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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 191: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jetersurge

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The members that will accompany me to the royal capital are the same members who were here, plus Shelly and Noel.

Again, there was a bit of a struggle here. The Knights of the Dukes of Verusenia offered themselves and even pleaded to bring them along too. It took a lot of convincing for them not to follow.

It’s just that I can’t take away the Knights who protect this place when the rebels might attack at any moment.

I gave out numerous reasons including the fact that when we have a large army, our movements become slower. Lastly, I could only convince them by saying that Noel, the Hero, will be accompanying me.

……..Just in case though, I’m going to sneak in about a hundred [ Greater Demon] to stay here for protection, but….

“…Rushia, I sense something evil near you. Be careful.”

“A- Aren’t you imagining things? Noel is such a worrier.”

You guys should be better at hiding your presence if you’re greater demons. Otherwise, the Hero will take you down.

As we departed, a parade through the main streets of the city was still going on even though it’s the same procession that was started as when we came in.

The Dukes of Verusenia’s prized 16-horse carriage – powered by magical power, the body alone has the same size as a small mansion. As the carriage left the area, I was waving from the window to the residents…My face was starting to cramp due to me smiling the whole time.

By the way, it seems that this carriage was ordered by my father when I was certified as a saint. My dear dad paid 400 large gold coins at that instant and ordered the construction to begin immediately.

…You’re still an overly doting parent, father. Then, I realized that grandfather also gave me the exclusive guards knights, I guess the term like father like son is true.

Luckily, this carriage is as fast as it was expensive. Normally, we would have needed all of three days and two nights for just a one-way trip to the royal capital, but this carriage could get us to the royal capital by tomorrow night.

However, the world is not that easy. We still need to be wary of the rebels as we move and more importantly, we need to compensate for the money that the fake saints and heroes have forcefully collected. I thought of leaving it to someone else… but I figured I might have to personally show my face to some extent to erase the misunderstanding. It’s a bother.

Fake saint….. I won’t forgive you.


“Chi, I’m gonna lose it”

In an inn town, in one of the town’s only high-class inns, four men and women were sitting in a circle counting gold coins.

A brown-haired, frivolous-looking boy, who looked to be in his late teens, spat those words out angrily. A blonde girl of the same age, who was brushing her nails with gold coins, chuckled back.

“It’s great because you can make so much easy money doing nothing. Everyone in every town is willing to give at the mere mention of the saint’s name.”

“You need to hide your vile nature more. You take too much pleasure in your jewelry.”

“Araa~ I beg your pardon.”

A large man of about twenty with dusky blonde hair complained with a mushy face and the blonde girl returned the complaint like a fool.

Beside her, a dark-eyed brunette laughed ecstatically as she counted all the coppers, silver coins, and other pennies donated by the town’s residents.

They were a band of false heroes sent by the king’s royal brother’s son Clement.

They were originally part of a small band of mercenaries in the south who had been imprisoned for fraudulent activities in a city and were only released due to their similarity to the “Heroes of the Saint Country”. However, they don’t even know who they are working for.

The instructions are simple: solicit money in various places while posing as the Hero’s party. At first, they were only doing it to follow the order, but then, they were told that the money collected would entirely be their reward. Now, even when they are no longer asked to do so, they continue to cheat of their own volition.

They began cheating and acting as the Hero’s party about two weeks ago. So, clearly, they have been active even before Yurushia and the others arrive.

This is one of the plans to turn the aristocrats that are reverent to The Hero and The Saintess in the Saint Kingdom to the southern army. Although the content of the operation seems childish, its timing makes it a very effective operation in anticipation of the return of Yurushia.

If there was one problem though, it was that they couldn’t contact the other party to avoid being searched and having their connection being found out. So, they stuck to collecting money only and didn’t do anything Clement had planned them to do to actively damage the reputation of the Hero and the Saintess.

And since they had quickly moved around the city to prevent their identities being exposed, they had mistakenly attributed the city’s springing up with joy due to Yurushia’s return to their activities instead.

“Let’s go to a big city, not this little town. There, you’d get a big gold coin or even dozens of them, not just this small one.”

“Hey, you idiot, if you go to a city that big, someone might know the face of the saint.”

“Once you’ve made some money, it’s better to not be too greedy and just run away instead. It’s far easier to cheat in a small town.”

“…Small coins are stupid. It’s not good enough.”

“Yes, yes. I understand.”

“You don’t like pennies too, do you…. But, come on, wouldn’t you like our carriage to be more luxurious? My butt hurts so much from sitting for too long.”

“Sure, having a more luxurious carriage will make it easier for us to cheat, but you’d have to be a nobleman to own a carriage like that.”

“……..Then we should collect from the nobility as well. This is the inn town after all. Nobles come through here too.”

“”That’s it.””

Because they were all commoners, they did not understand that to nobles, there was a certain level of nobility and that there was a definite “rank” to them.

And the next day, a huge nobleman’s carriage would arrive in this inn town.


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