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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 181: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor Jestersurge

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Younger brother….. I’m finally a sister! I have always been a loner in every world, but now to think that the day will actually come when I will finally be called ‘sister’. Finally I could 120% understand what Fer’s feelings are!

“A -Anyway…….”

When I tried to uproot the good-luck “Kogyoku” and exterminate all the dangerous creatures in the area such that they can come back to harvest for more, Min who is an animal lover and an environmentalist scolded me shrilly.

She said that if I were to change the ecosystem, the apples would be devoured by ordinary small animals and critters in a matter of seconds.

“Yurushia-sama, sorry to keep you waiting.”

While they were doing this, Noah and Geass returned with a captured military carriage. A large two-horse, eight-seater. As what can be expected from a military carriage, the ride does not look that comfortable. However, with this carriage and Fer’s carriage, all of us can now finally relax our legs and just enjoy the ride.

If possible, we should give Onza and Geass a break now. Otherwise, they would not be able to maintain their human form by the time we get to our destination. ……..Incidentally, Noah and Geass didn’t tell us what happened to the soldiers who were robbed of their carriages, but I could pretty much imagine what happened to them.

We’ll need to move quickly. My brother, whom I have not seen yet, is waiting for me.

About the rebellion…? Well, honestly, I think seeing my brother and my mother is a bigger priority.

I tried to pull Fer or Min into the carriage I’m going to ride and interrogate them for my brother’s name and how Vio was doing. However both Fer and Min refused to do so, wanting me to hear it in person from them.

The talkative Sarah, who seemed to be aware of the situation, quickly escaped and took her place in the driver’s seat on the other side of the carriage.

Now that I’ve calmed down my head a bit, I’m not going to be in a hurry and run off again.

The family is currently staying at Viscount Carrow’s residence. I wondered if the house wasn’t such an obvious place to hide in and why didn’t they just obtain a villa somewhere on the outskirts of the city instead. They then explained that if such an unknown place was to be heavily guarded, the rebels would find out effortlessly. It took Fer and the others two days by carriage to get here from the Viscount’s house in such circumstances.

This is, well, we’re relying on a basic map and a local’s story, but according to it, if we hurry and spend less time resting, we’ll be able to get there before sunrise tomorrow.

We can force ourselves to march onwards without staying overnight in a village on the way and we don’t need sleep or human food, but Fer and the other two can’t do that. That’s why Nia went out to hunt and captured a deer-like animal from the woods which I quickly made into soup. I then went for a nap with the maids in the big carriage.

“Yuru-sama….. I’m really glad you’re back. Vio had actually said that she wouldn’t have children until Yuru-sama returned….”

“I won’t blame her for giving birth to a baby you know…..”

“Right now, Vio is doing her best not to give birth until Yuru-sama returns!”

“She shouldn’t try so hard……”

We left early the next morning and finally arrived at the Viscount’s house in the early afternoon. If this is the Verusenia family’s house, I would have felt extremely excited and happy since I’ve finally come home, but right now, for some reasons, I’m not particularly impressed.

It was a pretty hard march. Although it’s no surprise that we were okay, Fer, the other two ladies, and the horses were looking drained and limp.


A woman who had quickly rushed at our arrival. She shouted in surprise and emerged from behind the Viscount’s servant.

“Long time no see, Bri.”

No pun intended. (Note : in the raw it’s written : ブリちゃん久しぶり~ {Buri-chan hisashiburi~} so….. you know buri and buri)

This is Bridgette, the captain of my personal female escort group.

“When did you return? Why didn’t you come back for two years! Why did you leave us? If only the princess were here…….. Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa”


Why did you start crying all of a sudden! That’s right……Well that’s true.You were my knight escort and I left you behind. You missed me dearly, didn’t you?

When I gently pull Bri-chan into a hug, a teary-eyed Sarah also comes to cling to me from the side.

“Anyway, hurry up and introduce us to a man already!”

“Wait a minute, you….”

What a thing to say. The girls were crying snot and tears just now, and now right after they feel relieved that I had returned, they shamelessly ask me to hurry up and introduce them to a man. Well, the girls are approaching their mid-twenties, so I can understand why they are kind of anxious. In this world, aristocratic ladies cannot not be married by the time they reach twenty years old. But If it was a commoner lady then even if they didn’t get married by 25, she won’t be told anything.

If it were Earth, I wouldn’t even be old enough to marry and I wouldn’t be in a hurry or think about the matter at all…. But wait. I think I was the one who brought up this whole Vio thing, but I think I just left it to the other servants to find her.

“Are the ladies-in-waiting here too?”

“No, the lady-in-waiting and the chief steward remained in the Royal Palace to accompany and help the duke…”

“………..Is that so?”

