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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 183: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor: Jestersurge

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Big sister Ataline, the eldest daughter of the Duke of Verusenia. Um, she is maybe 18 years old this year.

My half-sister, who loved her father and her childhood friend so much that she had ended up becoming a villain. She boldly and seriously fell into the path of evil, becoming the companions of the brave little villain of the Sigeless, she was the only one in the world to actually find out who I was and ended up being deliciously eaten by me.

It would have taken a great deal of effort and luck to cultivate such a delicious, twisted gem. If it could really be resurrected with just half a soul…. I wonder if I could harvest it again and again…..

“Yurushia….my little sister….right?”

“Yes, that’s right, my big sister Ataline. How is your health?”

Although I could only sense it roughly, I can still feel that my sister’s soul has not recovered much after having been cut in half.

It seems that when she just returned to the duke’s house, my sister spent her time in a daze. Only now after about a year had she been able to have a proper conversation with people.

In other words, the demon eats only the soul’s memories. So for the past two years, she had only increased her experience and it seems that experiences are different from memories and she had no way to recover her memory on her own.

Moreover, she has even turned into such a composed and quiet person!

That sludgy all-around thorny wire, big sister Ataline is now actually a normal unappetizing person!

……Well, but if I think about father and mother, it will actually be a problem if she doesn’t change and still acts the same as before, making troubles everywhere.

At any rate, I’m sure the mother of big sister Ataline, who had died in the accident, would be happy to see that her tsundere daughter had rehabilitated and turned over a new leaf.


“I’m truly sorry!!!!”

After promising my sister that I would have tea with her later, I went to greet Viscount Carrow. At the sight of me, he suddenly dropped to his knees as hard as he could.

The top of his head is so thin that it looks like an iris and it’s a little scary.

“…What happened?”

“My foolish son had actually done something so absurd and unreasonable to Lady Ataline, the princess’ sister…”

Oh, so that was the son of Viscount Carrow! I treated him just enough to keep him alive, so he’ll be fine… right?

From what I’ve heard, Viscount Carrow was originally only a lord with large land holdings. Then, using his affiliation as subordinates to the Verusenia Family which is a retainer of the royal family, the Carrow family managed to build up affluence and had become quite wealthy in the past ten years.

His son had no magical qualities and as such, he was attending a different school. Consequently, he had never met me or my sister, only knowing us from rumors here and there.

He was a bit arrogant as he attended a school in the territory of Thule where only children of the so-called great nobles above the Count family were enrolled!

The prodigal daughter of a Duke’s family, who ran away from home and lost her memory and had suddenly changed into a very quiet beauty, was the cause of the rumors. He believed that if he married my sister, the Carrow Viscounty would eventually become on par with those so-called great noblemen.

“…And your son?”

“I’ve put him under house arrest. It will be good medicine for my son. I am very sorry for the displeasure I have caused you, Princess. By all means … by all means, please have it in you to give mercy on my family!”


Why is it even until here and now is everyone so afraid of me?! It is like it doesn’t even matter whether I’m a Duke daughter or not!

“And by all means, please grant me the ‘miracle’ of the princess!! At the recommendation of Viscount Lupon, I’ve also joined the ‘regular meeting’ !”

What a thing to say….

Viscount Carrow was also a member of the Dark Secret Society. The Society of Saints Bringing Darkness to Shine consisting of those with a shining scalp centered around the royal capital who worships me as an ‘Apostle of Kami’ (T/N : in the raw the word Kami is written カミ{Kami}, Kami could mean God or Hair, it’s a pun by the author)

How was it still there, a group with only that old man?

Damn, this time, I don’t want a dark society like that. I want a proper, peaceful association where ordinary troubled girls can stop by.

“For the time being, please pay the donation.”

“…I understand.”

Anyway, when I treated Viscount Carrow’s scalp to bring darkness to his brilliance, he renewed his loyalty to the Duke of Verusenia and me personally.

