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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~ – Chapter 144: Volume 8 Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 8, Chapter 2: I became a Hero, Part 2

The Allied Nations’ Strategic Command. It was made up of a coalition of nations built to oppose the [Forces of Darkness] formed of the [Forces of Light]: the humans, elves, and dwarves.

Each country provided a budget in exchange for quick relief and support coming from the coalition whenever one of the member states got attacked.

Such an organization was undeniably beneficial for the smaller nations, but less so for larger countries, which were capable of relying on their own militaries to repel attacks.

But, in this powerful alliance, there was a matter that even the great powers…… nay, even the four great nations who had Heroes could not ignore.

“Staff Officer Sephyr, the preparations to depart towards Lucell are complete.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

As the soldier came up to report to the young-looking Staff Officer, she gave him a hint of a smile, and the young soldier’s cheeks turned red.

The forces of darkness had taken one of the human nations, and now the Allied Nations were scrambling to send a massed force north.

Not only were the Allied Nations dispatching a military in accordance with the agreement, but now, even the four Heroes were headed to the small country Lucell that was acting as the forward headquarters.

“Seriously, if Staff Officer Sephyr does not come, then the Heroes will……”

“Yeah, it’s alright. I know. …… They’re really a troublesome bunch.”

Not only would the men swell up onto their toes troublingly and link arms sighing when she made a graceful gesture like waving her arms, but the women would as well.

“Make the preparations, please.”


Sephyr headed to her own room to prepare herself even as she called out to the soldier watching her in fascination.

The Staff Officer of the Allied Nations’ Strategic Command.

This youthful woman was placed in this powerful position because she was the only person who was trusted by all the Heroes, who weren’t particularly friendly with one another, and as a result, was an indispensable part of the Alliance between Nations.

“……I really do hope that the new “Saint” will be useful.”

* * *

Dear Father and Mother in the Holy Kingdom,

Are you all well?

It should be winter over there, should it not? Here, even in winter we’re living in warmth and cheer unless we head north, and my followers have been playing in the ocean, fishing up the souls of the drowned out of the water, adding a touch of flavor to my dining table for me. You know that food doesn’t taste like much to me.

I’d like to be able to return to the Holy Kingdom if possible, but I’m sorry that I can’t show my face there right now thanks to my current circumstances.

We were able to catch loads of great seafood in the countries that were facing trouble, and I think I’ll be able to award all of my employees who are working hard 23 hours a day with the dried fish as souvenirs.

Yours Truly,


“…… I can’t receive the reply.”

I sent an “e-mail” to Rinne who wasn’t in the Holy Kingdom but rather on the side of the Forces of Darkness, but no reply came.

At the moment, it was even incredibly difficult to communicate with Geas, who was Yuzu’s grandfather, by sending a message through the “bloodline”.

Even when I tried contacting Geas directly, all I got in return was [Gau gau].

…… No, wait a minute.

If you could send back a line like “Gau gau”, then write a proper sentence, gramps.

I can’t tell if it’s because this is what he is, if it’s because he’s a child, or if it’s because he’s just being silly.

“…… well, it’s alright.”

After completing a contract with Kan-chan and returning from the northern country, some small human nation had fallen to the forces of Darkness.

I thought that perhaps Rinne would know something, but I couldn’t get in touch with them for some reason.

I could still feel the three of them were connected to me, so I don’t think there’s any immediate danger to myself, but what in the world were they doing?


As I stood in the courtyard of the castle with the servants along with Daichi and the gang, one of the maids assigned by the castle to me came to find me.

…… Is it really okay for you to be calling an otherworlder [Princess] like this?

Well, I’m a Demon, though.

“It’s great that you’re back.”

“Yes, but wait just a minute. Do you have any details about what happened?”

What was this maid’s name again……?

She was a rather pretty lady in her late twenties (and single), so she didn’t bear me a shred of malice, but I’ve been indebted to women of this type since I was little, since she reminded me of the [Three Maiden Maids], and our interactions were pleasant, even though she was the cat’s paw of the castle.

Well, those three maids were now all married, so I couldn’t really call them maidens anymore.

Their marriage had raised their statuses to those of the female knights.

I hadn’t seen their faces in more than a year, and by the time I returned, they might have well already had babies.

“Yes, I was looking for you, Princess, about that.”

“So, what’s the situation?”

If a country had fallen, naturally, the [Hero] would have to be dispatched.

I think Kan-chan, who had close ties with the Forces of Darkness, would move first, but the other heroes wouldn’t keep still either.

For a country to have been annihilated in the war was impossible even if it had fallen, and there would definitely be a large number of refugees and injured. Because of that, I, and that “billboard” above my head called [Saint], would very likely be called upon.

Thinking about such things, I wondered if the maid was relieved to find me as she gently lowered her head.

“Yes, regarding that, we have to hurry to the discussion between Hero Kyoji and the Royal Princess. I was told to invite you to lunch the day after tomorrow around noon.”

“…… The day after?”

………eh? Seriously? Even though the war had begun, what are you doing, still arranging for lunches the day after tomorrow, you aristocrat? Yeah, she’s clearly an aristocrat through and through.

No, I myself am also a noble, but I’m 6th in line for the throne, and the King (grandpa) was so simple as a human being that it was kind of refreshing.

Tina and Nea were talking to me too, and it seems that that maid’s thoughts were obvious, so I arranged for a place and nodded naturally.

“…… What, is it that strange?”

“……Uhmmm, I don’t think Yuru-chan is wrong.”

I was a little relieved from Mizuki’s words.

As I listened on, I thought of making a dress for the meal with the Royals, but it seems that getting it done by the day after tomorrow was kind of rushed.

