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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 179: Volume 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Editor: Jestersurge

“We are so grateful for saintess’ help, even though this is such a remote village.”

“I am glad that no one died.”

Even though it was easily taken care of by Onzada and the others, now I am the one receiving the gratitude from the village chief and everyone else in the village.

‘Right now, we are in the middle of the field. Well, it really cannot be helped, the village chief’s house got burned down after all. I wonder if there is anything else I can do.’

By the way, there were a good number of people who were injured, but i have healed them all. Their joy can be seen in the way the villagers bowing and prostrating themselves to me.

‘……You don’t have to look at me like that, okay? I am not scary, okay?’

“By the way, Mr. Chief, do you have an idea on what the soldiers were doing?”

“Well, there is something I have to report to you, Your Highness. Our village’s relationship with Viscount Carrow has always been very good. He was very kind to us and we also treated him the same way. So no matter what the soldiers ask us, we wouldn’t tell them no matter what.”

Then the village chief start telling a long story with his accent.

‘Our [Divine Spirit Language] translator is too good, isn’t he! How did you manage to get the accent right too?’

When I was still lost in thought about how great the [Divine Spirit Language] is, the village chief had just said something that caught my attention.

“Mr. Folt’s wife seems to be here and they are still looking for her.”


‘Folt is….. father right…..? That means mother is here…… Then, the person the rebel soldiers have been searching for is…….’

“Everyone! Let’s go to my mother’s side immediately!”

Everyone began to move in unison at my call. No, I said, “Everyone,” but the villagers don’t have to move! What is this? A little kid with a runny nose was running around and a withered old man was toddling with his hoe as a cane.

“My wife….. the rice is ready.”

‘Who’s that? Hurry up and eat with that old man!’

“Calm down.”

Rinne hit me with his small paw and I came to myself. By the way, she’s not a wife of an old man.

“Oh, um, the people of the village, please rebuild the village! Tie up the soldiers and carefully keep an eye on them. I will go with my servants to see my mother. Then, good day to all of you.”

After bidding a quick farewell to the astonished villagers, I hurriedly left the village with my followers.

“So, do you even have the slightest idea where your mother is?”


Noa’s calm words brought my running legs to a halt. Incidentally, we were going 300 kilometers per hour at our initial speed, resulting in turning the forest ground up about ten meters. I feel sorry for the animal that live in this forest.

“Why don’t you leave it to them?”


Looking down at Rinne’s voice, I saw a Bear and a Rabbit stuffed doll looking up at me and raising one hand.

“Gau gau”


I don’t understand what they are saying.

“Geass said he could smell something familiar to Lady Yurushia.”


‘I still don’t understand what they are saying. Anyway, how can Fanny and her friends know what to do when they can’t even translate the spirit language into a normal language and all they can say is ‘gau’? ‘

“………Someone familiar to me?”

‘Who is that I wonder? Anyway, I am really curious about who it is.’

“Gau gau”


Onzada, who had been discussing something with Geass, nodded and ran deeper into the forest.

…Oh, his footprints are glowing. It’s like Laplace’s ‘rabbit guide’ mode, so something must be going on in that direction.

A few minutes of running again…….. Onzada’s short legs do not give him that much speed, but after moving just a few dozen kilometers, Noa and Nia suddenly come closer to me.

“Even I can smell it now especially when we’ve come this close.”

“Yeah. I wonder if this is a hint of … Fer, Min, and Sarah?”

“Are those three people there?”

‘What kind of combination is that? I think Fer and Min are going on an errand and Sarah is their escort. People who are very close – do they have similar body odors when they are together all the time I wonder?’

“Yeah. They are probably being attacked by the rebel.”


‘You should have told me that earlier!’

“So, shall I go ahead and do it?”

“Yeah…….No, let’s wait a bit.”

I nodded at Noa’s suggestion with a devilish smile and stopped him in a hurry.

‘I’m afraid I will really lose my cool when the people who were around me since birth get into a tight pinch…….’

Her thoughts, which had become much more demonic ever since she was far away from the people dear to her, have changed to become much more humane the moment she returned home.

“It’s bad to be taken as a hostage…… I’m going to distract them and catch them by surprise.”

Not slowing down at all, we hurried to the scene, muffling our footsteps and erasing signs of our presence. ‘I’m really bad at hiding so I can’t increase my speed anymore than this.’

‘Ah…… I found them. Maybe it is because we were able to find them so quickly that all three seem to be perfectly unharmed and safe, although they are currently surrounded by five soldiers.’

………..I felt a little bit of a pang at the sight of the faces I had missed so much.

They seem to be in a plight, but it doesn’t seem like a desperate situation yet.


I immediately stopped Nia and Tina, who was about to spring out. I was the only one who quietly approached them.

“And if you’re going to call it a betrayal, how about the saints at your place? It has been two years and I have not heard from her. Didn’t she also betray you and defect to some country?”

“That is not true!”

“Master Yuru fought for the world!”

I have already come this close to them, but surprisingly no one noticed me yet.

“Then why hasn’t she come back yet? If what you guys said is true and she didn’t defect to another country, then it could only mean she either lost and ran away or died.”

“Master Yuru will not be defeated! She will definitely come back for us.”


After a couple seconds, everyone there began to pale frightfully and sweat coldly, and their faces quietly turned to me.

“I have returned.”

“S-she’s here! Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

I wonder am I some kind of a tsuchinoko or something.


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