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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 188: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

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Author’s Note : Another third person point of view. Rebel side of the story. All hell breaks loose.


“The Saintess, Princess Yurushia, has returned!”

Such shocking news suddenly spread to the territories of the Saint Kingdom.

A letter was sent by a fast carrier horse. The transmission of letters by magic exists only in the royal capital and the five great dukes’ estates. The rebel intelligence services have covertly infiltrated all territories. The information disseminated by them with the clandestine reconnaissance by other countries had a tremendous impact on all sides.

It was the ordinary citizens who were most honestly happy about her return.

The “Princess” is the “face” of the Saint Country. Even as a child, she had a beauty that would make people who glanced at her forget to breathe. She is a true saint who heals everyone without discrimination and is recognized by the country as the Saintess of the Saint Kingdom alongside the Hero. Her generosity melts even the demon king’s frozen heart, and she even traveled alone to an unknown world to save the world from danger. She is truly the world’s savior.

‘…… Who are you talking about?’

Most likely, there won’t be anybody thinking like that when they hear the stories. Since the general public in the Saint Country all know about her stories and legends, the joy and enthusiasm they have can be imagined from seeing the state of the city of Thule when they found out that the Saintess have returned.

Despite the fact that the information is still uncertain, the ‘Saintess Return Festival’ has already begun in various parts of the Saint Country even with her absence. Lights and noises of celebration continue day and night without noting the time. All of the people decisively decided that if she happens to appear in the area, they will just hold another festival to welcome her.

The noise was as great in the royal capital as it was in the Thule territory.

In particular, His Majesty the King, the grandfather of Princess Yurushia, insisted on confirming her safety in person. Even her father, the Duke of Verusenia, who was in charge of coordinating with various countries, tried to throw out his official duties and flee the castle. The appearance of the crown prince desperately stopping the Duke of Verusenia from fleeing the castle was embarrassingly seen too. Soon after, Princess Yurushia’s safety was confirmed by the princess’ cousin who is both a member of the royal family and also the Holy Warrior.

The royal family then enthusiastically decided to sponsor a large welcoming ‘Saintess Return Festival’ in the royal capital.

The reaction of the nobles however is not as simple as that of the commoners’.

The nobles, whether those loyal to the royal family or neutral, were all showing joy that the Princess had returned. However, many of the other nobles feared that power soon would be more concentrated in the Duke of Verusenia, the family of the Princess. Moreover, the duke’s daughter was immensely popular among the citizens to the point it could be said that the Princess is even more beloved than the royal family. Therefore, the nobles were afraid that the Princess would have a greater say than the royal family.

Remarkably, there are several old noblemen, who are supposed to be the most wary of such dangers, raised their hands and enjoyed the return of Princess Yurushia instead. Rather, they suppressed the other noble families who regarded the princess as threathening.

There are also rumors floating around that those old noblemen belong to a dubious “group” and their involvement with Princess Yurushia is also suspected.

The joy and enthusiasm of the commoners was the same even in the south where the rebels were established.

Normally for the commoners, any rebellion by their lords against their country, regardless whether it was led by aristocrats or merchants, would be frowned upon, especially by the most patriotic of them. They won’t even hesitate to voice their complaint loudly.

However, for the commoners of the Saint Country, a peaceful daily life and everyday prayer to God was the most important thing to them. They would just indifferently accept the change of lords and kings as a sign of the times, not making a great deal of the event as long as there’s no damage that was done to them.

But if it’s about Princess Yurushia, then it’s a different matter altogether.

As a member of the royal family, albeit only a member of the branch families, Princess Yurushia is a true saint who had compassionately helped the people including the poor and even managed to subdue the demon king. She is the pride of the country and the commoners are proud to be born in the same country as the saintess who had saved the world.


The rebel higher ups of the Southern Army headquarters and the Duke of Bellrose were hectic trying to block the information about Princess Yurushia’s return from being known to the people of the south. Princess Yurushia was just too prominent of a royalty among the commoners.

However, despite all their efforts, it was impossible to erase the information network of the Magic Academy branch and stop the merchants from gossiping. Thus, the story of the princess’s return soon spread so rapidly that the intelligence department themselves was surprised.

This is why there were repeated daily meetings with intelligence officers at the rebel headquarters of the Southern Army.

“It’s spread to way more people and much faster than I expected…. At this rate, all it takes is one word from Princess Yurushia to call out a disapproval against us and there will be a riot in the land.”

“……No, the Princess is an intelligent person. I don’t see why she would so easily cut down all the southern nobles…”

“What do you mean? No matter what, Princess Yurushia is still a royalty and no matter how intelligent the young princess is, she couldn’t ignore the request from her grandfather the King and her father the Duke of Verusenia!”

“The morale of the soldiers is going to be a problem. Even though the Heroes and the Holy Warrior on the king’s side alone are already frightening enough, the soldiers are at least still willing to fight. But I fear the moment they realize that the Princess has returned and might become our enemy, not to mention soldiers, even some generals will lose their will to fight!

“…Even I have no desire to have a problem with Princess Yurushia. She’s a true saint who has saved this country and the world!”

“That’s the problem! Even if the princess’s power is exaggerated, her fame is real! Even if we could somehow remove the princess from being an obstacle and take the throne, other countries will not accept it!”

“At the very least, the Kingdom of Sigeless which has close ties to the royal family would be against it. The armed state of Taterudo, who was friendly with the princess, might even launch a military invasion when it has such good cause.”

“Then what should we do!”


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