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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 185: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

Author Note : Today’s chapter will be from a third person point of view.

TL Note : Hi, everyone I’m sorry for putting this up here because I’m afraid if I put it at the bottom no one will read it. Anyway, I read the comments from the past chapter and here is the respond to your suggestion :

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Thank you @Mac Mac Marinas/Beer_Kitty for leaving this information about the character! Anyway here you go!

Yurushia/Yuru/Rushia – Our MC

Riastea/Ria – Yurushia(MC)’s Mother, appeared in the 1st volume

Cyril – Yurushia(MC)’s Little Brother / Riastea’s Son

Ataline – Yurushia(MC)’s Half sister

Noa – demon butler incubus

Nia – demon knight succubus

Tina – demon maid gorgon

Fanny – demon maid nightmare

Rinne – best boy dark beast

Onzada – alcoholic demon bunny 2nd volume character

Geass – old man demon monster 2nd volume character

Fer – maid 1st volume baby arc

Min – maid 1st volume baby arc

Sarah – female knight 1st volume child arc

Vio – maid 1st volume baby arc healer

Character in this chapter :

Noel Barnabas – The hero

Sherlind de La Allen/ Shelly – Saintess Best friend

I hope I got the character’s name and description right if it’s wrong please leave a comment about the right name and description.

On another note I have edited all the character’s name and the way to address them (he/she/him/her) starting from Vol 9 chap1 part1 although since I’ve been busy I haven’t got time to edit the translation itself. Anyway that’s it from me enjoy the chapter!


“I can’t find any clue here either. Should we go somewhere else now?”


Her soft golden hair sways gently.

She was a girl who appears very mature even though she is only in her early teens. When she looked back with tension, she seemed to be very unyielding. The earnest looking boy of the same age who was approached by her could only nod with some reluctance.

This is a field of ruins that were said to be once the site of an ancient portal to another dimension.

Even from the nearest village, the ruins is in such a remote place that it would take five days of walking. It’s a dangerous place to live. Perhaps because it’s a land with abundant magical energy, or maybe it’s a perilous place where intelligent and cunning demons reside, although curiously those demons were never once witnessed to descend to the village.

It’s not that bad, but it’s still not a place that boys and girls in their teenage years could casually visit or easily get to.

Moreover, of the two of them, one is dressed like a noble student and the boy with only a long sword at his waist is only lightly armed with armor on his hands and knees. However, it could be said that the scene was strange in a sense that the clothes of the two had only a little stain.

“There’s something coming down!”

“I can also fight! ‘O you who reform the world, be a flame to avenge your enemies. ”



“Fire arrow!”

Before the boy could stop her, the magic of the [Fire Arrow] was released, appearing in the form of a sweet potato-like shape. It plopped on the ground in front of the beast like a lump of rock and quickly disappeared.




A faint air flows and an awkward silence rules the area. As he was enduring the subtle air from that rock-like demon, the girl who fired the fire arrows let out a huff.

“Noel-sama, now!”

“What are you doing, Sherlind-san!”

“…You guys should go home…..”

The rock monster was surprisingly intelligent.

Noel La Barnabas, Viscount of the Barnabas household, the hero of the Holy Kingdom. Fifteen years old.

Sherlind de La Allen, heir to the Countess of the Allen Household. Fourteen years old.

For the past two years, the two of them have been traveling to various places in search of a clue to the whereabouts of the legendary saint who had saved the world and suddenly disappeared.

Originally, Noel was alone searching for the girl who was his friend and part of the hero party. However, when the girl’s best friend, Shelly, found out about it, she forcibly accompanied him on his journey.

“Noel-sama, you can call me Shelly. She……No, I mean all my friends call me that.”


Sherlind- No, Shelly doesn’t always act outrageously like that.

If anything, the girl you usually see at the academy is as calm and collected as a senior nobleman and she is actually as calm as she appears to be, but when it comes to her best friend, she is suddenly in a disarranged state.

Still, from Noel’s point of view, he too knows well how Shelly feels. After all, he too could feel his heart aches and burns with frustration whenever he thinks of the legendary saint. He understands her feelings, therefore he couldn’t strongly reject her, no matter how annoying she is.

But it would have been nice if he could at least rely on her to some extent as a traveling companion. However, whether it was weapons or sorcery, Shelly’s lack of aptitude for both was fatal, which inevitably led to nothing but more hardship for Noel.

And yet, Noel found himself wondering why it didn’t feel like that much of a pain as they journeyed together.

“… Then I’ll be back today, Sherlind-san”

“Yes. Noel-sama, it’s supposed to be Shelly.”

If you’re alone, you won’t cave in even if you have to march tirelessly to explore the area for weeks without rest, even if you have to sip the blood and eat the flesh of a beast in the mountains, you will hold on and continue endlessly. But you can’t take a genuine countess who was raised to be a butterfly and as a flower in a greenhouse to experience that kind of thing for days and days.

Noel was casually taught about this magic by his friend, the prince. After making a lot of effort, Noel finally mastered【Transition of Light】, the magic of the hero.

【Transition of Light】is not a convenient magic like spatial transition. It is just a magic created by the past heroes for the sole purpose of “appearing cool” by moving at high speed but only to places in sight. Although there is a limit to the number of times it could be used, it was a perfect replacement for a taxi that would deliver the young lady since Noel has to take Shelly home before dinner.

But because of that superficial magic, Noel, as a person and an aristocrat, was able to faithfully keep his promise to take Shelly home early, so it is kind of ironic.

Even so, since a man who just became a viscount takes out a young lady of age without any clear relationship, one might think that Countess Allen would complain about it. But perhaps due the fame of the【Saint Country’s Hero】, the Countess has not said anything about it yet eerily enough.

On the other hand, a senior noble with a daughter of the same age once asked to bring his daughter with us, but I didn’t know what it meant, so I just left it alone.

But for some reason because of that request, my adopted father and former mercenary leader, Viscount Barnabas, ended up looking flustered.


He usually goes to school like most kids his age and on the weekends, they would go on a day trip together to explore.

All of a sudden, their lives changed one day.

It is a revolt of the Saint Country Southern Army.

The country requested Noel’s assistance who is a nobleman and also now a hero, but he had only thought that it was annoying.

Noel was only interested to find the girl who had suddenly disappeared and put zero significance in the disputes between the aristocrats. But when he considers his adoptive father, and his friend, the Prince, and his position as a nobleman and also as the [Hero], he needs to show that he is at least not hostile towards the country.


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