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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 189: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

TL Note : this is a regular chapter! Enjoy!


“At the very least, the Kingdom of Sigeless which has close ties to the royal family would be against it. The armed state of Taterudo, who was friendly with the princess, might even launch a military invasion when it has such good cause.”

“Then what should we do!”

“Aren’t we looking for the solutions right now!”

The staff members ended up having a fruitless verbal fight.

This rebellion was started on the premise that Princess Yurushia will not return or has died in the Otherworld. As a result, the revolt is now almost dead in the water just because Princess Yurushia has unexpectedly returned.

“…Can’t we just get in touch with the Princess and draw her over to our side?”

“It’s true that if we can hold the princess on our side, we’ll definitely be the one to win. But what are you going to say to attract her in? Do we even have anything the merciful saintess would want?”

“If we complain that our people and the Royal Army will be hurt by the battle…”

“Bollocks……… You’ll only incur the princess’s wrath!!”

“…We might as well think about assassinating Princess Yurushia.”

“Such impudence!!”

“What are you even saying? We’ve pointed our bows towards the king! Now is not the time to turn back!”

“You dare show disrespect to the saint who had sacrificed herself to save the world! Did you forget the teachings of the gods!”

It is an unfortunate blunder. If any one of them had a direct connection with Yurushia, they would have realized that their evaluation was all a huge misunderstanding.

While they were still arguing, some men suddenly appeared in the conference room.

“Harming Yurushia doesn’t necessarily mean going against the will of God!”

“His Excellency Duke Bellrose…”

He was the Duke of Bellrose, the head of the southern aristocrats that supported the rebels.

He was a mild-looking mature man who has reached his fifties, but the sharp eyes underneath his smile stared coldly at the general and his staff.

“But your Excellency…”

“We have the blessings of the gods too. As a testament of our righteousness, we have received word from the Pope of the Southern Siberian nation that he approves of our actions and legitimacy.”

“…Oh, finally the church is here.”

“But the princess–”

“Yurushia is but a child of a duke like me. Don’t call her a princess.”

Although Yurushia is the King’s granddaughter and a Princess of the Saint Country recognized by the King, she is still just a daughter of the Duke of Verusenia’s family. Duke of Bellrose’s family has superior stature compared to them.

When Yurushia turned 13, she was officially crowned with the royal title of “Von” and became the sixth in line of succession to the throne. As the sixth in line of succession to the throne, she would be in a position to call on the Duke of Bellrose. So, in a sense, what the Duke of Bellrose is saying is not right either.


“If you want to put it in perspective, we have a royal family that is in line for the throne too.”

Those words were uttered by a young man who stepped up next to the Duke of Bellrose. A man who was only about twenty years old.

Reddish-gold hair. Light brown eyes. Their color and facial features were very similar to the characteristics of the Saint Kingdom royalty.

“Your Highness Clement. This way.”

“Sorry for troubling you, Duke Bellrose.”

As recommended by the Duke of Bellrose, the young man sits down on the top seat of the conference hall.

Clement La Verusenia.

The eldest son of the royal brother who has the same family name as the royal family. In order to prevent competition for the throne, the children of the “royal brother” are not recognized as royalty in the Saint Kingdom and are not bestowed with the name “Von”.

“I will not acknowledge a little girl like Yurushia as a royalty or a saint. How can the daughter of a measly Folt be given the right to succeed the throne? I should be the one to assume the throne.”

There was a slight but unconcealed fire of jealousy and hatred in his eyes.

“The extent of Yurushia’s accomplishments is very questionable… Nobody even witnessed her slaying the demon king. Do you really think a little girl like her can actually defeat the Demon King? It is either her conspiracy or a coincidence she then claimed as if it were her own achievement.”

In every era of every country, someone like this would surely appear.

The kind of people would do everything to drag and pull those on the top rather than improving themselves and reaching the peaks with their own abilities. In their course to overthrow and replace the summit, they would make light of others’ achievements, twist the truth, and embellish their own power.

But the real trouble with these people is that they are forever convinced that they are in the right and will do whatever it takes to achieve to achieve their false justice.

“There is zero justification for the current royal family to defend such a bogus saint. The true king is my father. We will overthrow the old regime and set up a genuine Holy Kingdom with my father as King! Together with the Siberian nation that supports us, we will create a true Kingdom of God!”


Everyone in the room gain their confidence at Clement’s theatrical speech..

Nodding with satisfaction at the sight, Clement urged the men to be seated.

“The first thing to do is to prevent Yurushia from reaching the royal capital. Even with all that fame of the absurd make-believe, Yurushia herself is just a little girl. She won’t even know how use that fame to her advantage if she didn’t join up with grandfather and her father.”

“…Is that true?”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve already taken certain measures in case Yurushia returns to the royal capital.”

Looking around at his anxious underlings, Clement’s neat face twisted into a twisted smile as he said this.


TL Note : Back to Yurushia’s point of view


“Yuru-sama… really, it’s truly good to see you are well.”

“Granny. I’m sorry for worrying you..”

After seeing the situation in the Thule territory, I was thinking of leaving for the royal capital as soon as possible, but I was caught by Granny who came to pick me up.

……..If you say that with tears in your eyes, then I really can’t refuse.

That’s how I got stuck in the main residence of the Duke of Verusenia in the territory of Thule for all of three days. I can hear the festivities are actually still ongoing noisily outside.

The only thing I can condone is that the meal cooked by the chefs at the main residence is specially for me. They were reasonably delicious.

Since I left Noah behind with Rinne, I need to look for Tina if I want to eat a proper soul-seasoned meal.

Now that Geass is back in his humanoid form and performing as my senior butler, I’m leaving the serving to him. Truly, as expected of a nice senior, all the older maidservants in the main residence were looking at him hotly.

Share your popularity with Onza-kun….

Every time Granny talks with Geass, she sounds like a lady who has met an enka idol. If her husband in the royal capital were to see this… Grandpa is surely going to cry.

“Princess, Onzada is back.”

“Yeah, just send him this way.”

One of the female knights in the escorting knights told me that Onzada, who had been sent out to scout, had returned. Onzada came over here immediately, twisting his head and looking at me with a complicated face.

“Onzada, what’s going on?”

“It was there, well, what was it…”

What Onzada said was not very clear. When I urged him to speak, Onzada finally opened his mouth with a complex expression.

“Well, that… I happen to hear that a saint and a hero appeared in the town on the way to the royal capital and forcibly collected travel expenses without mercy. Young lady, would you perhaps know what caused this?”



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