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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 15: Volume 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 2, Chapter 3: I am now Five Years Old: Part I

“Yurushia’s fifth birthday party will be held in the castle.”

…What? What are you saying, Grandfather.

One week before I turn five, His Majesty suddenly said that and Father agreed.

At least, that’s what I heard..

As the grandchild of His Majesty, it seems that everyone in the territory have been invited for the announcement of my official “Debut” as a Duke’s daughter.

Personally, a party outside of the Touru territory makes me nervous.

To me, who had the mind of a peasant, even having 20 people was a big party,, but I heard a [Rumor] that more than 100 aristocrats and big merchants had requested to attend.

I heard another [Rumor] as well, about me being a [Saint] [Princess]. Rumors like that make me blush in embarrassment.

I remembered those children whom I healed… They were all saying things like “Saint-sama, Saint-sama.” with sparkling eyes. I also heard a rumor, said in whispers, about the church making it official.

Being given such a title by the church, is that normal? I hate it. Because of those hypocrites, I’ll be targeted by things like assassins or fanatics…

Oh well, I am a Demon, after all.

Consequently, I’ll have to put up with my debut in the Touru territory. Meanwhile, more and more people have been seeking permission to attend the announcement in the royal castle. Church officials will also be coming.

Father… your daughter believes in your ability to convince Grandfather.

Yup, it was useless.

You’re entirely hopeless, Father… I can’t say more. Taking Grandmother and Elea-sama on as enemies, you lasted for an hour… Isn’t that too weak?

“But… Isn’t this good…”

“What’s wrong…? Princess Yuru.”

One of Vio’s maids leaked absentmindedly after hearing.

The party is in four days. Since it’s not good to arrive at the last minute, we arrived in the Royal Capital with time to spare, and are supposed to stay in the castle until the party.

As a matter of fact, I’ve never been to our secondary house in the royal capital.

Staying in the royal capital, rather than in Father’s private residence or the castle, in the second residence were my [Sisters], I thought for sure this time I would be able to meet them.

Is this on purpose…? Impossible.

“Having my debut as the duke’s daughter in Grandfather’s castle… I surrender.”

“Thank you very much for your consent.”

Don’t thank me.

“But what makes me so [Special]? What about the girls of other ducal houses there?”

Surrounding the Royal Capital were five cities, positioned evenly around it, ruled by five dukes.

Recently one was lost and another gained.

“We have thin blood ties with the other ducal families. Outside of the Verusenia house, the deepest blooded house, the previous king’s brother’s son-in-law is in the Capel Family, there was also someone who married into the royal family through our former queen, but he passed away”

“… So in the end it’s because I’m his [Grandchild]?”

“That’s right, and Princess Yuru has been recognized as the [Princess] by His Majesty, filling the necessary existence of [Princess] in our country.”

“…… Eeh?”

In short, in diplomacy, when other countries have royal weddings and celebrations, we send a delegation to their country, if it’s a lesser country, we send embassy nobles, but if the country is larger, at least one person from the [Royal Family] will attend.

But, if the country is in a state of competition with us, we would hesitate to send a royal born [Boy].

Therefore, in the Holy Kingdom, there’s always been a [Young Princess] that is sent as an envoy.

Sending a young person makes people happier than if you send some geezer, it seems.

“You force the [Princess] to go…?”

That sounds absurd, Grandfather.

Isn’t there a danger to me? While I was thinking, Vio made a serious face, smiling a little bit while shaking her head.

“It’s only the public stance. Up to this point, your father… the Verusenia Duke, has been attending to other countries instead.”

Father, you were a diplomat. Seems I imagined right. But, public stance?

“When His Majesty summons you to the castle, it gives him a reason to give his [Favorite] Granddaughter an excessive guard.”

“… Grandfather.”

Grandpa you dummy.

Having me authorized as a [Princess] purely since you want to pamper my openly, didn’t someone oppose you?

“Then what happens to my [Older Sisters]…?”

Aren’t my sisters Grandfathers granddaughters as well…? When I incline my neck to look, Vio’s cheeks shook as she let out a sigh.

“Those people… Athena and Ophelia, they… it’s very, in regards to their behavior…”


What have you done, Elder Sisters.

I sensed an attitude like Elea-sama’s. When you say it like that, I become more and more interested in my Sisters. As a demon.

I’ve found out Grandfather and Elea-sama’s intentions.

Still, though, I don’t know why it makes such a difference that even the female knights would call me their “One and only Princess.”

So I asked a female knight.

“Umm… excuse me female knight-san”


I’ve seen the female knight that I’m talking to training in the garden of the royal castle, she throws her wooden sword out of her hand while correcting her posture.

The person next to her was hit, and crouched down with a nosebleed.

“I-If you will, please call me Sarah.”

“Sure, Sarah.”

At any rate, the [-san] when attached makes things messy with my speech, so let’s discard it off the bat.

“Feru, lower.”


How unpleasant. That child, out of all the maids, loved hugging me the most. For the time being, please let me down from your upper arms.

As I planted my feet firmly on the ground, the three of them including the maid knelt.

…eh?… What is this incredibly comfortable but strange feeling?

“… Umm, Sarah?”

“Yes, oh one and only Princess?”

Her eyes are sparkling… I wonder if she’s still in her teens? Sarah had brown eyes and hair, but her cute childish freckles remained.

“Why did you decide to become my escort knight?”

For the time being, let’s do small talk

“Yes, Princess. Two years ago, while I was training in the knight hall, I saw a notification that said “Who will dedicate their sword to the Princess? Female Knights wanted!” so we applied.”

They were looking for… what?… Who would reply to reply to such a suspicious ad? It seems to not be a joke, though, since the nosebleed knight is also nodding.

But really, Grandfather was planning since that long ago…

“So anyways… why do you only call me “Princess”…??”

“B-because, Princess is [The Princess]”

“Before, you said [Only], what did you mean by that…?”

Why did you say it in that way?

When I ask her, Sarah places her right hand on her chest and raises her left hand towards the heavens, posing and talking like a stage actor.

“Oh, Princess, Princess Yurushia. Your golden hair, your silky skin, and your golden irises have captured my heart. The moment I first but glanced at your adorable appearance, forgive my shameful tongue, to escort this Princess was such a great joy, I bragged like crazy to my brothers in escorting my local lord to the point of causing a fist fight…”

“Sarah-san, please stop.”

Hitting Sarah’s forehead *Pechi*, she shyly looked at me while blushing.

Eh… Seriously?

That’s not my hobby, you know. Ah, whatever, it leaked out, and she wasn’t scared, was she?

It’s like the suspension bridge effect, love at first sight.

“I’m not the [One and Only Princess], you know, I have two older sisters, right?”


“… Eh?”

She really didn’t know?

“Th-though of course I know, I heard those two… they… I haven’t heard many good rumors about them.”

“…For example?”


Don’t look away; hang in there, Sarah-chan.

“I-I mean, the [Princess] is this holy kingdom’s [Face]. If it’s Princess Yurushia, we can boast to the knights of other countries.”

The topic was averted.

But, they have [Pride] in me? The best I can do is be [Intimidating].

“[Face] of the country…?”

“That’s right, with your appearance, like that of an angel; you are the Holy Kingdom’s [Princess Saint]. Princess is more than just a [Princess].”


Whether or not I’m a [Saint]… It’s really embarrassing.

Those knights have spread the [Rumor] they heard… It’s probably rippled out in every direction… how bothersome.

Half getting up off the ground, I use Holy magic on the nosebleed knight who was still crouching. These two people have truly dedicated their swords to me.

Yup, it’s impossible, huh…

Since I’m a Demon, after all.


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