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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 180: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor: Jestersurge

“Lady Yurushia, I’m done.”

Noa reports as he brushes off the dust that is not even on him in the first place.

‘Well, it seems like I don’t even have to capture or question the four or five human soldiers. After all, all of the rebel soldiers’ will to fight fell at mach speed with just my mere appearance. Before I even got the chance to do anything, they all just went and surrendered to me.’

‘…Now I’m really curious about how audacious the rumors are, but I am also kind of scared to hear them.’


When I turned my head when I was called, I saw Fer with her moist eyes and Min…….and Sarah, who was already crying profusely.

“I’m home… everyone.”

What can I say, it’s really touching. This feeling….. I feel like I’m finally home. Everyone has been waiting for me to come back.

I open my arms and embrace Fer firmly as she jumps on me.



What? Are you trying to lift me up?

While Fer left me stunned, she put her handkerchief to her eyes and began to cry deliberately with a loud sound.

“Really, I can’t even carry you anymore, growing up so much in just two years…….”


I have certainly grown up. Now my height is already around 160 cm so I’m about the same height as Fer.

I am not sure what Fer was thinking about as she compared the two of my exclusive maids. She then slightly clicked her tongue, embraced Tina, and started stroking her head.

“I’m relieved to see you.”

“……What does that mean?”

Hmm… Well, you know. If you look at Tina and Fanny, there is only one part where Fanny is larger than Tina.

Anyway, now is not the time for that.

“By the way, why are the three of you here? What happened to my mother?”

When I ask that with a serious look, the three all put on a forlorn face and Min speaks on all of their behalf.

“Yuru-sama… Civil war is currently happening in this saint country.”

To summarize the explanation, it was almost exactly the same as what the soldiers said.

Several aristocrats, including the Southern Army and the Duke’s family, revolted against the royal family for reasons unknown.

It’s good up to that point, but the problem is with my mother.

According to Min and the others, the war is fast approaching our territory, so the family has evacuated here to the territory of the Viscount Carrow’s family.

Then. why didn’t you just evacuate farther away – that is, to the neighboring country where my aunt married into the Sigiless royal family, where there would be more guards? And, even more so, I still don’t get why the three of them dare to leave mother’s side.

The three of them averted their gazes slightly as I turned my gaze on them with that thought in mind.

……….What did you guys do?

“By the way, Yuru-sama, please introduce them to me!”


I feel like I’ve been misled in some way, but I didn’t know what it is so I just brushed it off and then turned my sight to where Fer’s eyes were looking at…


There was Rinne in his human form, and Onzada and Geass, who had become humanoid before they knew it.

Wearing exotic clothes with dark hair and light brown skin, a man about 20 years old with silver eyes.

A wild man about thirty years old wearing a knightly garment with rough stubble on his face.

An elegant gentleman with silver hair wearing a monocle and butler clothes.

……..Suspicious. At first glance, they do look like an exotic nobleman and his squires, but their presence is so out of the ordinary that it is just completely suspicious!

Why did you become a humanoid here!? ……Oh well, I guess it would be easier to explain it now rather than later when these three people would appear out of nowhere…

“‘Oh, um, well, um, they are from different… aristocracy? The Lord? And…you know, someone who looks like that! They come from a different place! Yeah, something like that……”


I tried to explain it in an appropriate way, but it turned out to be too suspicious instead.

The disoriented stares from the three of them hurt. I could not convince them and now even Rinne is looking at me in a dazed way.


Fer and the other two sneakily discussed something with each other, glancing at me and Rinne.


After the three of them finished discussing, Fer turns to Rinne and takes a graceful aristocratic bow, one I have never seen her do even though I’ve been with her for over a decade.

“Nice to meet you, sir. We are the caretakers of Lady Yurushia from the Verusenia family. We are ever grateful to you for taking care of the lady.”

“I can’t reveal my identity for a reason, but you can call me Rinne. I gladly took the invitation of Miss Yurushia and decided to accompany her.”

“Well, our lady must have been a bit of a nasty piece of work, wasn’t she? Mr. Rinne, the entire Verusenia family welcomes you.”

That! What the heck is that? Even though Rinne was a stray beast, he can actually speak in an aristocratic manner…

But how could Fer and the others trust such a suspicious trio so quickly……..

‘I knew it. It is because Rinne’s voice is so sexy, isn’t it?’

“My lady! I have a request!”


