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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 184: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

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“Yuru…… you have to be careful. And do me a favor about Folt-sama..…”

“Yes, please leave it to me, mother. Cyril is going to be fine, too.”


As is customary of Cyril, he somehow pulls my hair in a way that it hurts but at the same time also doesn’t.

Oh, and my dress has been spruced up just like the way the others keep proclaiming.

Black silver dresses are easier to use for everyday use and platinum dresses are more specialized for party dresses.

The design changed from a childish design to a more adult-looking one and the black silver dress became more showy….I don’t want the platinum dress to be any more revealing than it already is though.

The black silver dress I’m wearing now has become lacy and shows a lot of skin. That’s a bit too revealing for my liking, so I’m going to use it with a white silver dress that has been transformed into a shawl.

“If Folt-sama sees you, he might have to say something.”


Just like that, we set off for Thule.

I would estimate it is about a five days’ ride in a carriage to the territory of Thule from the estate of Viscount Carrow, who was currently revering me with a big smile on his bushy head.

…If I was serious about running, it wouldn’t even take me more than an hour.

Well, there is still something we need to do. We need to come up with a name for Vio’s baby. Hmm, is it a boy or a girl? I hope he or she will be a friend with Cyril.

Then, there are the personal interviews I need to wrap up. My eight escort knights are all riding horses and one by one, I call them inside for a meeting.

This is not simply a leisure or a way to pass the time until we reach the territory of Thule.

“So Bri, what kind of husband do you want?”

Sitting face-to-face in the carriage, I interrogate her … No, I mean I interview her.

Flanked by Tina and Nia who are famously merciless to both enemies and allies, Brigitte, the captain of the Order of Saint’s Guards, nervously states her request.

“I like cute boys…”

I unexpectedly got a tough blow from the opening. Shota? A shota really? I tried to take a step back and think about what to say, but at Bri-chan’s earnest expression, I could only promise her.

“Well… I’ll keep it in mind…..”

“Next is Sarah-chan. What kind of husband do you want?”

Sarah, who came next, was given a cold look by the two squires on either side of her. With a somewhat uptight red face, she answered the question shyly.

“If he’s a sadist then….”


It’s a nice day today. It can even be said that the weather is perfect. …It’s really funny. I cannot help but somehow feel that my memory on the way is getting hazy.

Well, escaping reality aside, after interviewing all eight escort knights, I felt that I barely got a glimpse of why even though they were all nobles from knight families, they were still single and had no lovers despite the fact that they were already of age to get married according to the noble tradition.

It was still acceptable if they say they wanted to marry a rich merchant, a middle-class nobleman above a baronet, etc. Instead they ask for a shota, a sadist and some of them even asked me to introduce them to the sixty-something looking Geass. They insistently say that they just wanted to take care of him in his old age.

What was interesting was that none of them had asked me to introduce Onzada to them, even with their diverse range of sexual preference.

I was curious why no one inquired about him. When I asked them why he wasn’t even mentioned, they only said, ‘He seems like a good person…’

Well, it’s that you know. Those relatively popular men, but no one wants to date him because “he is too kind”.

…..Does he exude such a good-natured stench?

And so the trip is going well. If it’s only a tiger or a bear that emerges from the woods, it’s enough to let Bri and her friends handle it.

The only thing that would be troubling would be the most powerful wildlife in this world, hippos. What does it mean to be the strongest in a world where demons exist? Well, let’s just say, if we were to be attacked by a herd of hippos, even an advanced demon like Onzada might be in grave danger.

But, well, the actual strongest creature is the Dwarf. I wonder how our friend Francois is doing right now.…

Anyway, on the fourth day, we arrived near the territory of Thule.

Supposedly, there should be rebels around here so we have to proceed very carefully. I don’t know what the situation all around currently is like because I had only returned back and the intelligence I obtained might be old and possibly outdated information as it was from people holed up in the countryside. So I can’t be too careful.

“Gau Gau”


I’ve asked Nia and Tina to go out and scout out what’s going on in the area for a bit.

That’s why today’s escort was the two moving golems on my knees who are having an incomprehensible conversation.