It seems that all the old people and the men in the family remained in the royal capital and the Thule territory, while everyone else including the mothers, the children, and the young women were evacuated.

“……….Fine, I’ll help you search for a man.”


After that short intercession, Bri-chan led us into the mansion. The servants had gone in first before us, they must have hurried to inform mother and Viscount Carrow. On the way there, I had a conversation with her and she mentioned that about half of the female escort knights had retired in the past two years, and now there were only eight of them left, including Bri and Sarah. That means that the remaining kids may not even have a boyfriend, and I may have to find a groom for all of them.

We continued down the corridor in a vaguely excited mood and soon arrived at a gorgeous door.



When we opened the door, we quickly ran to each other and we hugged each other tightly yearningly. Mother is still fluffy and smells good just like in my memories.

“I’m glad you’re back. I was worried about you.”

“I am sorry for making you worry…….. I am back.”

Well, people normally worried about me anyhow………

“Welcome back, Yuru-sama”

“Vio, I’m home.”

Vio was also present in the room. She’s wearing a maid’s uniform as usual, but her belly is now big enough to be obvious even from a distance.

“You don’t seem to be surprised…. Did you hear from those three? Hmm, I’ll have to reprimand them later for going out without permission.”

“I really wanted to tell you myself that Yuru has a little brother now.”

“Ah! Oh, yes, please let me see my brother!”

When I said this with great excitement, Mom and Vio looked at each other expectedly, chuckled, and led me to the next room.



There was an adorable baby with blonde hair and pinkish gold eyes, just like me, slowly crawling in the crib.


The baby sees me for the first time and tries to grab onto the bed grate, but fails and rolls over in a heap.

“This is your brother…… Cyril”


Mother picked Cyril up and let me hold him in my arms.


I don’t know if he’s just not afraid of things and strangers, but when I held him, he was curious and playfully pulling my sparkly gold hair.

It hurts, but it doesn’t hurt! I shouted with a high pitched voice as I did my best to hold down my excitement as much as I could because Cyril was just so cute.

“Wonderful! He’s going to be the most beautiful boy in the world!”


For some reason, mother wore a distressed look.

“Yuru-sama, may I have a word with you?”


After loving Cyril for a moment, Vio called out to me when I had finally calmed down. I leave my mother and Cyril and go back to the first room, and Vio makes me a cup of tea.

Incidentally, my subordinates are in the hallway waiting for me to call upon them. Rinne and the others were unaware of what happened because Fel and the others had led them towards the reception room.

“Once again, welcome back, Yuru-sama. I’m so glad you’re safe and sound.”

“Yes. Thank you”

All of a sudden, Vio makes a serious face.

“Yuru-sama, what I am about to tell you now is known to only a few in the duke’s household. But I’ve decided to tell Yuru-sama about it.”

“…Yes, tell me about it.”

What happened I wonder? It must have been a big deal for Vio to say so much.

“The rebellion is thought to be led by the Southern Army and its supporters, including the Duke of Belrose. However behind the rebellion, there are hints of a “royal member” “

Royal member…….

“………Who is it?”


At my querying words, Vio blinked once and slowly rubbed her brow.

“He is the younger brother of His Majesty the King and the fifth in line of succession to the throne. He’s Yuru-sama’s great-uncle.”


It’s the first time I’m hearing about this. But, if you actually think about it, there’s no way my grandfather was an only child. Even my uncle, the first in line of succession to the throne, has been told that two sons are too few.

Come to think of it, I had a claim to the throne too. I did wonder why I was sixth, but that royal great-uncle was actually the fifth?

“So you’re telling me that the king’s brother rebelled to take the throne away from my grandfather?”

“That’s what I think at least. But we don’t know if it was the will of the King’s brother himself or the Duke of Bellrose is the one who instigated it.”

“I see…….”

I don’t know what his intentions are, but he has caused my father a lot of trouble. Not only did he put a heavy burden on my mother who was still holding my little brother in her arms, he even made Vio, who is currently in her late pregnancy, come to faraway a place like this.

Fufufufufu. I’ll let you know what happens when you mess with my family.

“Yu- Yuru-sama?”

“Hm? What is it?”

I guess I have been holding a vague and expressionless countenance so when I give Vio a wide smile she instantly looks relieved.

“As for Yuru-sama, I know you wouldn’t be quiet even if I tell you to not do anything. But please don’t do anything reckless. And…….if you could, please save my husband and the father of this child….”

As Vio was saying that, she was stroking her belly and her expression became affectionate and motherly. As expected, Vio knows exactly what she’s doing.

“It’s okay. Leave it to me.”

“………Normally I would have to reprimand you, but Yuru-sama’s words are more reassuring than anything else. We look forward to your safe return. ……. Would Yuru-sama like to name this child?”


Godmother! I’m getting a little excited.


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