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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 149: Volume 8 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 8, Chapter 7: I met a Hero, Part 1

“…… Yuru-chan, is this “The Dragon’s Tendon”?”

“……Isn’t it?”

I replied Mizuki as we got off the carriage together.

At the foot of the mountain range that sat on the border of the Forces of Darkness, there were a group of five small nations called the [Northern Dragons].

Long story short, because the individual power of each country was too little, they formed an alliance of powers to repulse the forces of darkness, and to stand up to unreasonable demands from the larger powers like Gamble.

After a few weeks of travel, we arrived at Lucell, a country that was close to the front.

Nothing particular happened along the way. There were a few monster attacks, but the Knights defeated them handily, so I had no chance to make an appearance.

Although the monsters that appeared were different from those of Atra, according to Futa they were all common monsters in the Fantasy genre, I think this one was a g-goblin or something? It had quite the adorable name.

…… Isn’t it? The name felt like what you’d call an idol, some [XX-rin], so it’s probably quite cute.

Though, the fact of the matter is that we’ve arrived at Lucell, one of the five countries that made up the [Northern Dragon]. Telluza, the northernmost of them, had been destroyed by the forces of darkness.

According to the [Northern Dragon] nations, they were all nicknamed after parts of dragons, and Lucell was called [The Dragon’s Tendon].

…… Why did they choose such a specific part?

Give it a better name, darn you, like Dragon’s Tail, or Dragon’s Fang.

What. Was this country being teased for being plain? I thought so at first, but it turns out that the other countries had equally bad names, like [Dragon’s Adam’s Apple] and [Dragon’s Tongue] and [Dragon’s Tailbone].

Incidentally, Telluza was called [The Dragon’s Subcutaneous Fat].

I don’t know why.

“Welcome, Hero-sama, Saint-sama. On behalf of the Lucell Principality, we warmly welcome you!”

The slightly chubby king of Lucell welcomed us.

Well, even Lucell was called a Principality, it really only had a population of about 100,000, which was half of that that of even just the capital of Sail, so in my view, the King was really only something like the “chairman” of a city.

“Apologies for troubling you.”

And so Kyoji and the knights ignored the King, leaving the butler-looking fellow, who started following behind them on their mission to greet the king of Lucell.


My god, I almost can’t stand it anymore……!

“……King of Lucell, I am Yurushia. I hope we will get along.”

“…O…oOh, Lady Yurushia, I offer you all that I can give!”

I smiled as gently as I could and greeted him properly, and the King of Lucell seemed so moved. The people of the castle were also dabbing away their tears with their handkerchiefs. …… It must be tough being a small country.

King Lucell, whose mood seemed to have improved, told us about various things as he guided us in.

It seemed that the names of the kingdoms came from the body parts of an evil dragon defeated long ago. Several heroes had defeated the dragon, and taking its parts, they founded the kingdoms.

“In other words, my ancestor was one of the heroes that defeated that dragon.”

“Wow, that’s amazing.”

Well…… I guess I miscalculated.

It looks like they split up the parts quite finely, but where did the fangs, horns, and nails etc. go?

If the parts that they had received from fighting were these, then I think that those ancestors weren’t actually very useful at all……

I want to give up thinking about this for now, so please excuse my monotonous replies.

We’d come to Lucell so that we could use it as a forward base to take back Telluza.

It was difficult to assault with a large army, so it was rarely attacked, but was incredibly convenient for the dozens of us in the [Hero Party]to use.

As the armies sent forth by each country were bigger, they were gathering in a country that was better suited for large forces, and only the other heroes, including Sail’s, were gathering in this country.

“The Hero of Wind of Harko hasn’t arrived yet, but Suzark’s Hero of Flame has already come.”

“What about Kan-cha-… what about Kanzo-sama?”

“The Hero of Earth stopped by already and has already headed off.”

“I see.”

You’re not here, huh, Kan-chan…… Although it would get sultry if Kan-chan was here, but in its own way I like Kan-chan’s aesthetic desires.

But this is this and that is that, and I don’t intend to forgive Kan-chan either.