……It’s fine, though. They both understand me.

Actually, I was going to send Onzada and Nia to scout ahead, while having Tina the maid and Geass the butler remaining behind. However, I was keeping in mind their limited humanization time. Therefore I send Nia and Tina to scout instead.

I make it so it looks like they are holed up in the carriage that has been allocated for the two of them because otherwise it would look suspicious if they were to suddenly disappear. For some reason however, Bri and the others guarding the empty carriage keep turning their woozy eyes in its direction with a blush on their cheeks imagining why the two men hadn’t come out after a long time.

……It is suspicious.

Knock knock.

“Princess, is everything alright?”

The carriage door was knocked and a voice that sounded like Sarah came from outside.

“Yes, it’s okay. What happened?”

As I replied, the door opened and a slightly nervous-looking Sarah peeked into the carriage, looking around with only her upper body inside.

I explained that Geass and Onzada who have turned into doll-like golems was something I found somewhere.

“There were still new rut marks. It’s most likely only two carriages. I hope these are the soldiers of the Thule territory but…”

“Is it more likely to be rebels?”

“Yes, presumably.”

Sending those two out on a scouting mission has actually backfired. I would have liked to call them back immediately, but, although we have a soul connection, the only way I can contact them in detail is with Geass that has an email function.


That Geass tilts his head adorably in my lap. But before I could react, one of the escort knights came and suddenly made a report.

“Princess! I could see light and dust in the distance. We think they’re in the middle of a battle.”

“Princess, please take a step back. I’m worried because Nia is not here.”


That’s the right thing to do as an escorting knight, but really if it were just me, I’d just take a shot from here and see what happens.

“You two, go.”


The girl who came to report with Sarah made a startled sound for a moment, but the “you two” is not referring to the two girls.



Immediately understanding, Geass and Onzada responded cutely and stood up. They then speedily jumped out of the open carriage entrance.

“P- Princess? Are you sure? Isn’t that a precious golem…”

“It’s okay, it’s for combat”

“It was made for combat!?”

You wouldn’t even guess that thing was actually an advanced demon…

I was a little worried.

If there’s going to be a battle, I want to go out and help because one of the parties involved is on my side. The safety of Sarah and the others is more important to me than a stranger soldier however, so I was willing to step back.

But the report said they could even see lights flashing from the battle.

I don’t think that swords and armor could give off such lights. Perhaps if it was the light produced by magic, but there’s only a limited number of people in this country who could use the light attribute in combat.

“Sarah, go after those two now. I will intervene in the fight.”

“Ye- Yes!”

Since I didn’t want to waste time arguing, I commanded Sarah with just a little bit of intimidation. Sarah immediately jumped out of the way, stretching her back as she was jumping off. …Why are you even blushing?

“The Holy Guardian Light…Brilliant Holy Shield”

As I poured the highest level of defensive blessings from inside the carriage on not only Sarah and the others but also on the horses, I heard a startled cry from outside. The carriage suddenly started rushing while I was still standing up, tumbling me over.

After darting the carriage for a few minutes, I could hear the sounds of battle outside penetrating inside.

I leaned out of the carriage and saw what appeared to be a rebel-looking soldier shouting something at us as he ran towards us and tried to stab his spear into the carriage.

“No problem. ‘Push through’”

The level of an ordinary soldier’s spear is obviously not enough to even make a dent on my [Brilliant Holy Shield]. After urging the horse with [Divine Spiritual Language], the stallion left the soldiers in a hit-and-run attack with the momentum of the carriage.

The soldier was left laying on the ground.

..…He is not an ally, right?

The battle was almost settled due to our intervention.

But instead of soldiers-against-soldiers battle, what we saw was only one person fighting with the whole group of rebels. The warrior-like person in the cloak turned his sword in the direction of Geass and Onzada as if he was extremely wary of the intruders.

……..Well, they are indeed suspicious.

“The person over there, sheathe your sword!”

As I jumped down from the carriage and called out to that person, Geass and the others turned back to me. When the warrior-like person saw me, he lowered his sword and shouted in surprise.


Ah…is that someone I know?


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