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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 186: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

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Noel was only interested to find the girl who had suddenly disappeared and put zero significance in the disputes between the aristocrats. But when he considers his adoptive father, and his friend, the Prince, and his position as a nobleman and also as the [Hero], he needs to show that he is at least not hostile towards the country.

Noel can’t afford to lose the peerage, even if it mean he needs to deal with the troublesome noble. He needs to demonstrate that he is befitting for the daughter of the Lord, the “princess of the holy kingdom” and the “maiden of legend”.

His friend, the prince, led the holy knights and knights to the battlefield as a 【Holy Warrior】. Noel however chose to go on a rampage by himself instead of leading the army as a【Saint Country’s Hero】.

The ability to lead the army is one of the aptitudes a [Hero] and a noble needs. They’ll ride into the enemy’s camp with only a small group of elites and attack the enemy. But Noel, who is still not conscious of his stature as an aristocrat, chose to instead end the battle quickly by directly hitting the enemy general.


“Noel, where are you going today? I won’t let you go anywhere without me!”

“It’s not a search!”

No matter where Noel goes, Shelly will follow.

As if she had some special sense of smell, she somehow will always manage to find Noel. The moment Noel is ready to go out, Shelly would catch him and pester him to let her follow him. Even if he refused, Shelly would just stubbornly hold onto his clothes and ended up being moved with him in the transition.

“My wild instincts tell me that today is the day!”

“….A nobleman’s daughter does not have wild instincts.”

There was a mountain of tweaks and complaints at his throat, but Noel just couldn’t say anything when Shelly’s carefree smile was turned on him.

“…. Sherlind-san should stay here for the time being. I will check the safety of the surroundings.”

“Yes, Noel-sama, I understand. By the way, Shelly is fine.”


‘Because I used [Transition of Light] several times today, my usage limit had already reached its limit.’

It seems that it will be possible for him to transfer again within three hours. However, he is not certain where they currently are and since he had moved so far away, the only feature in the surroundings he could recognize is the tall spire of the Count Allen’s residence which now only seems like a tiny dot from where he is standing.

But Noel’s view of the forest suggests that

“….We’ve jumped all the way to Thule?”

Noel’s complexion turned pale as he realized that it was the best record he had ever achieved, and remembering how often the two of them jumped together, it’s a relief that they never had an accident.

Noel might come out unscathed after crashing into the trees, but Shelly would have been badly injured.

The moment I walked away, thinking that I would pick up Shelly once I was sure of my current position…….


Noel’s super senses as the [Hero] tingle. He felt a chill as if something incredibly “evil” was rapidly approaching him.

The Saint Country’s heroes are chosen by the Spirit of Light to appear when evil appears in the land.

For the past few days, Noel had been feeling suffocated and the sensation of his heart being squeezed had only been increasing.

That sense was supposed to be only something he had been feeling ever since he met the golden girl at a young age and became aware of his feelings for her. Remembering that, he felt nostalgic.

But he didn’t think that the chill he felt just now was that feeling of longing for the girl.


With a bad feeling, Noel quickly ran in the direction where Shelly was hiding and soon encountered a group of rebels who were heading in the same direction.

“Who are you?! There’s a suspicious guy here!”

“Which way?!”

Noel discerned that the chills he felt were not overwhelming and so, the battle began in a blunt manner. Noel promptly releases his powers to keep the rebel’s soldier from reaching Shelly.



The light and the shockwave forcefully knocked down the rebel soldiers. Those who could recognize the light were immediately in dismay.

“You- You are the Hero!?”

“Don’t be scared.”

Many of the rebels were unconscious with the rest forcing themself to stay conscious. Among the soldiers who were able to keep themselves awake, some knew about the power of the Hero who alone was able to lay waste to the Demon King’s army. They unconsciously take a step back fearfully.

“Let’s surrender! Then…. in that case we will….”

“Gau Gau”



Suddenly, the soldiers were blown away by something small and brown.

It was surely a small object, but he is not certain what it is since it just flew too fast and covered by the scattering of the confused soldiers.


Noel could instantly sense that this is not just an ordinary opponent. So instead of the iron dagger he was using to hide his identity, he pulled out the golden magic sword given to him by the girl and released its bindings.

Noel jumped like an arrow towards the trespasser who was stunned for a moment due to the power of the sword.




But in the instant just before it reached the brown intruder, the blade was deflected tauntingly by a white object and the sword stabbed the earth instead.

“Gau Gau”

“… (Ko-kun)”

“Bear and… stuffed rabbit…!?”



This time, a military carriage rushed in from out of nowhere and knocked down the rebel soldiers.

‘Seems like they are on our side because it looked like they just went and attacked the rebels.’

As Noel pointed his sword at the extremely suspicious moving stuffed toys, the door of the carriage opened and a wistful golden glow was reflected in Noel’s eyes.

Nostalgic shimmering golden hair that flows smoothly.

Golden eyes that exhibit the deep and strong willpower just like from his memories.

She looks more mature than he remembers. Her beautiful face, like a doll created by God, has just started to unravel from the buds like a dainty flower… She is the one I’ve been looking for all this time…



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