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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 187: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

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“It’s Yuru-sama! When did you get back? Why didn’t you let us know? I have been waiting so long for Yuru-sama’s return and praying to the stars every night until late at night. I even ended up late for school! Oh, Yuru-sama has become exceedingly beautiful in these two years! Of course, you were beautiful before, two years ago you were so beautiful and so pretty that my heart skipped a beat. But now the pretty lilies bloomed like golden roses and I can’t help but be dazzled by your beauty….”


Like an actress in the spotlight, Shelly took a few steps forward, holding up her hand to block the sun as she made her way forward, her footsteps fluttered walking on the grass.

‘Won’t she run out of breath talking that— wait isn’t she—‘


“Yes, Yuru-sama, I am Sherlind”

My childhood friend, Shelly, had grown a little taller in these two years and was now a beautiful girl. She answered my question with a big smile.

‘If what I saw under the spotlight was a hallucination from the sunlight that shone through the trees, can the sound of footsteps also be an illusion? More importantly, where did you come from? You weren’t there when we arrived, were you?’

It was so outlandish that both the soldiers and the wounded who were still conscious stopped moving and could open their mouths agape.

Predictably, I don’t think much of the ‘nobleman’s flattery’. Indeed, the only ones reacting to that fluent and flowing compliment were Nia and Tina, who were nodding deeply with satisfaction.

Ha! Oh yeah, more importantly, the warrior-like person from earlier called me ‘Rushia’. I remembered and turned my head in that direction.

“….er, um, Rushia… It’s been a while?”

Noel’s face emerged from the cloak he was wearing and he gave me a quiet greeting with an indescribable expression.


Now, with two of my childhood friends, Lady Shelly and the Hero Noel-kun, we had an emotional (?) reunion.

It’s emotional, very emotional. I won’t accept any objection.

“Rushia, I’m really… really glad you’re okay.”

“Yeah, Noel. I’m sorry I made you worry.”

Noel who was kneeling while in tears as he held my hand finally calmed down. I’m sure he as the hero and my best friend must have regretted sending me to a dangerous place.

Incidentally, Shelly, who had been clinging to me for a while now, had apparently been hiding in a tree with magic at that time. So, when she suddenly saw the rebel soldiers coming, she was quite shocked.

Shelly finally came to her senses when Tina who was preparing tea suddenly called out.

“Yuru-sama, the tea is ready.”

For the time being, I really hope Noel would stop staring at me and just let go of my hand.


The rebel soldiers surrendered unconditionally when they saw [Saint Country’s Hero] and the [Saint Country’s Saintess] were together.

………They were scared because of the Hero right? Not just because I appeared, right? They were quickly disarmed and tied up by my knights, but they didn’t even show any resistance to it at all, as if their will to live had completely disappeared.

“So how did Noel and Shelly end up in this place?”

Me, Shelly, and Noel sat down at the white table set that Tina took out from her subspace storage in her skirt.

Tea sets and baked goods were also lined up casually in a beautiful manner. No one was wondering, but if I were to tell other people that all of these were being brought by Tina all this time, my instinct tells me that everyone will think I’m insane.

“Of course, we were looking for Yuru-sama.”

Shelly answers my question with a smile as she eats her caramel waffle. That was really nice of her. Anyway, Shelly has grown so much, she is plainly bigger than me even though I have an optimized body.

…. Hmm? Could it be that because of the optimized demon body, it won’t grow above a certain limit? No, no, no, Rinne is taller than average, so it shouldn’t be that way. Gosh, Tina, can you stop looking at me with pity like that.

“Hee~, so you guys were looking for me together.”

“Ah, tha- that Rushia, even though we were looking for you together, we weren’t always together. I went home properly in the evening, and I tried to stop her from being with me because it was dangerous. No, that’s not it, what I want to say is Miss Sherlind and I are nothing but just friends…”

For some reason Noel started confessing, but I didn’t give him a reply because I was thinking.

I don’t know what you are so flustered about, but as expected of the hero, even his fluttering hand could move so fast.

Looking again, I can feel that Noel is way stronger than he was two years ago.

Compared with the hero of the different world, Tess, Tess’ Hero might be superior in terms of simple offensive power as they were strengthened by the hero’s secret technique. However, Noel seems to have somehow reached a natural state. His flow of power is very smooth and I can sense that he had achieved a high degree of completion. Is this the difference between organic and farmed products…?