…… as expected of the nobles. The Holy Kingdom was casual everywhere, apparently.

“No, I think it’s only in the vicinity of Yurushia.”

The next day, Demon Butler Noa explained as much to me when I explained it to him.

Currently, I’ve been dressed up like a doll by a few of the ladies-in-waiting in the castle.

Of course, Noa, being a boy, is on the other side of the screen.

I’m choosing a dress to wear for tomorrow’s luncheon, since it’s not quite fitting for me to wear my usual black and silver dress as the [Princess of the Holy Kingdom].

But since I couldn’t choose the clothes I wanted, I’m reworking the premium items from the best brands.

It’s quite wasteful…… The black and silver dress would never dirty and regenerated itself, although I didn’t have many sweat glands in the first place and never really got too dirty.

Oh yeah, in other news, I’ve finally reached 160cm in height.

If it all goes well, I think I should be able to reach my desired 170cm height in my late teens. If I had been Yuzu this would have been impossible.

The thickness of my chest armor is also growing. …… and for some reason, Fannie, the shortest of us, had the greatest defense power. And as for the thinnest, I won’t say it.

“Tina-chan will also grow up quickly, Right~? “

“Why is that a question?”

Hey, hey, Fannie. Stop corning people with your words.

And Nea, who was on guard duty by the door, put her hands on her chest armor that wasn’t quite thick enough despite being a Succubus, letting out a dark aura.

And in the end, the dress was undecided.

For some reason, my sweet ladies-in-waiting started telling me to postpone the luncheon tomorrow, but while we were deliberating if this was an appropriate thing to do, my attendants put a stop to it.

“There’s no problem at all. Leave it to your humble servant.”

Noa smiled over his silver-rimmed glasses that he’d taken out from somewhere.

To me, it was incredibly doubtful, but the ladies-in-waiting were enraptured by Noa’s 15-year-old butler self. Even in this world, it seems that there was a very deep genre of “study” of [Glasses Men Moe].

“If you say so…… Noa. Have you not heard anything from Rinne?”

“I’ve asked them a bit…… there are no problems.”


…… Noa is definitely plotting something behind-the-scenes again. Well, hopefully no real damage will be caused this time.

As to the dress, it seems that the twins, Noa and Nea, would be making it.

My current black and silver dress was made by the Hades combination of Tina and Fannie, so I think the twins can make it. But with Nea being as clumsy as I am, is it really okay……?

Tina was the only one amongst them who originally knew how to sew, but it seems that the twins have been practicing to present me with a dress.

…… a Demon that practices sewing in the night…

So my employees are like that, whether they’re a Demon or not.

“This is the finished product.”

On the next day, or should I say, on the day of the luncheon, Fannie bathed me in the morning and then Noa showed me the dress.

And as to why I got Fannie and not Tina to wash me, it’s because Tina would be touching me with an unpleasant hand.

“Why is it a pure-white dress……”

It’s platinum-colored, to be precise…… pretty flashy.

Because it was made from my attendants’ hair, I thought that the twins’ brunette hairs would make a brown or red dress, so why was it white?

Well, now that I think about it, I really want to know why Tina’s golden hair turned into that black dress, but that’s a question for another time. … I think.

“I-I did my best”

“Isee, I see, it’s been hard on you.”

And as my [Awkwardness Skills] activated, I praised Nea while stroking her hair. Even though it was probably Noa that made most of it……!?

The dress had an American sleeve and a slightly daring exposure of my chest, while the skirt was layered over with muslin and lace multiple times. (TL Note: the american sleeve is something like a half-sleeve, that is, ending about halfway between your wrist and elbow.)

I didn’t feel uncomfortable wearing these kinds of dresses since I’d been wearing them even while I was still Yuzu.

…… or at least, I shouldn’t be, but for some reason, I couldn’t shake the feeling of strangeness.

My usual black and silver dress was a kind of “Cursed item”, so I transformed it into a Gothic black choker, and it’s surprisingly good as an accent. …… but.

…… Maybe this platinum dress is also cursed.

Even as I worried, Fannie and Tina and the rest of the maids changed me, and my hair was now being tied up to the point I could see my nape again.

“Come, come, Princess, I will guide you to the room.”

“……Yes, thank you.”

What……why were all of the maids’ eyes swimming?

It seems that the luncheon is held with the Royal Family and was a bit of a distance away from where I had been “isolated”.

Even though I call it isolated, it’s still in the same property, so it’s about a 10 minute walk away. Along the way, though, I spotted Daichi and Touka training with the knights in the courtyard.

“Ah, Yuru-chan……”

Mizuki noticed me and called out to me, but her voice got stuck midway.

Amongst the *clash*, *hrgh*, *hiyas* and other strange sounds, the knights facing Daichi and Touka turned to look and then immediately averted their eyes with a red face, and the two of them knocked the wooden training swords out of their training partners.

…… suddenly, chaos!

Is this my fault?

When I looked in the mirror a while ago, I thought that it was a bit risqué but normal…… or so I thought.

“……Wow, Yuru-chan, how erotic.”


I turned to look at a nearby window glass after Touka made comments about eroticism after looking at my back, reviewing my dress.


All the way down to my lower back, from the neck down, was detailed thin lace that was almost see-through.

“I worked especially hard for that part.”

As Nea proudly declared as much to me, my face reddened, and I slammed her into the floor so hard the flagstones cracked.

Author’s Notes:

The upper part of the dress is almost flesh-colored when seen from the back.

It makes the 12-year-old Yuru exude a sense of immorality, making it hard for adults to look at her directly.

Next time, a luncheon with the Royals.


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