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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 145: Volume 8 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 8, Chapter 3: I became a Hero, Part 3

Ever since I became Yurushia, I’ve become used to being given sponge baths by my maids. Even now, I’m still getting cared for in the bath by Fannie, so my sense of shame has become quite lax, it’s still the ‘same-sex’ after all.

…… Well… being hand-washed by Tina was still kind of a turn-off even though we were the same sex.

Even so, the story was different when it came to men.

No, I should actually have noticed it from the beginning. The platinum dress made by Noa and Nea this time formed an [All-in-one Undergarment design] alongside the black and silver dress, but to think that the maids of the castle wouldn’t even say anything about wearing a corset equivalent……

I’m not a big fan of exposure, so to having all that floral lace going all the way down my back to the bottom makes my face flush even if it’s me I’m looking at. Even then, my chest doesn’t feel unsupported. In fact, any swelling up while wearing such thin clothes is sure to be troubling.

Even now, the young hot-blooded knights were trying very hard to avert their eyes, while Daichi was being held down and barred from looking by Touka.

What is this obscenity censoring behavior……?

The maids who’d tied up my hair so that my back could be seen are also guilty, damn it.


When I tried to use magic power to “transform” the black and silver dress, instead of turning back into a dress, it turned from a choker into a “shawl” with the same lace pattern as the one on my back, and gracefully hung over my shoulders.

“…… a rather uselessly high-performance item.”

“Was there such a function?”

……Eh? Tina, didn’t you make it?

I managed to cover most of my back…… though a bit of my waistline can still be seen…… and arrived at the room where we were to have the luncheon.

“Ms. Yu-Yurushia, please come in.”

It was neither the butler nor the maid, but rather the senior knight who opened the door for us.

I don’t know whether it was because he was nervous or afraid, but it felt very awkward.

Please don’t look at my back.

“I’ve been expecting you, Yurushia.”

Bianca, the second princess of Sail, greeted me as I entered.

It’s been a long time, Bianca-chan. We rarely ever ran into each other in the castle, but as to whether that was because the castle was just that large, or if she was avoiding me, or………

“Hey, Princess Yurushia, it’s been a long time. I nearly couldn’t recognize you today in that nice dress.” Kyoji chimed in.

“I see that both of you haven’t changed much.”

Or, could it be that the Hero of Water was trying to keep her close in fear of her leaking information……?

As I entered, one of the knights guided me to my seat.

“Oh, you’re……”

“…… I’m sorry for my previous rudeness.”

It was that greenhorn knight who had immediately underestimated Onzada-kun and had been beaten up.

Although the expression of despair from that time had disappeared, it seems that he was deep in thought about something, just glancing at his face I could tell that he was blushing and frowning, clearly enduring something.

Yeah, have no idea what.

If he held malice against me, I wouldn’t have condoned it, but for now, I couldn’t feel anything from him, so I didn’t pay him any special attention.

I thought of addressing him, but if I asked him [Is your health well?] as the Lord of Onzada-kun, it would surely be construed as sarcasm……

Well, maybe.

“Would you allow me to treat your scalp……?”

“Well, it’s not a problem…… wha”

Oh, my bad.

Even if you’re young, carelessness is a powerful enemy, you know. For knights and the like who liked to abuse their bodies, they would continue to prefer oily food well into their middle ages, and with the way he was shook up just from these comments, he kind of resembles the old knight behind Bianca right now.

“I’m alright, so please……sit down.”

“I understand.”

I sat down gently in the proffered chair. As I did so, my shawl turned back into a choker without my permission, and the knight visibly started shaking.

…… It’s because it suddenly transformed, right? It’s not because my back is exposed, right?

I could feel myself flushing, but I felt like I was able to keep my cool. Since I’ve been keeping myself in check ever since I was young, I have been able to behave in a very “human” fashion.

4 of us sat at a large table that could easily seat 20. Kyoji was right next to me. Bianca sat directly across of him. And next to Bianca, directly opposite of me, sat a small boy.

“Sis, introduce me!”

The little blonde boy of about 10 called Bianca ‘Sis’ impatiently and was looking at me with sparkling eyes.

“How shameless, Fio. Excuse me, Yurushia. This is my younger brother, the First Prince…”

“I’m Fjord, nice to meet you, Princess Yurushia.”

Fjord, unable to wait for his sister to finish her words, greeted me enthusiastically.

I see…… he’s got the exact look and the personality that was in the attendants’ report.

Because he was born so late as a boy, he kept a grudge against the First Princess, who had been married off to another country but was still aiming for the throne. Yep, that’s the First Prince without a doubt.

“Yes, I have heard some things about you, Fjord-sama. I am Yurushia of Tariterudo.”

“I wonder what those rumors are…… ah, please, call me Fio.”

“Sit down properly, Fio.”