Suddenly, Sarah raised her hands up and screamed.

That’s fine, but why has she been teary-eyed ever since she saw me again…? Well, I’d like to think they were tears of joy.


Sarah told me that the three of them came to this forest to look for something.

It seems that the name is “Kogyoku”(Note : 紅玉 {Kogyoku} mean red ball), and it’s a very precious resource.

…What is it? Is it a champion in the sky or something to protect them? Could it be that it’s a secret weapon that could round up the rebels?

They came looking for it and met the rebels, and now she wants me to help them obtain it. Well, since I am a princess from the Duke household, it is my duty and I have to uphold it.

“… Well, okay then.”

“Thank you!” the three of them thanked me delightedly.

We use the carriage that Fer had been riding on to continue the journey. However, due to it only being a small four-seater carriage, I and Rinne sit comfortably inside, Fer and Min ride on the driver’s seats, and the rest is on foot.

‘This is a problem. Although, it is really nice to see them again, we are actually accustomed to sprinting and it would have only taken a few minutes if we were to run. At this speed of walking, I could not even guess how many days it will take.’

I suddenly realized that Noa and Geass were gone. Hmm they probably went to get a carriage. …….I don’t dare to guess where they will get it from. Let’s hope the rebels are the lucky ones this time again.

“Where did Rinne learn your manners?”

“… Do you think I’ve existed for thousands of years for nothing?”

I had forgotten about it because all I usually got was the impression that he is a cat who likes to curl up in my lap. Come to think of it, he is right. Whether it’s a demon beast or a demon lord, when you get to live that long, you can’t use common sense to judge them because of the strange abilities and knowledge they would have obtained over the years.

As they were having such a helpless conversation, there was a knock on the small window from the front, revealing Min’s face.

“Yuru-sama, it’s about time.”

The place we arrived at was a big, fantastic forest.

If it’s a nice day, this looks like a place you could happily have a wonderful picnic at. But if the weather were to turn bad, it looks like it will immediately appear spooky and terrifying.

“Yurushia-sama, look. Here it is.”

When Fanny called me, I turned around only to see that she was wearing a decaying buffalo-like skull. She was wearing it with a proud look on her face too…. Beyond that, a humanoid Onzada is in a head-to-head brawl with a humongous white crocodile that looks about eight meters long.

I can’t believe that there is a crocodile here. As always, the ecosystem of this world is tricky and you just cannot understand it all.


When I turned around in that voice, I saw a huge tree looming expansively over the field.

There is something that looks like a luscious fruit among the bright green leaves…

“There it is!”

From underneath the tree, Fer and the others quickly scuttled back and proudly showed me the product of their efforts they have finally gotten safely after an arduous journey.

“Kogyoku, was it? Isn’t it an apple?”

Apparently, apples are very nutritious and are considered a good luck charm.

Saint Country…In this area, it is a common practice to give it to pregnant women, postpartum mothers, infants who have started eating, etc.

“I understand that it’s a good luck charm and good for you, but why did Fer and the others come far just to get it?”


I asked curiously. The three of them looked embarrassed and slowly opened their mouths as they checked each other’s eyes to see what their answer should be.

“………..Actually we came out without informing Ria-sama. Oh, I did leave a note behind though…”

“Huh? Why would you do that again?

“That is…”

“No, well… I’ve been foolishly thinking that they would like to tell Yuru-sama themselves, if possible….”

“……Please just say it.”

For some reason, the three of them straightened up vigorously when I said that with a totally normal smile that did not contain any single sign of intimidation.

“Vi, Vio is pregnant!”

“What did you sayyy?!”

That Vio has a baby…? No, actually, it is not strange at all, but to think that the maid, Vio, who has been with me since I was born…

“I’ve got to congratulate her immediately! Which direction should I go!!?”

“Calm down.”

Rinne calmly gave me a chop on my head as if to cool down my hurriedness, while Fer just secretly sighed.

“Master Yuru, knowing that you’ll be amazed and happy to hear the news, they wanted to tell you themselves.”

“Both of them have been discussing just that.”

“…?? Both?”

“Come to think of it, you said ‘they themselves’ or something in the plural earlier. Who else is exactly having a baby?!”

“Yes, that… in fact…. Ria-sama.”


“He was born safely last year, and he will be one year old soon. It’s your brother, Yuru-sama!”

“Younger brother!!!”

During the two years I was away from this world, I have become a big sister.


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