I wonder if it’s alright. I feel that the aristocrats in this world are different from my common sense.

The next day, I had tea with my sister Ataline as promised.

“Yurushia knew me before I lost my memory, right? The maidservants didn’t tell me much about it, but I heard I caused a lot of trouble… Did I cause trouble for you as well?”

“No, big sister Ataline has always been very delicious…No, a pretty, cute, lovely noble woman”

“Is that so……?”

That’s right! It was much better food than it is right now. Geez! Geez!

“By the way, Yurushia. I don’t remember, but I heard I have another sister, one younger sister… Do you know?”

“Huh… was there such a person?”

In my memories of my big sister Ataline, I have a vague feeling that there was something like a figure behind her, but I don’t remember it.


My sister and I groaned and thought about it, but in the end, we could not produce an answer. Strange.

Of course, we also have tea and play with my mother and brother Cyril as a family.

Surprisingly, big sister Ataline was good friends with Cyril and was very good at taunting him.

“Cyril-kun, there’s a big sister over here too~”


Out of nowhere, Cyril pulls on my glittery blonde hair and it hurts, but somehow it doesn’t hurt either!

And for some reason, Cyril is quite fond of Rinne who is now a regular invitee to the family’s tea party. Everytime Cyril cackles in his lap, Rinne turns to me with a troubled look on his face.


“Yes, yes”

As expected, even Rinne, who has lived for thousands of years and experienced the vicissitudes of life, doesn’t know how to handle a baby? Fufu.

A demonic ruffian. He is a brutal demonic beast that even the demon lord does not dare to offend. However, ever since he came here, he had only shown a surprisingly gentlemanly and intelligent side.

Apparently, demons can be quite crude when they are young. However, over time, they will naturally become more intelligent.

But, well, this guy is still ruthless and brutal even though he is already thousands of years old. His nature is the opposite of those of a human being who becomes more and more idle and calm as he gets older.

I think it’s quite a hassle for demon to manifest in human world. You’ll need name and a body to manifest. However, when I asked Rinne about why he choose to come with me, Rinne give me a dumbfounded look on his face.

“Because you’re someone whom I treasure”


……Well, anyway, it’s about time to leave for the royal capital.

However, just as I was about to leave with Rinne and the others as usual, my mother, who was worried about me, made a sudden proposal.

“Yuru. Take your escort knight properly.”


Glimpsing behind a pillar, my guardian knights, Bri and Sarah, with tears in their eyes, were holding my exclusive knight, Nia’s arms tightly in their arms.

Actually, my movement speed would be lowered if I bring them and I’d rather have Bri-chan and the others protect the family, but…….I’m not in the mood to say it.

“Yurushia. I will remain.”


I was more than shocked by Rinne’s sudden proposal.

I thought given his personality, he would choose to travel and run amok rather than stay in this rural area.

“… It’s just some humans”

“I see”

In short, from Rinne’s point of view, dealing with a normal human being now is like dealing with a flying insect, only more annoying and troublesome.

Something tells me I’m more aggressive than Rinne, but I’m sure it’s just my imagination.

It seems that he will use this countryside for practice, recognizing that he is lacking a little of common sense to be able to suddenly mix into human society, unlike his followers and Geass who are former humans.

“After all, Yurushia can’t unleash her real power if we’re not safe right?”

“Yeah… thanks, Rinne.”

That’s why I decided to start with an irregular member.

Where is the irregular part you say? Well first of all, I will bring Onzada and Geass who have problems with humanization time. I’m leaving Noa for Rinne, who is still unsure of his common sense, and Fanny as a contact person who can perform teleportation.

The departing members were me, Tina, Nia, Onzada, Geass, and the escorting eight knights. What to do, I’m worried about the members!

Then we leave early the next morning for the royal city where my father is currently staying in.

Our first goal is the Thule territory where the residence of the Duke of Verusenia is located.


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