”


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