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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 18: Volume 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 2, Chapter 6: I’ve Become a Master (First Half)

After that birthday party I didn’t want, a few months have passed.

Seriously, come on… next time, I will absolutely decline.

Oh well. At least encountering those lovely sisters of mine was good, ufufu.

But as I thought… such a rash act in front of the royal family, Elea-sama is in an especially large rage. Anyways, it seems that before I enroll in the magical academy, I’ll be going to a boarding school in other countries for a while.

Well, what can I do? It looks better if I’m more mature about this, so let’s wait this out and have fun.

I hope I come back while still in school, if possible. It seems the nobles are saying I’m a very valuable thing.

I apologize to father, who had on a pained face. What a complicated love between us. I’ll have to be careful…

I did, however, leave my sisters a nasty [Souvenir].

“Yurushia, can you hear me?”

“Yes, Honored Father.”

I called out, as I ran over with a *To te to te*, I planted myself on Father’s lap like a kitten while he talked to me.

“Do you know what we export from the Verusenia Dukedom to the country Sister married into?”

“Let’s see… distilled spirits and… iron products.”

For our exports, we import the crops and fruit that have been produced in Shiguresu.

Things like fresh vegetables; they aren’t frozen with magic since that would be unreasonably costly.

We import fruit wine from Shiguresu, and send back what we distill from it. We send out our brand of sake.

“So, when you turn six, I want you to help with inspection of the production site.”

“… Inspection?”

Work, is it. Finally, I can depart from being a purebred good-for-nothing.

…Eh? Did he say six-years-old?

Listening to the full story, while it seems that the Touru territory finances the export products, it’s actually made in the outskirts of the city and the surrounding villages.

In addition to his visiting work, and his job in the Royal Capital, he needs to go to other countries for diplomatic reasons; he can’t really go anywhere freely.

Is that the reason why he didn’t visit me that often…?

Eh, oh well, it can’t be helped, I’m sure he had a good reason.

Besides, why do I have to go, it seems that you just want me to come with you.

Eh…? From the perspective of a demon?

It seems that they want the famous [Saint] [Princess] to come.

I understand now, is it like a singer? Uh…? An idol tour, isn’t it? Is that what you want?

“I think I heard that people often get terrible injuries in the mines and ironworks out there. Yurushia, would you be willing to heal even a few people? I think their morale would be uplifted by a magnitude if Yurushia went out to meet them.”

Condolences from an idol are better, huh…

Shouldn’t there be a priest or church in such a place? I figure an ordinary Priest-san could use my stupid holy magic.

When horrible burns or an accidental cave-in occurs, the surviving workers will no longer be able to be employed, even if they survive. Therefore, they want me, the one called a saint, to heal their injuries and hearts…

I understand…

But I… haven’t received the saint certification from any denominations, have I?

“Since Yurushia is still little, your certification of sainthood is still pending, understand? So, your title of saint is specific to this kingdom.”

“Is that so…”

I… I don’t need such an embarrassing title…

Being called a saint in the streets, it seems that the ostensible reason why this was so while I was still not being certified from any sect was because they can’t measure my abilities this young.

The behind the scenes reason is that this kingdom is the [Holy Kingdom].

Just like how generic and brand-name products are not of the same value, being recognized as the [Holy Kingdom’s Saint] carries a special meaning.

A few hundred years ago, nearly every sect was flooding with saints, the king of that time sent all of the saints on a punitive expedition against an [Arch-Demon], and they say that not a single person came back, what a stupid story.

I figure more than half fled, when I think about it.

Because of such a stupid legend, saints are rarely certified in the holy kingdom, and those that are, are quite intense. It’s terrible.

“For the same reason, there’s another title that’s equally difficult to earn. Yurushia, do you know?”

“Yes… a Daemon Lord?” (TL Note: Explanation for the spelling in Volume 3…)

“…Indeed in the Holy Kingdom, we have never produced a Daemon Lord…”

Wrong, very wrong!

Those also flooded in at one point, but since they had mobilized all of their saints, what did they do?

“Isn’t it nice to be able to stand next to a [Saint-sama]??

Father, I don’t think that response is appropriate. .

“For that reason, after just a bit longer Yurushia will have a dedicated escort of servants. All of which would have similar ages to you.”

Is this an Idol group…?

I can understand. Vio was originally the exclusive maid of Mother, Sarah-chan is normally serving as the knight of a Duke, and only acts as an escort knight when I go out.

So, I think that when I go to school, it’ll be good to have a child close to my age as a [Close Aide].

Still… I heard this from Vio and the others but these kids that will be serving me are the children of the noble families that were crushed as a result of the Second Demon Summoning Incident. Not only that, they would have ended up like their older siblings but because they were studying abroad at the time they were unofficially spared and now had nowhere to go.

Father… you’re too good-natured.

But, the children aren’t responsible for the sin. There are no sins, but… what is this feeling pressing down on me…?

(App’s translation prefix: Every sentence said by the new character, Min ends with ~desu. I will be relying on all of you to add it in your heads when you read her, because no.)

(Piroton: Wait, you mean we can just tell readers to add details? Quick, everyone imagine me as a cute gi- *knocked out*)

Forgetting that trifling story, let’s move on.

I was worried all day today, since I intend to have Min, the bookworm maid, teach me all about monsters in this world.

For the regional tour… err, for the inspection visit, such knowledge would be required.

Other than vampires, what else are present in the world?

Min showed me a book called [The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Monsters] from the collection of books she has. Something seems off, though…

“What is this?”

“This is a rabbit. It’s weak but its meat is delicious.”

“A-and this is?”

“This is a wolf; it readily approaches travelers and accepts any food given.”

Wait, what happened to the wildness…?

“…and this?”

“This is a wild boar. It’s a little strong, but the meat is very tasty.”


Is the “helpful” meant in that fashion? I suppose on a long journey it would be helpful.

“Ah, do you know anything about dangerous monsters?”


She didn’t make a surprised face, though I certainly would have.

Min then brought out a book titled [Bestiary of Perilous Monsters], and began to explain it to me.

Thank goodness… It’s not some ordinary book.

“This is a tiger, which is rarely seen, it moves very quickly, and is very dangerous to horses.”


If such a thing came out of the woods, I’d be scared.

“This is a rhinoceros. If it looks a traveler in the eyes, it will charge them with its horn.”

“…I see”

“This is a hippopotamus. If it sees a traveler it will slam its body into them.”


“This is an elephant. If it sees a traveler, it will rush over them with a stampede.”


What do you mean…?

These monsters are strangely familiar…

Actually, hold on a second. If it sees a traveler? Are hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses commonly found on something like a mountain road? Are the roads that scary? Are you trying to scare the hell out of this poor demon?

Ah… though I said that, this isn’t what I wanted to know.

What about “Monsters”, you know?

There are things like a Daemon Lord in this world, if I see the Daemon Lord riding a hippopotamus in place of a dragon, I’ll definitely laugh and point.


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