The Demon will lie and betray you, and only the “Contract” will be kept.

Well, the problem lies with the “Hero of Flame”, though.

According to Kan-chan, she looked like a girl without a doubt, but Kan-chan didn’t get along with her, and it seems like she’d never spoken in nearly 10 years.

You “heroes” really don’t get along, do you……

I had tea with the King and Queen of Lucell. I don’t feel the need to go greet the Hero of Flame anyway, since we’re going to meet each other at the dinner.

The Queen…… for some reason she really felt like an aunt from Kansai.

She was so pleased with the leopard-print shawl, but I wonder where she’ll get to wear it?…… I don’t know where this is going.

My butler Noa seemed to like it as well, and it seems that his pockets full of sweets were receiving the brunt of the blows.

Now, it’s time for the dinner.

It was a meal with only the Heroes and myself. Daichi and the knights were having their meals in the castle’s cafeteria with the other knights.

“I’m sorry that I could not accompany you.”

“No…… you’ve been very helpful.”

Daichi looked like he still couldn’t get used to the way nobles ate. The knights were nobles, but because they were so used to camping outside, they didn’t bother with etiquette and were happy-go-lucky types.

In other words, it would have been better if I had been like that too. I would rather Tina go and squeeze for me the souls of the murderers of this country than have beef.

I don’t know if this is some sort of twisted export, but there were a lot of homicides.

Incidentally, King Lucell had his food separately. It also took a few days for all of the Heroes to gather, and it hurts my stomach to keep eating together with them day after day. …… Pitiful.

“Lady Yurushia has arrived.”

As the castle chamberlain declared my arrival, the door swung inwards.

“Thank you.”

I smiled lightly at the tired-looking ladies-in-waiting, and entered. I was accompanied by Tina and Fannie. Noa was off gathering information at my request, and Nea was escorting Daichi.

I was nervous having only the two of them with me. Not that it was for my safety or anything – I just didn’t want to leave the two of them alone in this place where delicious souls were everywhere, and I wonder if I could even stop myself.

Well, I’m a famously “rational” Demon, so surely, I could stop myself.


Once I entered the room, there was a single person already seated, drinking something that looked like wine.

It was a lady wearing an evil-looking red armor scrutinizing me, and I returned her look with a grin.

“Huhh…… you’re the Saint?”

A woman who looked like she was in her late twenties…… stared at me like an object…… and smiled.

Yeah, she’s most likely female. And most likely human…… I think.

She had soft features and seemed like she weighed in at more than 100 kilograms. There’s no special meaning – I just meant that she was fat. And it seems like the unit price per gram would be low, that’s all.

Even though she had twin-tails, I could only think such things, but that’s not a problem.

Her brown hair also looked greasy compared to a normal Japanese person’s.

Even though she had rough skin and was heavily pimpled, you shouldn’t give up, okay.

If you’re going to hide it, you can easily use foundation then blush, and it would be artistic… like a clay work.

Her eyes were hazy with lack of sleep, and actually, once you get used to it, it kind of feels like a stuffed toy.

I’m also used to the fact that there are people with various tastes in the nobility who like to draw various “male comrades” doing their best while naked on paper.

Her bright red lipstick with plenty of gloss on her thick lips might have been sexy if she was cut off above that and the resolution set to about 480p or less.

I’m not bothered by decorum, so I don’t mind if the female knights spit on the carpet as long as they clean up after.

She was scratching her butt when a thick fart leaked out, and even though she was gobbling down her wine, I wasn’t going to frown at her. …… hohoho.

“Fannie, there’s a pig oinking in here.”

“Ahaha, how unpleasant.”

““““What, you shitty kid!””””

As I spoke out bluntly, the adults who snapped in an instant began to pull out their weapons.

Hohoho…… why are you all getting so upset.

I was usually quite gentle, and didn’t really care about most things, but it seems that we’ve exceeded the limit of being forgiven for being the same sex. And given that I spoke so bluntly, it seems that she’s getting angry too.

Author’s Notes:

It seems that there’s a limit to the gentle Yuru-chan too.

Next time, the strength of the Hero of Flame.


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