You’re two years older than me, so you’re only 15, right? If he’s already this accomplished at this age, I think he would be able to have a decent battle against Kyotoki. He perhaps can’t compete with the four of my followers, but he definitely has enough fighting power to rival an ordinary [Great Devil].

….The Saint Country’s heroic leader, huh? How scary.

“No! It’s not what you are thinking!”

When I narrowed my eyes at him, Noel suddenly denied it.

“Eh? But Noel did properly escort Shelly to her house, right?”

“That’s right, Yuru-sama. Noel-sama was always very kind and he protected me perfectly.”


Noel slid out of his chair, as if aghast, and dropped weakly with his hands and knees on the ground.

“…Shelly. What happened to Noel?”

“Well, you know, maybe he is tired…”

For some reason, Noel was depressed though I didn’t know why he was suddenly so despondent. As I leaned back, I carefreely put a waffle in my mouth, just like Shelly did.

“So what’s going on in the royal capital? Father-is the Duke of Verusenia safe?”

I asked two people who lived near the Thule territory, but for some reason, they didn’t know anything about the Thule territory at all, or about the royal capital.

In the royal capital, there might be a bit of tension in the atmosphere. However, the commoners are still praying to the gods in temples and other places as usual and are relatively untroubled.

Our state religion is the goddess of fertility though. I wonder if it’s alright?

Apparently, my father is still in the castle, talking to the ambassadors of the neighboring countries and keeping them in check, but as far as they know, he’s safe.

……That was great.

The Academy of Magic in Royal Capital continues to hold classes as usual. The Saint Country is a lenient country, so there’s nothing like the officials tormenting people from the south, but I heard that southern aristocrats who have a separate residence in the royal capital rather study at home than to go to classes.

Perhaps, they are scared that the country may be spying on them…

I heard that Noel, as a Hero, was thinking of charging into the south alone to take out the ringleader.

“When I met Rushia, my head got a little clearer. As a hero, I shouldn’t be too crude…”

“…You are right.”

Why do I…I am the saintess and yet I was thinking the same thing as him?

When I inform them I’m going to the Royal Capital, they seem to wish to follow me.

I was thinking that if they come along, it will surely reduce the speed of the travel even further. But indeed, I am not that evil to let my sweet Shelly just camp out in the field.

Forced marching will be difficult when there is a young lady, but I’m not going to waste Shelly’s spirit. When I was wondering about what to do, I found out that Noel could use a transition type magic that seemed to be incredibly useful.

“With this number of people, I’m limited to once a day….”

Transition was actually just a high speed magic, but if we could proceed without walking through the woods and valleys even once a day, it would be a great help to our schedule.

Still, in fact, it’s actually faster for us to just run, but I’ve decided not to say it.

At any rate, when we arrived at the city of the Thule territory, there was a squad of knights guarding the city gate.

“It’s Yurushia. Please open it.”

“……Your Highness? Oh, my God! The princess has returned!”

What do you mean, ‘Oh my God’?

When everyone knew of my return and the gates of the city were opened, I knew that the buzzing was going to spread towards the city like a chain message.


Citizens’ voices were echoing loudly from the city.……..this is going to be tough.

Hearing Shelly’s words that if I chose to continue hiding myself, rioting could occur, I hurriedly removed the roof of the carriage–can I get it…? I managed to remove the carriage’s roof and waved lightly from the open carriage, smiling softly, as if responding to the citizen’s voice.

“Princess Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

“Saintess Ahhhhhhh”

“The old man freaked out and collapsed!”

“Hold on, Grandma! Come on, breathe.”

“Send the weak hearted ones back!”


Not my fault. Not my fault! I didn’t even use [Intimidate]! I was just smiling kindly and waving my hand graciously.

“……………… [Brilliant sacred wings, be the healing light.]”

Golden wings – dazzling feathers flew off from the glorious sacred wings and healed all creatures as they enveloped the city of the Thule territory.


“Princess Yurushia, Banzaaiii !”


For some reason, the ‘Saintess Return Festival’ started on the spot and the commotion continued until the knights came to escort us to the mansion. This is totally not my fault. It’s really not my fault.


Author’s Note : The population of the Thule territory is about 500,000. In the center of the city alone, more than 200,000 people were in the streets. The rebels were too alarmed by the sudden commotion to do anything about it.


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