Bianca immediately chastised Fjord, whose face turned red even as Bianca frowned.

“S-Sorry, sister……”

It seems their sibling relationship is more complex than at first look. I found it rather refreshing, since my own relationships with my relatives were so simple.

Was Bianca aiming for the throne herself? Was that really her intentions?

As I gave Kyoji a fleeting glance, it seems that he also turned to look at me that instant and gave me a “sweet smile” as though his mouth was full of pebbles.

To put it simply, it was one of those saccharine-sweet smiles that looked like sugar had been sprinkled on top of condensed milk on top of fried batter.

“A smile like grilled meat for five.”

“…… I don’t get what you mean.”

It’s about the calories.

The silver cutlery and white porcelain tableware were laid out, but I only knew for certain that the King of Sail would not come when the appetizers arrived.

Did they think that sending two royals was enough? Or maybe he was afraid because I had released my [Intimidating Presence] every time we’d met……

No, but I didn’t release my intimidation so freely, right? Wasn’t that true? He didn’t think it was because I was planning to call on him in the middle of the night, you know?

…… I cursed his hair roots to die.

The appetizers were crisp sliced and colored vegetables and jellied fish. Next up was a salad of seaweed and boiled tubers, and the third was a consommé-like soup. The bread was a mix of black and white breads, and the pasta was good too.

Following that was a fish with a crisp texture that I’d never had, served with a citrus sauce.

After that, I thought it would end with a sorbet of some sweet fruit, but it seems that it was time for the main course, a lamb dish.

After that came a fruit platter filled with treats that I’d never seen before in this region, and a sweet cake, and then finally the tea, accompanied by a few baked sweets.

…… I can’t tell their taste, so this is like light torture. It’s really heavy for a midday meal.

Even if it had been seasoned with souls, my stomach had already been filled with the appetizers, salads, and fish.

“uh, uhm… was it not to your tastes?”

“No, I’ve never had a large appetite.”

Since I only ate about two mouthfuls of everything else, Fio was giving me a worried look.

Well, of everyone, only Kyoji ate everything.

Noa and Tina were allowed in to serve me my meal, but as expected, it was impossible for them to squeeze out a soul in front of me.

“For our country, we’d like to have the Hero Kyoji deal with the invasion of the forces of darkness, separate from the Sail Army. ……Kyoji-sama, is that amenable?”

“Yes, I will do my best to repay the kindness that Your Highness Bianca has given me.”

“Oh you, Kyoji-sama.”

Bianca’s cheeks flushed red with Kyoji’s sweet smile and words.

I couldn’t help but stop drinking my tea hearing this farce start up abruptly.

What kindness was there in this current conversation? How about a stomach medicine that was half-buried in headache medicine? Did you call me here to have this 1-minute talk?

“……Uhm, I’d like to request Yurushia to join Kyoji-sama’s battle lines. You would be moving as the [Saint] working with the Hero of Sail.”

Bianca hurriedly spat out the truth when I had begun to ooze out my presence silently with a smile.

Would that be making me a member of Kyoji’s [Hero Party]?

Even though it would be more efficient if we moved separately, it seems like Sail wants to show off to the other countries with a perfect Hero party with both a [Hero] and a [Saint].

“Is that so…… well, I don’t mind. “


When I said so, Bianca looked relieved, as if she had been on the receiving end of some stern order, while Kyoji’s eyes went slightly wider. Because I would have to be subordinate to Kyoji, he must have thought that I would refuse.

However, since I thought this was a good time to contact Kyoji again, it’s not an issue. I thought that it would be easier to touch base with Kyoji than the [Hero of Flame] or Kan-chan, who I’ve not yet officially met.

…… That being said, stop oozing killing intent, Noa and Tina. The room’s temperature has gone way down and now Fio-kun is scared.

Kyoji stood up, and, without a single change in his expression, bowed lightly to me.

“Then, Princess Yurushia, I hope we will get along well. Although you will be my subordinate, as your position is the same as mine, please, feel free to tell me any of your concerns.”

“Hai, Kyoji-sama. Thank you for your help.”

Was there anything being said?

Well, now I’ll be able to go to the battleground in the North.

And after that……

“Princess Yurushia, please be safe. I would love to have tea with you again when you return.”

“Thank you for your concern, Fio-sama. I look forward to it.”

I plan to raise him against the harassment those two are giving him.

“Princess…… I will accompany you as your escort.”

“Well, thank you.”

The knight who had guided me to my seat was also looking at me with a complex expression……

“Princess, I will happily accompany you, so please, give me that ‘Secret Treatment’……”

The old knight who was waiting behind Bianca bowed, showing me his shiny head…… it seems that another shining one was going to be lost from Sail.

Author’s Notes:

The number of middle-aged men who believe is increasing.

Next time, heading to the northern battlefield.


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